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Dear Community,

Enclosed are the tools I created for Tower!3D Pro. Maybe they are a help for one or the other.



Easy creation of schedules according to your specifications.


https://builder.eligrim.de  (implementation of further airports underway)




Modified version with enhanced and new commands.

Tower3D.rec Mod





A (more or less) concise summary of all voice commands. (new version)

Voice Commands Reference Card





A quick graphical representation of schedules.

Schedule Information Tool

https://schedule.eligrim.de  (not optimized for mobile devices)




Search and display callsigns used in the schedule being played.

Callsign Information Tool

https://callsign.eligrim.de  (not optimized for mobile devices)




Predefine your frequently used commands and insert them into the game via copy & paste.
A little helper when no microphone can be used.





Tower!3D (Pro) - AddOn/DLC Install Path Finder





Criticism is welcome.
Please let me know if you encounter any issues, errors, typos or strange use of the English language (I'm not a native speaker).
These are small projects from a player for other players. There are no advertisements to be seen, no cookies to be used, no personal information to be requested. If you notice anything like that, please let me know immediately.

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Been using this for the past several days with no problems. Thanks for the increased functionality.


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T3Dpathfinder v0.1 added

Especially Steam users and especially Steam users who have not installed Steam in the path predetermined by the DLC installers report problems time and again. Therefore I have created a small batch file which checks the Windows Registry and SHOULD output the correct paths for the installation of Airport DLCs, Real Color Packs and Real Traffic.
A text file with the paths SHOULD be created, so you can copy and paste the needed path into the install path text field of the installer.

Since I can only test the file on my PC with my T!3D installation, this tool is considered untested! T3Dpathfinder is ONLY for Steam users having Tower!3D or Tower!3D Pro installed!

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Voice Commands - Reference Card updated (v2.02)

Corrections to the alphabet. Foxtrott is now Foxtrot and X-ray is now Xray.

Edit: I have not changed Juliett into Juliet with a single T. Although most of the sources I have found write it with a single T, I have stuck with the double T, as both Wikipedia and a document for educators, found on faa.gov, write it with a double T.


New domain

It appeared that the "Free Hoster" prohibits the search for certain callsigns (e.g. DHX).
With the now selected, paid service the site should be faster, encrypted transmissions are possible and of course the search now works error-free for all callsigns.
Even if now for domain and server space must be paid, the tools remain of course free of advertising and free of cookies.

The links in the first post have been updated.

Edited by EliGrim

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Link to Schedule Builder added to first post.

Currently the three airports from the base game are available. More will follow in the next weeks.

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