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London Heathrow - General Aviation Area?

Pedantic G

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Has anyone any idea where the GA area is at London Heathrow?

I know due to the amount of traffic on a Commercial/Cargo basis that there is very little due to available landing/take off slots but there do appear to be the occasional GA flight that makes it in and out but cannot see on any map where they reside.

I am assuming its on the southern side of the runways, possible between the Cargo area and Terminal 4 where the Royal Suite is etc or the Eastern side by the Maintenance base is?

Anyone with informed local knowledge that can provide me with an accurate situ please 👍🏽

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Due to demands on stands it can vary depending on availability
See the chart for Terminal 4

Stands 449 to 457, between Terminal 4 and Terminal 6 (Cargo)
This also forms part of the Royal Suite building

Stands 430 to 432, to the east of Terminal 4

Stands 611 to 613 on the western Cargo Apron

In almost all cases bus gate is required, and in some cases these are escorted
If customs is required then it can mean two trips by bus!

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I have been looking into this a little more, as I would not mind adding a few VIP flights to my EGLL schedule
I pretty much ignored it as in the last two years I only saw one such flight
Equally, the VIP charter flights one of my employer uses does not use Heathrow!

My friend at a local VIP passenger courier company has helped further

VIP charter flights use stands 430 to 432 between 07:00 and 21:00, or stands 449 to 457 at any time
Between 21:00 and 07:00 stands 449 to 457 are used instead
Passengers arrive at Royal Suite, Terminal 4, the Dnata building or Signature Flights
It is preferred that passengers are dropped off at Terminal 4
However, many prefer privacy so use the other buildings
As a result they all of the above require a bus between the building and aircraft

Arrivals become more complicated as all passengers (except those with prior approval) MUST pass through Terminal 4
This is where the bus is used twice, first from the stand to Terminal, then onward to the building to collect luggage

I was wondering why my friend often showed photos from International Arrivals, yet other times photos from the buildings
I can now work out if it someone leaving or arriving!

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