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Issue with installing Tower!3d on new laptop

Twan Trienekens

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Hi all

Been playing Tower!3D for almost a year now on my 13 year old desktop. Works fine, but visual was not that great (no HD screen etc, only 4G of memory etc).

Bought a new laptop 2 weeks ago, HP Envy Windows and is quite an upgrade in performance with everything I use.

Everything, except for Tower!3D. Whatever I try, it will not run the program.


Please see the attached file (short movie clip) of what happens when I try to run it after installing.

That very short moment that I see the opening screen is as far as it will go. Next time when I try to run the program, nothing happens...


Have tried multiple redownloads en clean installs, but it won't work. 

Anyone an idea of what is wrong, or what I am forgetting/should do different?


Thanks for the help/suggestions upfront.



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Hi Scoobflight.

Which alert are you referring to? If you mean the one before the game opens it says: DO you agree that this app from an unknown source makes changes to your computer?

The video card is: NVIDIA GeForce MX450

Processor: Intel Core i7 (4,7GHz)

16G memory DDR4


I am the only account on this PC. I believe that this would make the administrator, correct? If not, then I might need some help 🙂


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As @scoobflight said run the installer as admin and also try to install the game outside the Program Files directory. Either on another harddisk or partition, or you create a games folder on your C harddrive. Also make sure that no antivirus software is blocking the program.
Your laptop should be more than sufficient to run Tower!3D. Your MX450 should not be the issue here.

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Hi guys.

Really appreciate the help! Thanks 🙂 



Uninstalled, re-installed as admin, ran the program as admin...


No luck.


Made a seperate folder on my C drive named Games, made another folder in the Games folder named Tower 3D

Shut down Norton Firewall for an hour

Re-installed as admin, ran the program as admin...


No luck 😞



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5 hours ago, MJKERR said:

If not, then go to the output.log and delete it
Run the .bat file, then try to run Tower 3D
Now look at the output.log and attach for someone to investigate

For future reference, the output_log.txt is automatically recreated every session. So deleting it is unnecessary as is running the bat file. The tower bat file actually creates a game.log file. 

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3 minutes ago, Twan Trienekens said:


This I don't follow I'm afraid 🙂

I understand computers, but I don't "speak" computer that well lol.


My laptop only has 1 SSD of 512GB in it. Can you please explain what I need to do now?

Personally, I’d ignore this advice because it is irrelevant.

Have you tried turning off Wi-Fi before launching the game?

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10 minutes ago, MJKERR said:

I could not find this model number
The nearest UK specification has one HDD and one SSD

As above, uninstall
Right click on the downloaded installer, right click and Run as Administrator
Equally, the program may be looking for the default directory

@Twan Trienekens has already uninstalled and installed in two locations with the same results. Why do it again?

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