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EKCH (CPH) Freezing


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I have an issue with EKCH freezing after about 30 minutes game play. I know I don't have the fastest graphics card in the world, but I have not had any problems with other airports. I bought CPH earlier this week so I think I have the most recent version of it and RC (airport bought via Steam, RC via feelThere website). 

After about 30 mins the ADRIS (which I have open on my 2nd monitor) closes itself, and then the game graphics freeze; the sound continues as normal. 

Game log attached. 




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1 hour ago, KymriskaDraken said:

I know I don't have the fastest graphics card in the world

Near the end of your log file you have several error messages that begin like this: 

d3d11: failed to create vertex buffer ...
d3d11: failed to create index buffer ...

Judging by those errors it seems as if you’re running out of VRAM, especially since you’ve got an integrated graphics card. Additionally, those errors are not uncommon for Unity based games. Some airports are more taxing to the system than others, maybe EKCH falls in that category. 

Other than lowering some graphics settings, not sure what else you can do.

🙂 scoobflight beat me to the punch. 🙂 

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11 minutes ago, FeelThere Ariel said:

@KymriskaDraken , simple but sometimes it helps. Please uninstall and reinstall EKCH. Try running Tower3DPro in ADMIN mode and see if that helps. 

Also verify if there is any antivirus/firewall enabled during gameplay and try disabling it just for a test run. 

I hadn't thought of that. I will give it a try and report back. 



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17 hours ago, MJKERR said:

I gave in with Tower 3D and integrated graphics
It was very erratic with Tower 2011, sometimes it worked, sometimes it failed
Sadly Windows 10 10.93 killed it

I had to wait until the annual computer upgrade, and now have dedicated graphics
I suspect you have the same issue and have borderline computer hardware

I would highly recommend upgrading, if possible

My next computer upgrade is scheduled for September 2021, I do hope the next version of Tower is released before then, otherwise it will be a further 12 month wait...

The upgrade spirit is willing, but the bank account is weak!



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