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  1. Any help with this, the screens disappear but to where. I have clicked the icon to move the smaller screens to another monitor.but thats it. any help would be most grateful.
  2. Just found the Pro download. Go to ATC suite, click on the large yellow tab for Tower3d, you will see the purchase tab for Pro.
  3. Im glad I asked the question.
  4. Thanks for the info I was anticipating deleting everything so the new Traffic, Colour will only see the PRO edition. I shall definitely copy and paste into the new PRO folder.
  5. Will Real Traffic installers pickup Pro rather than seeing Tower3d.come to think about it what of the other installers for the RealColour etc
  6. Well I thought I would have a look at Voice Recognition while I'm waiting for Pro, After setting up for the English US and going through the speech software I thought if I opened Wordpro and started with only the commands for Pro being 26 callsigns plus may be 26 runway headings, and about 20 or more other commands there is no need for the software recognition to know any thing apart from these commands,so at the moment I have spent about 2 hours speaking and changing incorrect words with the grand total of 3 commands. I can hear you say SPEAK UP then or words of the kind. This is undoubtedly going to be the most frustrating time ever. So my new attack on this is to start at San Diego with just the one runway. The amount of commands for initial taxiway heading with a few commands for takeoff hopefully I can get going with the minimum of commands and so only choose the required commands needed for software recognition. What do you think?
  7. With Tower3d Pro imminent, would you give some consideration to just having a Tips & Tricks section on the forum.
  8. After reading your posts I can sympathize with your situation which happened to me, in the end I uninstalled all Feelthere and the Nergesdesign add ons and started a fresh install and let Feelthere Tower3d install into the default directory. With a fresh download, it contains all the SPs, since I have done this I have had no problems at all. Best of luck
  9. Could someone please say something even if its just HI, Its been nearly a week since the last forum entry, with the anticipation of Tower Pro coming out soon to see nothing on the forum it's almost as if waiting for Xmas again
  10. Atlanta being the next airport for Tower 3d I have had a look at the taxiway procedures for this airport while we are waiting patiently for its release. The best information I could find is this Happy reading.
  11. Have you tried System Restore then you could see if Tower was working hopefully before the SPs were installed.
  12. I came across this article on runway use at KSAN it shows what is required using RNY 27 for landing, needless to say I am looking forward to either the SP to correct existing B6 or better still PRO so that we can use the runway as it is supposed to be used.
  13. Im unable to change the voice within Tower3d but you can change the voices within Win 10 by Time and Language settings and add a language I have installed UK, US. and Australia voice packs giving me 3 Male and 3 Female to choose from.
  14. Yes I can see my spelling needs to be better, but then I had a go at trying to have a MALE voice activated in Tower3d with success, So if anyone needs any help with this give me a line
  15. I have just upgraded to windows 10 and as such can some one point me in the direction as to how I can have a mail voice in Tower 3d