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  1. Tower 3D - Male & Female pilots voices

    Vic, I'm sorry but I don't understand your post. I have 3 voices installed, 2xUS and 1xUK. What 'other voices' should I install? Wayne
  2. KLGA Released for Tower

    Great work by crbascott & VenturaGuy101, this is so close to being a big step towards airline realism that I hope FeelThere & Nyerges Design can get this fixed in the forthcoming SP. How about it Vic & Gabor? Wayne
  3. Tower 3D - Male & Female pilots voices

    When I have "Random" voices selected, I only hear male voices. I have just tried with "Prefer Female" selected and I still only hear male voices despite (as you can see from my post on Tuesday) having only one male voice installed and 2 female voices. Solution anyone?
  4. If you run T3D as administrator that usually resolves most issues. Try that.
  5. KLGA Released for Tower

    Andrew, If you download the updated RT add-on (sp6v2) it includes the folder for KLGA with the corresponding airlines, airplanes, airports, gaandlocaltraffic, schedule, and terminal text files. Wayne
  6. Tower 3D - Male & Female pilots voices

    Installed in my machine are: Microsoft Zira Desktop - English (United States) Microsoft David Desktop - English (United States) Microsoft Hazel Desktop - English (Great Britain) Wayne
  7. Tower 3D - Male & Female pilots voices

    I have the same problem. My Alienware has Windows 10 Pro, version 1709, OS build 16299.19. Wayne
  8. Tower 3d Pro voices

    Try running the program as Administrator. That usually cures this problem.
  9. For FeelThere & crbascott: Kudos to both of you. Craig for your forensic examination of potential problems with the T3D engine which produced an excellent fact based assessment and to Vic for being open to Craig's results and to decide that an SP is necessary. This approach drives the improvements from which we all benefit. Many thanks guys. Wayne
  10. #Nyerges Design RC KBOS

    Hi Gabor, Can you tell us which aircraft/airlines are included in RC KBOS that are new to T3D and are not included in other RC add-ons? Thanks, Wayne

    Vic, Oh well, I can wait a day. But no more! Wayne
  12. New Airport Request

    Vic, Very many thanks for the update. Wayne
  13. New Airport Request

    My questions were about FeelThere products. KPHX is a Nyerges Design add-on.
  14. New Airport Request

    Hi Vic, Can you give us a hint of the FeelThere release schedule for the remainder of 2017? Is it something like this? 1. KBOS, 2. KSFO, 3. The huge FT project. (All clues gratefully received!) Best, Wayne