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  1. A small trap for schedule creators is A/C arriving & departing using the same flight numbers. This is mostly "Express" or "Connection" type operators. In Tower 2011 & 3D is probably the same, if one operators A/C arrives & departs in the same session with the same flt nbr, the departure one may not move from the terminal or be ignored because the game has already handled an A/C of that operator with that flt nbr. What I do is go through the schedule & change any duplicate flt nbrs on one operator to make them all unique. That way all flights are recognised. To do this I import the .txt file to Excel & manipulate it there, then convert it back to a .txt file. All this might seem old hat to the older players but might be of value the newer guys making their own schedules. Kev M
  2. Agrajag Sorry I was a bit slow getting back As I made the schedule from scratch, although the data come from flight aware I feel I can share it without causing any problems with copyright. My KPHL .txt file is attached. A little hint: If you want to Stop an A/C appearing in the game but not delete it from the list open a text editor and put // in front of the entry. It will be ignored. This is handy for when the schedule is too busy for you to handle but don't want to delete the A/C from the schedule. Kev M kphl_schedule.txt
  3. Nole JP. Do a google search on the airport you are interested in. One hit is a Wikipedia for that A/P site. Open that. It gives you a list of the operators into the airport & the cities they serve. It is reasonably accurate & updated regularly. That's how I make sure that I don't miss out on an airline in mt home made schedules. Kev M
  4. Agrajag, To help explain why the cargo A/C turn the wrong way exiting the runway:- The logic in tower 2011 was that arriving A/C always exited the runway towards the side with the most gates. I guess the same logic was applied to Tower 3D. That's why all the A/C turn off towards the passenger terminal. As Willem said, use the vacate right command for the cargo terminal. I use KPHL a lot and have both cargo arrivals & departures. Depends on schedule time. I always make my schedules using flight aware schedules, suitably modified to make it more realistic. Have fun Kev M
  5. To Mike T I bought a $35 plantronics headset from JB Hi Fi. The ear pad foam all fell apart. I then bought a $9.00 internet headset from Coles. It works fine & for that price, replacement is easy. Still using it after many months/years. Kev M
  6. OK guys, nice to see more airports coming online, but what about us in the down-under land of Australia. What about Sydney (YSSY). Lots of movements and operators. Interesting airport for parallel runway ops with cross runway sim ops at same time. It would probably be upside down to you guys.though. (Only Joking). Keep up the good work.
  7. Amit' Your right, a tracon controller (arrival in my part of world) would normally send an A/C to a runway suitable of its operation (length etc.). FeelThere Tower does not have that function and randomly sends A/C to the specified active runways. What I do at airports like KPHL that have short runways not suitable for all traffic is to activate one or more runways that will take all A/C and manually vector the smaller types to the shorter runway. That way you can control what operates on the short runways. KBOS is another example (in Tower2011) with Runways 15L,33R & 14,32 being short. It adds to the game. Another interesting thing is if you have a slow A/C arriving in front of a jet on the same runway, the jet can easily run into the back of the slow A/C if you are not careful. All good fun Kev M
  8. Amit it is not a bug. If you set a runway as the default runway then all traffic will try to land on that runway. Runway 26 at kphl is only 5000ft. To short for most aircraft. Set runway 27L or 27R as the default runway, then send suitable traffic (cessna etc.) to Rwy26. Hope this helps Kev M
  9. KPHL crashed in the middle of the session. I received a message on the main screen that the game had crashed with a reference to a folder with the attached folder. I missed getting a screen shot of the message but the folder was 2017-07-29_203752 which is now located in the Tower! 3D Pro folder. Can someone put some light on what is happening here. I have never seen this before as in previous times the program has crashed, there has been no message like this. Interesting Kev M crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
  10. John, Most times that I have seen the problem, there is an A/C in the control panel. I will have a closer look next time. It does need looking at by Feelthere. Obviously more players are seeing this problem that first thought. Kev M
  11. I have had the same problem. Usually you can clear it by hitting the clear button on the Control Panel. This seems to work. I don't know what causes it though. Kev M
  12. Just a small note for nyergesdesign. PBN, DJ, BLUEBIRD, Pacific Blue, New Zealand, is no longer. It is now part of Virgin Australia using the VA codes. Basically please delete it from the database on the hotfix. Kevin M
  13. Easy, What I do is give the int'l flights a different IATA & ICAO assignment. e.g. in Tower 2011, I assigned United int'l flights to ICAO UAH. & then assigned UAH to the appropriate terminal. I kept the same callsigns. Also this works for cargo A/C i.e Cathay Pacific cargo flights are ICAO CPC IATA CY (from memory). I also change the call to CATHAY CARGO to remind me that it is going to the cargo terminal on landing. A problem with Tower 3D is that a particular A/C may not have a RT colour so might appear white but it will go to the correct terminal. Have a fiddle around with it. Kev M
  14. I am not sure about posting these as most of the content is Nyerges work. If I publish it there might be a copyright issue here. I have gone though the latest SP on RT & found several old problems still exist, such as US airways still in list, TED still in list, The entries for Virgin Australia are all completely wrong. Several defunct airlines still in list. & others. I have thought about culling the list to those operators who would reasonably be expected to operate into various airports & re-adding them later if needed at a new airport. For example, some weird operators in Tanzania would probable not operate into the large US airports. They could be removed but not deleted. If they did start to operate, they could be reinstated. this might keep the file small & better manageable. Kev M
  15. Sorry if I seem to have hijacked the subject, from the speech subject but the way I have fixed all the .txt files is to make a master .txt file for airlines, airplanes & airports.txt files. I keep these files in .xlsx format & amend as required. After amendment, convert them to .csv, then .txt files. I then move these to all the extension folders & rename them to the various airport names. i.e. kjfk_airplanes.txt etc.This ensures all the airports have the latest .txt files. A bit fiddly but works for me.