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  1. KLGA Issues #SimSmithDesign

    The too short subject has been brought up in other topics so it might be worth a topic on its own. (Vic) I have tested KLGA Rwy 22 arrivals using ATC Joes' schedule with two of each A/C type in the schedule. One I allowed to turn off normally without any additional commands. The second I requested : vacate runway left onto taxiway C Below is the table of results. A/C type, normal turnoff, with vacate command. 319,E,OK 320,E,OK 321,D,2 Short 717,E,2 Short 736,E,OK 737,E,OK 738,E,OK 739,E,OK CR2,E,2 Short CR7,E,2 Short CR9,E,2 Short CRJ,E,2 Short E70,G,OK E75,E,2 Short E90,E,OK ER3,G,OK ER4,G,OK Hope this helps. I will try KPHL when I get a chance unless someone else can try it & report the results. Kev M
  2. KPHL Arrival Problem

    Vic, Fair comment. I will try the command with all types & see if it is applicable to specific aircraft types. If the others also seeing this could do the same then we would have something specific to take back to Gabor. Kev M
  3. Tower3D: Gates per terminal per airport

    Many people generate their own schedules from various sources, as you wish to. ATC Joe is progressively making schedules for the airports including the correct terminal allocations. The actual terminal gates are available via the airports own websites. In Tower 2011 you had the ability to amend the airport taxiways, terminal gates etc. I did it many times in that program. The operating engine was changed in tower3D & tower3D!Pro and to my knowledge it is not possible for an end user to see the individual gates or amend them. It is a feature that has been asked for before but at this s stage you can amend which terminal an operator goes to but not individual gates. This might be possible if you are comfortable getting into the code and changing things at that level. But of course if you change things in the program code, then any support from FeelThere would be difficult. If my info is not correct I am happy to have someone point me in the right direction as it would be a good feature. Kev M Brisbane Australia
  4. KPHL Arrival Problem

    I Also am having this problem at KLGA Rwy 22 Arrivals. E75's CRJ's etc. tend to exit at G or E. For sequencing I like to tell them to "XXX vacate runway left onto taxiway Charlie". I get "Runway is too short" message. Taxiway C is further down the runway than E. I have tried giving the command at various parts of the approach to see if it is related to when you give the command but it does not seem to make any difference. 737 size A/C are happy to accept the command but TWY C might be when they turn off naturally. For Vic, I keep forgetting to start the program using the .bat file to generate a tower.log file to send in. Seeing this problem appears to be occurring at several airports, I wonder if it was introduced with SP3?? Kev M Brisbane Australia
  5. Thanks Joe, I just moved the 3 relevant files to a spare folder & copied yours back into the Tower3D! Pro\Extensions\Airfields\KLGA folder. Worked straight away. I DON'T have the steam version. Just the old FeelThere downloads. Kev M
  6. Custom KJFK flight schedules

    Joe, Thanks for that info. I will run the sim as is out of the box so to speak until you have the new schedule ready. BTW I used to make my own schedules using flight Aware & I know what is involved in getting the info, formatting into the correct .txt file & getting it to work. I for one appreciate it & I think others do as well Kev M
  7. Custom KJFK flight schedules

    For Joe, great work. I have just downloaded KLGA but not installed as yet.Searching around the airport info I note that several airlines are changing terminals on the 9 Dec 2017. Will your terminal.txt include these changes, if not it is no real problem to change the terminal file locally later. Kev M
  8. KBOS 2.0 download files

    crbascott, Thanks mate Of course. I think my brain was having a sleep for a while. All done. I usually download the files to a work directory first & have a look at them before doing a proper install as the RT files contain other airports & I have changed some of the schedule files & terminal files for these airports & I don't want them to be overridden by the new files. Kev M
  9. KBOS 2.0 download files

    I have just downloaded KBOS 2.0. The file content does not seem to be complete compared to other A/P's. The files that come with this download are the basic airfield files. kbos_airfield kbos_airfield.manifest kbos_databases kbos_databases.manifest kbos_menu kbos_menu.manifest There are no schedule, terminal or other .txt files. Should they be there or has my system stripped them? Kev M
  10. New Airport Request

    Thanks Vic. I shall wait in line with the others. Also KBOS is an interesting airport.
  11. New Airport Request

    For Vic & the FeelThere team I know you guys are working on airports & Upgrades but I wonder if KSFO is on your short list. I was watching KSFO on fltRadar 24 & listening on Live ATC last night and realised how mush I enjoyed working KSFO on Twr2011. Kev M Brisbane Australia
  12. Continuing Flights

    Craig, Thanks for looking at this. The AAL flight is interesting. Looking at the schedules from Flight Aware, AAL 108 HNL-LAX (A321) arrives about 15:30. at a certain gate. AAL108 LAX-LHR (772) departs about 18:05 from a different gate. Any ongoing passengers have to go to a different gate to board what is in reality a new flight, albeit with the same Flt Nbr. This means from an operational viewpoint it is a new flight with a different A/C type, new crew etc. But, from a tower3D viewpoint it is a continuing flight as it has the same flight nbr. As it has a type change and as per your AS 738/739 example it would probably not show. I wonder if Vic has any ideas on this one. Kev M

    Thank you to FeelThere & Nygeres Design for announcing the new updates as a new post subject & highlighting it in capitals. I have catalogued most of the RC packages & notice a large number of duplicate files, where the same file appears for several airport files. Is there a possibility of combining all the common operators (US, Canadian,) into one download package? The program cross references to all the files when it loads. i.e. when running KLAS without the KLAS RC file, all the liveries for most operators are already there. They are accessed from other RC files. That would give one "domestic" package for all US airports. A second package could be made up of the foreign operators that operate into the various US airports. This would mean updating two packages instead of several and not having to download 4 or 5 packages. Now for non US airports (when they are released) the foreign package or a new package could be produced. It probably would not be as profitable for Nygeres but it might be easier for them to update one big file rather than update several. Maybe a small nominal charge could be made for updates that include a large number of new liveries changes or new packages but no charge for fixes. This might initially seem out of left field but might be worth a consideration in the future when more airports are out there. Kev M
  14. Rotate ADIRS Display?

    Regarding the ADIRS, this has been something that I have thought about for some time. I am not an ATC controller but I would have thought that at AP's like KPHL where all of the movement area is on one side, the ADIRS display in the twr would have been the same as seen from the twr windows. i.e the tower basically faces Sth & the ADIRS in the program is showing Nth up as they all do in the Tower program airports. Surely an A/c taxiing from a R/H terminal as viewed from the window should show on the ADIRS in the tower as coming from the right, not have to determine its position from a display that is sort of upside down. Also an A/C landing on 27 L/R is seen coming from the right from the twr but shows up coming from the left on the ADIRS. The ground controller would want to see the ADIRS display in front of him/her as seen from the tower window. not reversed in any way. If I am wrong, someone will surely let me know in a big way. Enjoying KLAS. Kev M
  15. Continuing Flights

    There was a problem with Tower 2011 where a flight arrived and departed using the same flight number in the same session, the second flight was normally ignored. To fix this it was necessary to change one of the flight numbers to a unique number. This took quite a lot of effort. especially for operators like OO etc. where there were a lot of these flights. Ques. Is this still a problem with Tower 3DPro as LAS has several of the flights. Also there are a couple of duplicate flight in the schedule. These are easy to delete but going through the schedule making sure there are no duplicate flight numbers by the same operator can be quite time consuming. Maybe I'm getting lazy Kev M