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    I'm finding this the hardest airport it's a mess haha...
  2. Tower 3D Request

    I'd love to see this as we have so many different aircraft and interesting ones coming in from Europe. The US airports are all about the main aircraft liveries American Airlines, Delta, United & Jet Blue, this gets abit repetitive after a while, Boston & JFK being a little more exciting due to international flights. I'm not sure if it's just a design for the game so it's not too big or there is actually not many US airline companies i don't know as I've unfortunately never been to the US, but even the small single runway airport near me has loads more different liveries coming in and out.
  3. CUSTOM (REAL) Traffic #2 -- KLAS !! FREE to the Community!

    Cheers Joe and thanks for this, i did one 24 hour sessions of KLAS and got a little bored of the same planes coming in and out of the airport so any extras are welcome :)
  4. CUSTOM (REAL) Traffic #2 -- KLAS !! FREE to the Community!

    I've done the following and gone to load KLAS and it stops at 63% also :\
  5. Hi all sorry if this question has been asked a thousand times but I purchased Tower3dPro off Steam and i downloaded the add-on real traffic. Now I'm very rubbish at "computer stuff" and I'm finding it difficult to work out how to get this add on working, I've installed it but I'm still getting the normal airlines that come with the game. Cheers Rick.