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  1. How do i open this file on my computer it tries to open in notepad???
  2. Yeah I do not want to wait any longer for Heathrow 🤣 can't wait for it...
  3. Great scheduled mate but was just wondering at the start of the game there's many different planes at the stands ie, 777's, 787's but all that arrives is from 16:00-21:00 is 320's,319's & 737's and 1 787 & 1 a380 is this normal for this airport to not have many heavy's ?
  4. Aww man I'm such an idiot, I've downloaded the airport off steam then gone to get real color off ATCsuit but clicked the airport instead so I've purchased the airport twice DOH!!!! Anyway i could go about getting a refund? 😄
  5. Hi all, just downloaded this along with realcolour and updated real traffic to sp6v13 and I'm getting afew white blank aircraft any suggestions? Cheers.
  6. Yessssss finall, been from the UK I'm excited by this release, i hope the mrs doesn't want to go out today 😄
  7. Sorted, they replied within 3 hours and i did a 6am-11am stint on LEBL 🙂
  8. That's great I've emailed them and also asked if there was anyway these links didn't expire. Cheers guys
  9. Hi all probably a newb question but I've just purchased LEBL and Real Colour and i understand with every new release you need to re-download Real Traffic. My latest version was sp6v10, so i went to my original download email to update to v11 but now my password has expired, any info guys? Cheers Rick.
  10. I like it, many different airlines and my girlfriend also likes it as i have time in the gaps to get involved in conversation haha...
  11. I'm kinda bored with KMCO already, all the usual airlines apart from 1 or 2 but they are few and far between, i think we got spoilt with EDDM and the different liveries there and for me seems to bore me alittle with just the main big American liveries. So bring on EDDS i don't think i'll be bothering with any more US airports unless it's a big International one with lots of different traffic.
  12. I'm abit confused and not very computer literate haha, but how do i edit this, i don't even know where to find the file and which file it is?
  13. Also new paint designs and old designs for the same livery is nice to see like these 2 Air France and ofcourse the Lufthansas in the game supporting new and old paint jobs... *EDIT* Also just had a KLM Skyteam livery come in too...
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