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  1. 800 bucks for a 16 gb memory card and 8gb graphic card. Pfff
  2. Yeah I should do that. So frustrating to see the game constantly crashing. What you doing with 2 of those good computers btw?
  3. I just bought KMCO for T3D but when the game is loading the screen freezes and shuts down. Is it a windows error or do I need to upgrade my pc? My specs: Intel Premium CPU G4400 @ 3,30 GHZ Memory Crucial 8GB DDR4-2133 AMD Radeon RX 560 2GB error.log output_log.txt
  4. What is the correct folder for the RC file? It doesn't show real airliners...
  5. Lol you know what I mean:p
  6. Gonna buy the bundle tomorrow. It looks amazing thought!
  7. Aah thks a lot man. I will fix it as soon as possible.
  8. Thks for responding. So if I understand it I have to drag these sentences with ICAO code to the Schedule file to get the right liveries?
  9. I think you need to read my first comment over and over again before you acting smart. These liveries do exist withour your schedule but are white when using your schedule
  10. Okay that's possible. But what about the MS 777 AMX 787 Tame a330 and Argentinas a330?
  11. I'm saying since I use your schedule multiple liveries are gone
  12. Thks for the schedule. A big improvement. But there are lots of white planes, with the standard schedule Tame a330 Aeromexico 787 Norwegian 787 Aerolineas Argentinas A330 Egyptair B777 all had liveries and now there are all white. How come? Regards
  13. I mean something like this
  14. But I don't see them on the airplane, only the pushback and fuel truck
  15. If would be amazing if there will be aircraft handling like bagage belts, fuel trucks , catering trucks. Did y'all developers had this as an option already?
  16. I hope they will make EHAM and YSSY
  17. I think it has nothing to do with computer specs. Everybody got this issue. Me too
  18. Can someone upload a video when playing EDDM. I really want to see how it is before buying it. The graphics look a little bit ugly to me.
  19. It's a custom build game pc yes. How can I reduce memory?
  20. Amsterdam Schiphol. I really hope!
  21. It happens sometimes after 20 minutes into the game and sometime after 1 hour into the game. There's no pattern or so. I bought this PC just for this game so this is the only application that's installed on this device besides antivirus and language packs. Sorry for the late response btw
  22. I already knew that but is there any solution. I disable my antivirus before starting the game. No other apps are running.
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