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  1. Please answer. I lost all my KLAX game files now. Somehow it deleted my old files. I bought the game from the ATCSuite site but I have just 1 game folder. the feelthere folder. Where can I find the other one??
  2. I just see 1 Tower folder. I bought the game from atcsuite site so I don't have a steam folder. I copied all the files to the KLAX airfield folder but it won't load any further then 63% Help me
  3. Hi everyone I recently bought KJFK airport for Tower 3D Pro and my airport view is really really high. And I don't like it at all. I saw some videos on youtube from other KJFK users and there airport view is way lower. Is there any possibility to change the airport view?
  4. Very nice to see that yall keep working on new airports. KSFO was on my wishlist. I hope KMIA will be the next one!
  5. Because I don't get see any changes and other people said to download the updates on FeelThere, ATCSuite and Nyergesdesign websites
  6. Where can I find these updates? I bought 3d pro, real traffic and real color on the Atcsuite site.
  7. Do you know if the developers are gonna make textures?
  8. Hey guys. Lots of airplanes at KLAX and at other airfields have white liveries. How can I get rid off these white liveries. I tried to reinstall with the download link that I received when I purchased the game but still no succes. Delta A330 United 787 VRD A321 and lots of heavies at KLAX international terminal got white liveries.
  9. I clicked on the download link that I received after I purchased but it's still the SP3.1d version
  10. I clicked on the download link that I received after I purchased but it's still the SP3.1d version
  11. Thanks a lot. There r some real interesting airport for Tower 2011. I would love to see KMIA or some foreign airport like London Gatwick in Tower 3D
  12. It worked fine for me, thank a lot man! But I see some white aircraft with no livery...before this update pack there wasn't any white livery at LAX. Can I fix this in some way?
  13. It doesn't work for me when using the download link that I received in my mailbox
  14. I was wondering what and when new airports are gonna be released in the future?
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