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  1. Same here. Thinking about selling my whole computer. I bought one specially for this game... really annoying
  2. My game crashes constanly. I searched to whole internet for a solution of this acces violation error but still no succes. Does anybody know how to deal with it. My memory seems okay as can see in the log files. Regards crash.rtf error.log
  3. And also the other missing items of course haha
  4. Thanks for responding. I hope y'all fix that cargo terminal. That is really a must.
  5. -11000 points.. damn I wouldn't save this one lol.
  6. Yes very strange. I do see some American Eagle or American Airlines CRJ jets. I hope the developers will fix this terminal.
  7. Hi guys. I noticed at KLAX that they have an extra terminal on the eastside of the Skywest terminal as you can see in the picture below. Is this terminal let out on purpose or did you developers missed this one? Regards
  8. EHAM would be perfect for this game cause of the layout. I really hope y'all gonna make EHAM cause I work there as a flight watcher so I know the whole airport from top to bottom.
  9. Do we need to redownload Real Color also for real textures cause I still see some white planes at KLAX?
  10. I hope KMIA will be next!
  11. Thanks for looking into it Vic. Do you have any idea how to fix this within Windows? I upgraded Windows 10 about a week ago, before that it crashed also.
  12. When I was playing KLAX after 30 minutes or so. It crashed 3 times today. I don't know how to solve this. I did some research about 'game crashes at windows 10' but still no outcome. I think it must be some issue in T3D itself
  13. error.log crash.dmp output_log.txt
  14. I solved it by uninstalling KJFK, I just played 1.5 hours straight at KLAX
  15. This game crashes all the time, someone have to fix this (*%$) problem.
  16. Thanks a lot man! Can't believe I didn't saw this post lol. Greatings
  17. True story bout JFK but still someone have to make a custom schedule for JFK. The traffic density is soo low that you can play JFK at 8x speed easily lol
  18. Does this update also work for non steam users by reinstalling the link in the mail?
  19. I updated Windows 10 but T3D is the only app that crashes. So I don't think windows is the cause.
  20. Tower 3D pro crashes very often lately and it's really annoying when I'm 2 hours in the game and all my departed and arrived planes data is lost. This is the message I get when it crashes: Unity Player [version: Unity 5.4.5p2_e6ffa1986af7] tower3d.exe caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module tower3d.exe at 0033:e97b0590. How can I fix this Acces Violation?
  21. @ATControl -- JoeDoes WOW air from Iceland exist in your custom schedule?
  22. I I did uninstalled and reinstalled the game but the files were still missing. So I reinstalled Windows all over again and LAX does work now. But I'm sh*tting myself to drag these custom schedule files to KLAX airfield. Your last custom files worked without any problems. I maybe give it a try later on.
  23. I did, I made 2 extra files and dragged them over there. But for some reason they are all gone.
  24. Since I downloaded this KLAX custom schedule I won't load any further then 63%. Somehow it deleted my standard KLAX files from my PC. I uninstalled T3D and all add on's and reinstalled them again but I still can not play KLAX. Can someone please send me standard KLAX text files. Thanks
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