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  1. St. Thomas is also made for this game;)
  2. Only Las Vegas or other airports also cuz vivabus and allegiant also fly into KLAX
  3. Big news! I hope in 3 years from now this game has the busiest airports worldwide. That would be amazing to choose from. 1 hour at KLAX 1 hour EHAM 1 hour VHHH!
  4. @FeelTherewatching Border Security Australia right now. Still wondering what Australian airport is on the wishlist😏
  5. More EHAM pics for the US and Mexican people on here 😁
  6. Anybody who made an custom schedule for KSFO already?
  7. Nice pics. Just bought KSFO this week! Her some pics of EHAM Schiphol airport for the airplane lovers among us. Hopefully one of the future airports for this amazing game:)
  8. Aah thanks guys. I bought RC and there also some changes at KLAX. Finally Delta Connection has a livery and some widebodies also.
  9. So if I buy real color KSFO those white liveries will be 'painted' ?
  10. Hey guys. I just bought KSFO in the sale deal for $10. Now I installed it on my device and it seems I have the real liveries,like United and American, also, but I didn't bought real color KSFO. How come? Regards
  11. Same problem here. Really unrealistic
  12. Sorry for the late response . Still dealing with the issue. 2 x 4 gb memory cards
  13. Totally agreed. I think EDDS is not a very spectacular airport. Almost all narrow bodies flying to European destinations. But on the other hand it's a small airport so it would be a month or so to release and then EHAM will be next 🙏
  14. I wish I hope for EHAM as it's my home airport!
  15. A european and Australian are in the pipeline.
  16. They said a European airport will be next for sure after KMCO. I guess EGKK
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