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  1. I've never seen an Ethiopian plane at KLAX and I've spend lots of hours at KLAX
  2. I'm thinking about to buy Munich airport. But I'm hesitating for a month now because the texture and graphics of the buildings and scenery look a little bit ugly. Or is it just me?? An answer would be appreciated.
  3. I went to London Heathrow for 2 days last weekend for a spotting trip. I knew it was one of the busiest airports worldwide but you need to be there to see the variety of airliners and plane types. It was amazing! I praise to the lord that EGLL will be released as soon as possible.
  4. LOL this Lufthansa a346 just took a last visit at NYC...
  5. I know it mentioned already multiple times but I'll do it again in the hope there will be a proper update for KJFK. As seen in the picture below 2 Delta planes are parked very weird. Another point is that the departing planes at the same terminal making 360's when finished pushbacking(this mentioned before)
  6. EGLL and EGKK are in the pipeline Vic said on Facebook
  7. And the other European airport that you mentioned😏?
  8. Vic posted a week ago on facebook that they are working on 2 European airports
  9. I found out that one of the white planes is a Virgin Atlantic A330 300 route KSFO EGCC
  10. Yes i've real colour. Air Canada 767 does exist. I saw it at LAX and SFO as well. That's why I need the exact aircraft type to see the livery. I think it should be 763 but I'm not sure.
  11. Thks a lot man. The terminals look way busier then the standard schedule! I haven't played it yet because of the tropical weather over here. But I see some white widebodies. Does anyone know which one they are so I can change the aircraft type in the schedule file.
  12. Awesome picture man! Little Gatwick in MCO 😆
  13. I'm ready to win a million dollars lol
  14. The release is taking a long time for such a small airport lol
  15. @vicis there a way I could help design an airport. I've got a architecture background 😉
  16. If i knew how I could make airports, I would spending lots of time in making them😏
  17. I used several times just to check. In your zipfile there is just 1 schedule file..
  18. I used your schedule but ar some parts of the day the American and Delta terminals are almost complete empty. Doesn't seem busy at all. Am I doing something wrong?
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