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  1. I can't seem to locate a specific topic on this, but I have read about this before, specifically for KLAS. However it will also affect all airports as it is just the way that the game engine works. Ill try and do my best to explain the situation: When a flight calls for a pushback, the sim looks in the schedule to see if there is a flight that can replace it as the gate. Without any modifications to the schedule, some of the inbound flights would not have a gate to go to because of all the traffic idling at gates; and because there is more inbound flights than gates. When the sim recolonizes their is no gate for a flight, it will simply delete the flight from existence. In the output log file, this can bee seen with an error showing "no free terminal" with its call sign. Since you added a bunch of extra departing flights in a short time, these "no free terminal" flights can now be assigned a gate; allowing them to come in. With the extra flights now coming in, shooting gaps at KSAN becomes nearly impossible. As others have said on this website, the only way to fix this issue is to use snippet files from custom schedules that be be found on this website. A snippet file is simply a schedule file that has flights for only 3 hours, not an entire day worth of flights.
  2. The sim will always stick to the schedule file, it also never change times of flights. The schedule that comes the Real Traffic already has more flights than gates programmed into it. A lot of the new arriving aircraft that you are seeing were previously dropped because there was originally no free terminal for them to go to. This is something that happens regularly at all airports and is something that has been debated about on this website before.
  3. Like @hexzed said above, flights occur based on gate availability. According to your KSAN changes file, you've added a lot of extra flights for departure between 17:00 and 18:00. Once these additional aircraft have called for pushback, the sim looks to fill the now empty gates; giving you a much higher amount of inbound traffic.
  4. Blocked in Canada as well. 😒
  5. To add to @crbascott's workaround, you can also tell the aircraft to hold short of a taxiway that is not on the aircraft's taxiing path. After the command is issued, the aircraft will not stop at any runways or taxiways because it is looking to stop at a taxiway it will never cross.
  6. It is possible, but it doesn't work as a voice command which is unfortunate. I typed the following command into the command box at KPHL and the aircraft does taxi using the runway. AAL742 RUNWAY 9R TAXI VIA T 27R W S Make sure you don't add "RUNWAY" into the text command, or else they will jest say negative.
  7. I'd say we've just been forgotten about. Hopefully soon we will get the update! I myself didn't even know that RT updated until I saw this post. We need to maintain that Current Versions Sheet!
  8. That's unfortunate. Definitely something to add to the possible future wist list for the next version. Thanks for the info though!
  9. Hello Tower Community, I would like to know if it is possible to exit a runway onto another runway. My example would be that I use runway 4L for arrivals at KBOS. Unfortunately they pass the final taxiway, Quebec, before having a "successful landing". This means that the aircraft wants to slowly taxi down the runway to the nearest exit, November-1. Is it possible to tell these aircraft to exit at runway 15L or 15R to clear the runway faster?
  10. Been holding off playing Atlanta until a custom schedule was made. It's now time to make my return. Thanks for making this!
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