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  1. Hi Gabor, May I ask what you have changed in SP7?
  2. I can get either all male or all female voices but not a mix. Is that a Win 10 limitation or a limitation of my IT skills?
  3. Hi 58050, KSAN SP1 is only for the airport and the default fantasy traffic. Real Traffic adds real world airlines and those aircraft which will appear all white unless Real Color KSAN is also installed. They are 3 distinctly different products. Just make sure that you are using the correct product registration key for the Real Color KSAN installation. If you are and it still will not install then an email to cservice@bmtmicro.com would be my next step; in my experience their customer service is excellent.
  4. The much heralded single 777 operation at KSAN is missing from Real Traffic. There is no 777 in ksan_schedule. A quick bit of research suggested that British Airways fly a 777 from London Heathrow so I have edited the RT '744' into '772' for the 2 BA flights and lo and behold a 777 in BA colours appears at KSAN. Was that the 777 operation you had in mind Vic or was it another?
  5. I can now download KSAN_for_Tower3D_SP1.exe Very many thanks for your work, your product is addictive! I can't wait for Pro to lift it to another level. Perhaps you can delete my posts in this thread so we don't annoy the others?
  6. Hi Vic, I downloaded using the original link and the file was exactly the same size (82,738 KB) and the same title as the original (KSAN_for_Tower3D). Normally you add an SPx, have I jumped the gun and SP1 is not yet available via BMT Micro or is that the SP1 file but not labelled as such?
  7. That is a very good idea. I agree with Mike, a few very high resolution airports would be something I'd spend money on.
  8. Something went wrong a few SPs ago with Real Traffic. Gabor & co at Nyerges Design added 748 and 788 aircraft to the package (great idea - keep adding!) but did not delete the the original 744 or 77L lines in the klax_schedule file so have left many flights with 2 lines with the only difference being the aircraft type. To stop the flights appearing twice at the same time a little edit of the klax_schedule file is required (back up the original first!) then: a) delete the 744 entries for CX96, CX97, KE213 (arr & dep), KZ109, KZ110 & RU597. Thereby leaving only the 748 entries for those flights. b) delete the 77L entries for AA26, AA27, AA182, AA183, AA215, AA216, AC791, AC792, AM19, AM647, AV85, DY7087, DY7088, ET504, ET505, JL60, JL69, LA600, LA601, VS7, VS8, VS23, & VS24, Thereby just leaving the 788 entries for those flights. There are other problems with Real Traffic at all of the airports in T3D and I have edited my files to correct them (thanks to dickparker and others on this forum who have given me some excellent tips on editing RT), it's really easy!
  9. When some of the original add-ons to T3D were released the default install routings were in error, later versions have corrected this. May I suggest you try downloading the latest versions of each of the elements using your original links and having another go at a clean install?
  10. That is very funny! If I could add several crying with laughter emoticons I would!
  11. Before I get told to attach a log file, I have tried to create one several times. I start T3D with the windows batch file, the run window opens as well as T3D but when I finish the session there is no log file to be found anywhere in the Tower 3D folder. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Anyway, onto my observations at KSAN. 1. 757 cargo aircraft that land on 27 exit at B6, taxi along B, then cross 27 at B5 to C5 without stopping! No need for a 'Continue taxi' command! 2. 767 cargo aircraft that land on 27 exit at B7, taxi along B, then cross 27 at B6 to C6 without stopping before crossing the active runway. 3. All cargo aircraft do a 360 spin when reaching taxiway F; taxi through any parked aircraft (see screenshot) then do some more circles for no known reason before parking. I am using T3D SP2a, RT sp6, with original KSAN and original RC for KSAN.
  12. Thanks for whetting our appetites, snippets like that mean so much to your fans/customers/friends.
  13. Sorry everyone. My ipad went crazy, it hung when I hit Submit then I find multiple posts. Vic, would you kindly delete the repeat posts for me? Thanks.
  14. I disagree with a standard approach. If the Cessnas of our simulated world had the same performance as our 777s that would be ridiculous. I prefer to let Gabor adjust things for us, if an aircraft does something strange if we tell him I'm sure he will fix it with the next patch, we are on SP6 already so he does work hard to make things better for us 3D fans.
  15. The tower in 3D is just across the road from the front doors of terminal 2 east not north of the runway between the north ramp and the air cargo ramp as at the actual airport. Unless there is a new tower since I was last at KSAN, it seems Vic has moved it for a reason as yet unexplained. It doesn't stop the fun though!
  16. Now waiting for RC for KSAN.
  17. Vic! Awesome news, I hope the "major,major release" is Tower!3DProPlus with triple monitor support and thought control. I can't wait!
  18. You make a very good point Craig. I hope Pro is a giant leap forward from 'normal' 3D, it certainly has the potential to be brilliant with the features you mention.
  19. Earlier today I saw on the FeelThere website that KSMF was available plus the RC add on. With great excitement I thought they were Vic's & Gabor's latest pieces of genius .... then I realised it was for the people that still think the world is flat (Tower 2011). How our knowledge of the world expands!
  20. OMG! Vic & the team have made my day. Maybe even my week!
  21. Vic, Can we just click & install over the top of v2? Or should we uninstall v2 first? Can we leave RC & RT alone or do we need to do anything with those add ons? I am still looking forward very much to Pro! Thanks for the excellent work.
  22. I received the promised email from those lovely people at Nyerges Design on Sunday afternoon. Downloaded, installed, tested, looks good!
  23. I'm looking forward to it. Thanks Nyerges!
  24. Thanks for the post, but how do those of us that downloaded the first 3 Real Color packs before the bundle was released get the free link as you promised?
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