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  1. Hi Bill, I have all the available add-ons installed in Pro and they all work. Just beware that some of the installation packages auto direct to the wrong folder so I had to select the correct the install to the folder containing Pro.
  2. Doc, I have tried 2 different layouts for multi-monitor, I have yet to decide which I prefer. Here are a couple of screenshots. The change between each monitor is down the left edge of the ADIRS display.
  3. I have tried a couple of versions of multi-monitor use and I have yet to decide which one I prefer. One is with the STRIP/ADIRS/DBRITE on one monitor and the 'view' on the other screen; the other style is to drag the 'view' window larger to display it across 2 screens with the other windows on top as it was in the standard version. I shall keep testing until I choose a winner. Any recommendations out there?
  4. There is definitely a problem at KSAN with the aircraft scraping along the ground without wheels. Here are a couple of screenshots:
  5. PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!!! My problems were solved in 2 stages. First, I ran the .exe as an administrator and now I can hear the pilots' voices. So thanks to those that gave me that advice! Secondly, it seems my Kaspersky Total Security package was preventing voice input until I 'trusted' towerspeakbridge.exe and now it works most of the time (once I get voice control working it will continue working throughout my session but sometimes at the very start of the session it takes 4 or 5 attempts before Pro realises I am talking to it!) I have accidentally found a way to have the pi
  6. After using Tower!3D standard for many months without a problem I have changed to Pro but I have sound problems. I cannot hear any of the calls made by the pilots. I hear the engine sounds, the waves etc but nothing from the pilots. I have Windows 10 with the TTS set to "Microsoft David Desktop - English (United States)" and speech recognition set to"Microsoft Speech Recogniser 8.0 for Windows (English - US) but no voices heard at all. When I select "Test speech" I hear nothing. Also, I can use voice recognition without problems for anything other than Pro but in Pro I seem to be wasting
  7. mc16v, I emailed BMT Micro customer service cservice@bmtmicro.com and they were very helpful. w
  8. Since the release of Pro I have had many problems downloading Pro and the updated add-ons from Nyerges Design. But the BMT Micro customer service team & Gabor at Nyerges Design have been so very helpful. If anyone reading this has problems downloading I would urge them to make contact with these superbly helpful people. After numerous problems I have just downloaded Pro and the updated add-ons and will soon join the Pro party.
  9. My $10 discount email from BMT Micro is in my inbox. Now how long will it be until I can use it? Hopefully in time to wipe out any chores this weekend!
  10. Vic, Many thanks for rewarding your loyal customers. I for one will get Pro as soon as it is released on ...... ..... ..... ? Any clues?
  11. Vic, Many thanks for your update. It is very interesting to read such insightful words about the development process.
  12. Manual downloaded. At least I'll have something interesting to read at work tomorrow!
  13. Vic, So we don't upset Mrs captgforce I suggest we bring the release forward to 20th February! There, problem solved.
  14. Vic, You're right, St Valentine's Day is not an appropriate date for release of the product that will have your fans glued to 2 computer screens (multi-monitor, yes!) for hours on end. However, my birthday is one week later on the 21st. Now that is an approriate date. IMHO!
  15. Vic, I wonder when you will share that date? Very soon I hope.
  16. Vic! You are a star! That is very good news indeed. I hope we have taken a giant leap forward towards release date.
  17. Many thanks Vic for the status of Pro development. Please persevere with multi-monitor, I for one think that feature is essential and I am happy to wait. In the meantime is there a chance of an earlier release of an SP to Tower!3D (original flavor) while you battle the multi-monitor demons? Perhaps one that eliminates the small number of gate spinners and reduces problems with the few aircraft that will not taxi after landing? I'm sure you written that those 'characteristics' have been eliminated during the development of Pro.
  18. It all sounds close, it's like the week before Christmas all over again!
  19. FeelThere team, Very many thanks for replying to my cry for info. As usual, I await new releases/upgrades with anticipation. Multi-monitor is a must have for me so it was very pleasing to read that you have opted to write your own code. W
  20. Hi Vic & team, Have you decided on the release order for the anticipated updates to 3D? Or are the 3D SP, the new airport add-on & Pro all inter-dependent so they will all be released at the same time? Any clues for which airport will be the add-on? W
  21. Vic & FeelThere team, Your efforts are really really appreciated. I am so looking forward to Pro and the nexf addon airport. w
  22. I could not agree with you more dickparker. That is why I wrote the second parapgraph of the original post.
  23. Hi all, I have had a look at the airlines lists that are inherent in the Tower 3D extension folders and it is clear that they need a refresh. The order is not alphabetical which makes things difficult and may explain why there are so many repeated entries. Also included are 180+ defunct airlines and there are many other incorrect entries. Now rather than just complaining I have spent a very long time trying to correct the list which I offer to feelthere & nyerges design. My refreshed text file is attached as is an excel spreadsheet showing: red entries for defunct airlines, and yell
  24. The multi-player element is not near the top of my desires for Pro but I will not dismiss it as quickly as others may have done as I simply do not have enough information. It might turn out to be a great facet of the simulation but my problem is that I cannot picture how it would work to provide both (or more?) players with a satisfying result. Is it a controller for each runway? Is it a controller each for ramp, ground & tower? If Vic could spare a moment to explain a little about why this element was deemed necessary and how (in broad terms) it will work then I am all ears.
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