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  1. Russell, It is in the same folder as the Tower3D.exe application file.
  2. winsaudi

    B9 KSAN

    This has been raised by flightsimpilot under the thread "KSAN B9 Exit". As I wrote in that thread, I can get it to work quite often but not a 100% success rate. I use "Bravo Niner".
  3. Stephen, Glad to have helped a bit. If there was a latest versions sticky and the add-ons had the correct default folders there wouldn't be much to read on this forum! ? More seriously, I think the download email received after each purchase should have a 'keep these links so you can upgrade with future SPs' in big bold letters.
  4. Stephen, I cannot tell for sure from your post if you have Tower3D or Tower3D Pro, but here is what I think are the latest versions of the software you mention: If Pro: Tower3DProSP1a / RT_Tower3D_PRO_sp2 / RC_Tower3D_KPHL_sp2 If not Pro: Tower3D_SP2a / RT_Tower3D_sp7 / RC_Tower3D_KPHL_sp2 If only there was a sticky listing all the latest versions ........
  5. Are you running tower3d.exe as an admistrator? Running that way fixes most pilot voice issues. Can I suggest you look at the thread "Pro -no pilot voices"? That has lots of advice and is better than starting yet another thread for the same problem.
  6. futureboy, are you OK? Your posts used to be a good source of information for Tower newbies and I learned a lot from you but recently your posts just seem to take pot shots at everyone else. Where is the real RickyJ and what have you done with him? Best, Wayne
  7. Nick, Are you running tower3d.exe as an administrator? That fixes the vast majority of voice issues. Wayne
  8. Yes, I have used that command successfully. However, I do not get a consistent first hit, sometimes it takes 2 or 3 goes to get the voice recognition to give me the correct response. I use 'niner'.
  9. Cheer up RickyJ, life's too short & this forum is both enlightening & entertaining. Best, Wayne
  10. I was yesterday and I will be today! I love my job and they pay me to do it! Wayne
  11. Ricky, it is not a personal preference. As a military fast jet pilot I have spent many many half-days in ATC towers as a duty pilot or duty instructor and have seen the wind read out displays change with modernisation over the decades and I have never seen a display that shows where the wind is going to, it is always where it is coming from. The idea of it replicating a windsock is fallacious, those devices are for pilots about to take-off or land, they are not for ATC controllers who use a display unlike that depicted in Pro. My earlier posts (as is this one) were attempts to explain the standard that I have seen in towers during my flying career, not a personal preference. All the best, Wayne
  12. If that is not KLGA my eyes are deceiving me.
  13. Oh those photos are big! Sorry, I didn't realise how they would look until I posted them. It looks like I'm shouting but I can assure you that I am not. ?
  14. Finally got around to this. I agree with 707FAN that in a cockpit the wind is often indicated by an arrow. A very small section of the display in my aircraft is below showing the direction arrow and a speed of 15kts. But if there is not a full arrowhead & tail the direction shown is where the wind is coming from, see other photo (from a ground display) with "286" digitally and the 286 visually with the red light on the compass rose. The wind indicator in Pro still is, for me, the wrong way around (or it needs a tail).
  15. Kev, I simply put my mouse cursor on the edge of the window and left click/drag the window just like any Windows window. Wayne
  16. Craig, Just like Andrew wrote above, I also prefer the 'stretched across 2 monitors' setup. Firstly because of the "more immersive" experience Andrew mentions and secondly because I gave up with the repeatedly closing windows (mainly the strip window) when they were on a separate monitor. When using the 'stretched' layout the information windows do not continually keep closing which for me made the '2 different monitor setup' almost unusable. I also now put the info windows on the outside edges of the displays as Craig mentioned. I wish that Pro would remember the last layout used so I don't have to set it up every time I go up into the tower. Wayne You wanted us to use first names. How's that Vic?
  17. You are welcome. I would strongly recommend getting Pro, the original version is for kids!! ????
  18. Good news about RT at last from Nyerges (via FeelThere).
  19. Inspired by WildCard I downloaded a hex editor, opened the files he listed, looked at making the same editorial changes to improve Pro accuracy, and immediately gave up. Now waiting for an SP from FeelThere. That all looked so complicated and fraught with dangers!
  20. Yes, my error. When I edited the terminal file to correct the RT assignments to real world I somehow I turned GA into G. Straight to the bottom of the class! ???
  21. I have controlled at KSAN from 0631 (earliest available start) to 1651 in one hour chunks. Not one GA aircraft has appeared, not even one parked on the GA ramp. The ksan_gaandlocal traffic.txt file lists 129 movements but so far not a single one has been seen. I don't know if Pro SP1a or the latest update to KSAN has caused this because I installed them at the same time but before the updates I had GA traffic. Anyone else (not) seeing this?
  22. There is a fundamental difference in the work ethics of FeelThere and Nyerges Design. FT strive tirelessly to provide the best product possible so I am sure they will review WildCard's suggestions and will consider which ones they will include in a future SP. On the other hand ND do not seem to be as keen to make their products to the same levels of realism. Take the latest Real Traffic version issued to dovetail into FT's new terminal listing at KSAN; it took me 5 minutes on the internet (flight aware & san.org) to see that it was wrong. So I ended up editing the terminal file again, the schedule file will take me longer to correct. The title of the product is misleading, if it was called "Real Traffic Mainly Around 2005" I wouldn't grumble so much. Anyway, back to WildCard's edits; I hope they are included in the next SP for T3D Pro. They all seem very good ideas to me. Good job WildCard.
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