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  1. Vic, Can we just click & install over the top of v2? Or should we uninstall v2 first? Can we leave RC & RT alone or do we need to do anything with those add ons? I am still looking forward very much to Pro! Thanks for the excellent work.
  2. I received the promised email from those lovely people at Nyerges Design on Sunday afternoon. Downloaded, installed, tested, looks good!
  3. I'm looking forward to it. Thanks Nyerges!
  4. Thanks for the post, but how do those of us that downloaded the first 3 Real Color packs before the bundle was released get the free link as you promised?
  5. Thanks for listening (reading?) Vic.
  6. Vic & co + nyergesdesign, What do you guys think? A list somewhere with the latest versions? It may be too expensive/difficult but we have all opened something on our computers / consoles / tablets / phones and have seen a message similar to "A newer version is available. Do you want to download?" Is that possible?
  7. Harvester, That might work but I really don't think we should be downloading updates almost by accident/luck/random, or whatever we might call it.
  8. mc16v, You are a funny guy! (Or woman, I'm not The Donald!)
  9. I found that SP 4 to RT fixes the landing lights problem and is available for download from a nyergesdesign post buried in a thread titled "Tower 3d LAX schedule issue". Why oh why do nyergesdesign & feelthere not announce updates more clearly? What about the poor sops who don't belong to this forum? How would they know there is an update? FT & ND, you make great products and update them often. Why keep it a secret?
  10. Many thanks for a quick response dickparker, everything is a lot clearer to me now. That terminal file will be in my folder within seconds!!
  11. I only joined this party at T!3D, I have never seen T2011 and I am slowly learning the ropes. I have a number of questions about schedules if anyone would be kind enough to answer them: 1. Taking one line from an earlier post on this page as an example - "JFK, RDU, CR7, G7, 4254, 12:00, 13:36, 1, G7" - Why are there 2 time blocks? Why is the first time block always 12:00? What is the importance of the digit "1"? Why is the airline code repeated at the end of the data line? 2. In the klax_terminal file there are no airline codes against TBIT. Does this mean that any airline not lis
  12. futureboy, I'm also old and so reading you email filled me with dread. However, I had uninstalled KJFK and reinstalled the new version successfully - perhaps by accident? I went through my aviation career with the mantra "I'd rather be lucky than good". Clearly it still applies to this day! Best,
  13. Vic & co, Thank you for an extremely informative post. The title gives a clear indication that an SP is available and I for one think that is brilliant. The instructions on how to download & install are very helpful to a newbie like me. The explanation of the root cause is very honest & enlightening. I have seen spinners at LAX so I hope all spinners will be illuminated in the future with your code change. I delete the very small number of spinning aircraft that I find but what would happen if I did not? Would they spin for ever or would they pushback correctly when departure
  14. There's an SP3 for T3D? When did that come out? What does it fix? Or are you living up to your name futureboy?
  15. Hi to all at nyergesdesign & feelthere, Great products but I have a suggestion. When an SP is available is there any chance you could start a new thread with a title such as "SP2 now available for KPHL". Or it could be made clear on the feelthere website if you two developers coordinated better. It would be a quick notification that an improved product is available without us have read every message in every thread and finding improvements are available almost by accident. Both ND & FT should be proud of their products and should shout out the improvements to those of us locked i
  16. Hi Alcahuete, I am new to this simulation and there are plenty on this forum with more expertise but I think I have the answers to your questions. There are 2 methods. Firstly, om the Main Menu screen you can set the arrival runways by clicking on the blue circles on the overhead image of the airport. So at LAX you could select 24R and 25L with white circles making sure all other circles for the other runways are blue. All traffic should then wish to arrive on the 2 selected runways. In game you can send an arriving aircraft to a different runway by instructing it to "Enter Final"
  17. I have seen something similar with DLH 456 an A388 which taxied to TBIT as normal, seemed to park correctly at the gate, then began a slow 360 degree rotation on the spot with the aircraft magically going through the terminal building. I would have taken a screenshot or video clip but it was raining heavily at LAX so it would not have made a clear image.
  18. I completely agree. T3D + RT + RC is what I have been waiting for. I am now going to spend far too long at each of the 4 airports in rotation. More airports are eagerly anticipated but not as much as Pro, I hope we don't have to wait too long. If the little niggles in this simulation can be fixed it is going to be awesome!
  19. Sorry! My crashes have been very similar to futureboy's screenshot that I thought it was the same problem.
  20. I don't use the "Follow Company" command but I am still getting collisions on the threshold. I give one aircraft a "Cleared for" (why doesn't it say 'Cleared T/O'?) and a following aircraft is instructed to "Line Up & Wait". The first aircraft takes so long to start its take-off roll that the second one taxis into it. Unrealistic, stupid, and minus 800 points. Please fix this.
  21. I downloaded RT but when I discovered it was colorless I have yet to install it. I do wish Nyerges would hurry up with Real Color.
  22. Those screenshots look good. I hope we don't have to wait too long until Pro comes out. Can you give us an rough estimate of when that will be?
  23. "Also we need the Tower version (SP2 or SP2a)" ?? I've missed something here. When was SP2a released? What does it fix? When and where was it announced that there was a new version available?
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