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  1. Joey, Thanks for the screenshot. I have looked at the relevant Real Traffic files. In kjfk_schedule the line is: GIG,JFK,763,JJ,9678,08:30,12:00,1,JJ so this means the airline is JJ so ... In kjfk_airlines the line is: TAM, JJ, TAM, TAM Linhas Aereas, Brazil. What this should mean is that appearing on the KJFK radar at 0830 is a TAM Linhas Aereas flight from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, flight number TAM9678, callsign TAM 9678, a Boeing 767-300. Which, according to kjfk_terminal, will park at terminal 8. The screengrab you have recently kindly provided suggests someone has modified their RT files seemingly incorrectly as BLC is not a listed line in kjfk_airlines. Furthermore, an airline from Belarus, Bellesavia, would seem inconguous if flying from Rio to NY. Forgive my overly zealous attention to detail! Your original 2 links show great initiative, a lot of work, and will provide great references for many. Again, good job! Wayne
  2. Good job Joe, But where did you get "Bellesavia" from? I don't see that airline in any of the Real Traffic schedules. Wayne
  3. No need to train the system, just use it. It works.
  4. Are you running T3D Pro as administrator? That's the first step in trying to fix your problem. I presume from your location that your computer language is US English?
  5. That is good news Gabor, about half the traffic in this forum concerns this topic. Any chance of an update to 2017 schedules for Real Traffic?
  6. Then you will not be able to get T3D Pro with voice which is a pity because it is a great feature.
  7. To get the voice commands to work you must set your computer language to US English. Try that.
  8. It's already a feature. Deselect action camera then press & hold centre mouse button and slew camera/view.
  9. Sorry Methos. I misunderstood what you meant.
  10. You can deselect the auto follow mode of the camera (aka action camera) by deselcting the camera icon in the command panel.
  11. No, you cannot move the command strip but I agree it would be a nice feature.
  12. Monavu, Flightsimpilot is correct. T3D Pro needs to be run as an administrator to make the voice part work. Once you get it working it is a great feature. As for the RT & RC packages, they are produced by a different developer - Nyerges Design. FeelThere only make the main program which, as pointed out by mc16v & Flightsimpilot, have fictitious airlines in glorious color/colour. On this forum I have called for a seriously needed update to the RT schedules, but taken as a whole T3D Pro + RT + RC is a great package. Don't give up yet otherwise you will be missing out on loads of challenging fun.
  13. The developers read this forum. If you wait until they return from vacation next week they will read your post.
  14. Jon, Can you give a little more detail? There isn't much to go on in your post. I suspect that you may have installed to the wrong folder but I'm not sure. Wayne
  15. Hi Vic, Many thanks for the update. I cannot wait for the big surprise to be revealed! All the best, Wayne
  16. Hi Vic, This forum has been very quiet recently in comparison to previous periods of activity. I wondered if you could take a few minutes to update us all on what ATC products you are currently working on and what we can expect to see in the latter half of 2017? Wayne
  17. Here's my version of ksan_terminal which I modified after looking at the departure gates on san.org: Terminal_GA: GA Terminal_1E: SWA Terminal_1W: ASA,FFT,QXE Terminal_2E: AAL,AAY,ASH,BAW,JAL,RPA,UAL,VOI,WJA Terminal_2W: ACA,ASH,AWE,CPZ,DAL,HAL,JBU,JZA,NKS,ROU,SCX,SKW,UAL,VOI,VRD Terminal_commuter: Terminal_Cargo: DHL,FDX,NAC,UPS I have modified all of my terminal files after looking at the online departure boards for each of the airports. It takes about 30 minutes tops, I just wish Nyerges Design would spend 30 minutes studying each airport and allocating terminals correctly.
  18. Flightsimpilot, if you go to www.san.org and check the departures on flight status you can quickly see which airlines operate from which terminals and then amend the ksan terminal file accordingly. I just wish Nyerges Design did it for us. I have a similar klax terminal file to bcooley66 but I put my airline listings in alphabetical order because it is easier to spot errors and easier to amend.
  19. That is good news! Looks like you've got yourself a job.
  20. Installed KATL, tried to start but it hangs at 72%. I presume that is because there is no schedule or terminal file in the KATL folder until Nyerges releases RT that includes KATL? Or is something else wrong?
  21. I asked Nyerges about the next update to RT and received this response: "-update KLAX schedule (duplicated aircrafts is being deleted) - new schedule for KATL airport." I have asked again about updates to all the airports but have not yet received a reply. It seems we are stuck with out of date scehules for a while yet.
  22. Andrew, This is exceptional advice. Do you have any brothers at KBOS or KLAS, which I believe are the next add-ons? If not, have you thought of moving? Best, Wayne
  23. I wondered whether the release of KATL would mean Andrew disappearing from this forum until he ran out of food/furniture to chew on or whether we would get comments like "IRL there are 178 taxiway stripes from gate C1 to 27R but in your sim there are only 177". Seriously though, if only every T3D airport was championed by someone like Andrew and then given an opening day review with such enthusiasm & knowledge. What a great advert for the product that would be. Andrew/Vic, I raise a glass to you both. Wayne
  24. That post Vic, is brilliant! Wayne
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