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  1. Rob25

    Lost my order

    They do have a customer support working weekends as well. I've gotten expired passwords recovered on Sunday evenings in the past. Great customer support.
  2. Rob25

    RC Bundle - Why No Update Yet?

    I just updated RT to sp6v10 and EDDS is there
  3. Great video, @ATControl -- Joe just curious how do you get such close up's of those aircraft when they are taxiing, mine always seem much farther away and yes using the action camera and zoomed all the way in. Is it the monitor resolution, graphics card (can you give specs) that helps of something else , thanks.
  4. Rob25

    New Airports For Tower 3D Pro

    They updated RT July 10 would not expect one for a while.
  5. I do this as well, however, they have to fly off the end of the radar before they reappear in the landing pattern on the other side of the radar, so it takes a while before the come back.
  6. Rob25

    Klas minor issue with Janet terminal

    It could be the magnetic pull from Area 51
  7. Rob25

    problem with realtraffic on EDDM

    Why can't there be a sticky thread with every SP and version by date listed for all products? Surely would be that hard to maintain example: Tower3DPro SP33c 3/21/2018 RT Tower3D Pro SP6V7 5/18/2018 ETC, ETC I know those dates are off but that is when I downloaded them
  8. Rob25

    New Web Site

    Layout and navigation modern and inviting. Thought you guys had gone into the ISP business until you explained what that meant, I would recommend rewording. Great Deals at low cost or something like that.
  9. Experiencing that as well
  10. Rob25

    How is KMCO coming along?

    +1 for stress test sale!
  11. Rob25

    New Web Site

    On the main page of the new web site I see "High speed at Low cost." What does that mean? LOL left over text from a template prehaps? Also I keep getting asked to accept cookies after I have already said ok, I get that on other sites but never multiple times. Cookie issue seems to have resolved itself
  12. Rob25


    It would be helpful for reference if you would include the filename and or SP version in your announcement. Since this downloads KJFK_for_Tower3D_4.2a and not named an SP like other service packs so we know not to be looking for an SP.
  13. Rob25

    Game Crash

    Playing KPHL during 21:00 hour. I have played it before with no issues, game suddenly crashed. Recent update include RT_Tower3D_PRO_sp6v5 custom schedule non-steam version. crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
  14. Rob25

    Tower!3D Pro: Unexpected crash

    Agreed I do not have crashes at all. Been playing almost everyday since November.
  15. Rob25

    Tower 3D Pro - Aircraft / Liveries

    Get Notepad++ it's a free text editor https://notepad-plus-plus.org/

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