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For Vic & the FeelThere team

I know you guys are working on airports & Upgrades but I wonder if KSFO is on your short list.

I was watching KSFO on fltRadar 24 & listening on Live ATC last night and realised how mush I enjoyed working KSFO on Twr2011.

Kev M

Brisbane Australia


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Dear Controllers,

Let me stick to strictly feelThere's releases and not to talk about Nyerges Design's KPHX and SimSmith's KLGA :)

We are just about to release Boston today.
Our next planned airport release is KSFO.
We have KMIA in the pipeline and just begun working on KEWR and KMCO

About the "biggest ever", "most secretive" project; we are working with some other companies on that one so we must coordinate the "leaking" of information with many parties, but I expect we will be free to say what we are working by this year. However I can tell you that right away that is something that would surely (don't call me Shirley!) surprise most of you as it's totally unrelated to aviation or simming at all. But I admit I enjoy a little break from controlling when I occasionally test this new product :) 

Regardless of this development we are still working on new airports and an SP is planned for some existing airports too. This is a parallel development absolutely not effecting our Tower line (it's different team).



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