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Discrepancy Actual vs Schedule - KLAX


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Hi everyone

This has probably been discussed before but I can't find the thread.

I just completed a session from 01:00 to 02:00 AM at LAX.

Game put me in at 00:46 AM (not sure why?)

29 scheduled departures: 2 no-shows:

LAX     TPE     77W     BR    15    00:49
LAX     MIA    748     CV    432    00:57

Percentage of no-shows: 6.9% (rounded up)

4 scheduled arrivals: 2 non-shows:

TPA     LAX    319     AA    871    01:28:00 AM
HNL     LAX    742     K4    369    01:48:00 AM

Percentage of non-shows: 50%

I'm guessing this is an undocumented feature.

BLB - (Peter)

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The log file should give you the reason. Do a search within the log for that flight's symbol (CLX432, for example). Go through each instance until you find one attached to a message, such as "NO FREE TERMINAL." Whatever the message is should let you know why that flight didn't appear.


The largest possibility of the cause of your issue is the No Free Terminal error, which means there isn't a free gate in a terminal that the airline is allowed to park at. For LAX, cargo flights (like CLX, FDX, UPS, etc) will be over at the GA parking, which has far too few spots available. This is a known issue with LAX, and FeelThere has said they will not be updating LAX any further.


Also keep in mind that, unless you installed a snippet schedule, T3D loads 8 hours worth of flights when you start a session. This means that, if you started at midnight, every departure and arrival that is scheduled from Midnight up to 7:59am will load up. This normally causes the issue of no free gates, which is why several schedule makers include snippet files, which is three or four hours worth of flights, which makes for a better experience, as very few sessions last longer than two or three hours.

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4 minutes ago, battlehawk77 said:

This is a known issue with LAX, and FeelThere has said they will not be updating LAX any further

Lack of gate availability is a game engine issue that impacts ALL airports. And, of course, FeelThere is no longer updating the game engine.

The link below describes what is most likely the issue. The root cause is using a full schedule, the developer''s decision to load 8 hours of flights, and how that process was implemented.



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This may also be why,

  • LAX     TPE     77W     BR    15    00:49 (EVA missing from terminal file- I imagine the EVE in the terminal file is a typo and is suppose to be EVA)
  • LAX     MIA    748     CV    432    00:57(CLX missing from terminal file- however the airlines file lists CV as CVA, CV, CHATHAM, Air Chathams, New Zealand so who knows what one it was when the schedule was made.)
  • HNL     LAX    742     K4    369    01:48:00 AM(CKS missing from the terminal file)


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