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Google could help ya out by a simple search. But if you are talking only in game liveries, then these are some that I remember got updated liveries besides those that are located in the Retro pack. (Only from my memory)

Southwest, Alaska Airlines, United Airlines, Sun Country (738) Easyjet, Aerlingus, Luthtansa, Air Canada, Westjet, Spirit, Frontier, there was an updated livery for Volaris, Condor, and SAS got an update. I think this question is difficult because some updates were allocating just one aircraft because there was a new addition to the fleet like Frontier A20N. Where as some updates covered the entire fleet. My suggestion is just to go through them and create a list of your own.

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As Alaska Airlines has now joined One World, many airlines have dual liveries; a main one and an alliance one

Given the Retro livery is in the format $x
We also have the Cargo liveries in the format #x
What about splitting out the legacy liveries using other special characters?
Alliance livery -> &x
Older livery -> @#
and so on

It would mean updating the older packs, but I am quite sure that would be a simple process

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3 hours ago, MJKERR said:

It would mean updating the older packs, but I am quite sure that would be a simple process

It would mean updating everything - Real Traffic, Real Colors, custom schedules, and especially your often mentioned but unseen Summer 2019 schedule etc. Why go through this effort for a 4 year old product no longer supported by the developer that is on it's last legs (if ZBAD is any indication)? Makes no sense logically or economically.

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