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  1. Custom Schedules - Real Traffic Details

    So many questions! "Pedantic - someone who's too concerned with literal accuracy or formality" Using the actual times to create a "as close to the actual day" being recorded for a schedule. Will do best endeavours as otherwise will disappear up my own "a**e" for the sake of being too pedantic! :-) G
  2. Custom Schedules - Real Traffic Details

    Hey guys, Another quick question. When you look at actual airport schedules for arrivals and departures, be it on flight aware or flightradar24, it shows take off and landed times. To be accurate for actual schedule timings for custom schedules do you subtract say 5 minutes from the actual times shown to allow for pushback and taxi time for departures and Dbrite call times for arrivals for accuracy or am I being too pedantic in my search for accuracy! Gazza
  3. Let's hope the fix comes soon!
  4. How have you got around the Terminal E issue or do they still not arrive? G

    Do you need to deinstall or just overwrite original files?
  6. Custom Schedules - Real Traffic Details

    Thanks for the input all. Looking at the custom schedules done so far by forum members and the Feel There ones it looks pretty self explanatory with a couple of questions ? eg: LHR, LAS, 744, BA, 275, 19:31, 12:00, 1, BA LHR - Originating airport (London Heathrow) LAS - Destination Airport (Las Vegas) 744 - Aircraft type (Boeing 747-400) BA - Airline Flight Code (British Airways) 275 - Flight Code (ie BA275) 19:31 - Time of arrival (or time called to tower) 12:00 - No idea what this is used for? 1 - No idea what this is used for? BA - Terminal for arrivals or departures Also, can you have arrival or departure times the same for flights or is is best to have a minimum 1 minute interval spaces in the schedule so as not confuse the system logic? Cheers G
  7. CUSTOM (REAL) Traffic #2 -- KLAS !! FREE to the Community!

    Yep and renumbering the runways!
  8. CUSTOM (REAL) Traffic #2 -- KLAS !! FREE to the Community!

    Thanks Joe. Just downloaded and updated files and all opens ok. Look forward to having a go at this revamp over the next few days Gazza
  9. Quick questions for the knowledgeable forum members/Feel There developers. How often should you re-download the Real Traffic files?. Only Phoenix and LGA have been released since I purchased Tower 3D Pro and Real Traffic but don't own these yet so haven''t bothered to update yet. A few questions: 1. With each new Airport release are only the real world callsigns and airplane types for those airports added or are any additions made to already released airports to cover any new airline companies or additional aircraft types and therefore this file should be re downloaded irrespective of whether you want the new airports or not? 2. Will any Real Traffic updates overwrite any custom schedules that I have added to airports I own and therefore have to re update these? 3. I know we are on SP3 for Tower 3D Pro at present (which is when I bought the game) but with each additional main game SP that comes out do you need to re download any additional airports bought (i.e KLAS, KJFK, KBOS etc) or only when any SP's are released for those specific airports.? Thanks in advance Gazza
  10. Tower 3D Request

    Is that a tease Vic! Stuttgart would be a good start for a European one. Similar to San Diego, not too taxing and a variety of traffic and liveries if all are catered for. G
  11. Hi all, Looking at building my own schedules for some of the airports rather than having to depend on ATC Joe to do these for me with his excellent work (he does have a day job after all!) but can't seem to find any websites/info on daily activity anywhere (i.e. arrivals/departure schedules, airlines, aircraft type, aircraft reg etc) to build these. Could probably note down a sample schedule from Flight Radar but to sit and do this for a good 4 to 5 hour period would be a real pain! Can any of the forum members suggest any sites? G
  12. Tower 3D Request

    Sounds great. Being from the UK it would be great to see some non-US airports especially the UK ones but this will only be really effective if Real Colors get the correct airliner and paint work up to speed as well. To see these airports added and see a bunch of vanilla white airliners would not be great and ruin the experience. Real Traffic needs to be reflective to real world as well. For somewhere like Heathrow, Paris CDG, Amsterdam etc most would already be covered as the major non USA airlines already fly into the current US released airports but for somewhere like Gatwick (would be a real challenge with only one runway) and even Manchester a lot of smaller Low Cost carriers would need to be added (Ryanair, Easyjet, Flybe, Vueling, TUi, WOW, etc). G
  13. Unused gates at LAX

    Scott, I presume when you say "snippet" you mean create a new schedule file covering 2 or 3 hours that you want to play and loading this into the Airport file you are playing? If so, think this is a great idea as I tend to play for 2 to 3 hours at a time so this would be great and presumably as you state there are a lot more empty gates at the start and therefore stop the "no free terminal" issues apart from the know KLAS Terminal E issue? This would stop the issue of only mainly departures vs arrivals that all the current airports get if loading the full schedule? G
  14. CUSTOM (REAL) Traffic #2 -- KLAS !! FREE to the Community!

    Cheers Joe. Love your stuff and the real life daily scenarios make the SIM more interesting and challenging. Appreciate the effort and time this takes you. G
  15. CUSTOM (REAL) Traffic #2 -- KLAS !! FREE to the Community!

    Yes noticed this to but when you open up the files Joe has added the comment (Last update - 12/15/2017) so these are the latest files. Have re downloaded them and added to KLAS folder as before but still hangs at 63%. Don't know why as previous files before latest update worked fine and the KLAX and and KPHL ones Joe has done work fine when I follow the same process. Have reinstalled the original Feel There 3 files from the bought game and these work fine so its not the KLAS programme as far as I can tell. Any one else have problems with the latest updates?