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  1. Thank you for your great work. I very often use this scheduler. I hope it is not to impudent to ask, if you could add FAOR and KEWR to the airport list. Once again thank you very much.
  2. btw, you can use any runway at all airports as taxiway using the "via" command followed by the rwy number.
  3. Thank you very much for this schedule. I don't know if its my error, but I only can find the rc only (klax,...) schedule. The two other folders are empty, at least on my computer. Best regards.
  4. I wonder how the engine can handle this problem in different ways. At RJTT the aircraft will land, but tell you "...handle this airplane (at the gate) first." At KATL the aircraft will land and go straight to the occupied terminal, where you will have a crash. At KJFK the aircraft will land only if the gate is available. I made a schedule for an international terminal (Lufhansa, Air France...) and overcrowded this terminal with arrivals (and according departures). All the planes landed only when the gates were available, some hours later. So, why does the same engine different things?
  5. Yes I did, but for the custom schedule I used battlehawk's airplane file. My mistake. Thank you for your answer.
  6. First of all, many thank for your schedules. The schedule for DFW works fine only on Sunday and Monday. The other days it only loads to 63 %. It seems to be that on the other days the md11 cargos have a wrong aircraft code. It should be "M1F" instead of "D1F", I think. After renaming all works fine now. This is for hourly and full day schedules. Thank you
  7. Oh my god, I'm getting old now. I renamed the file with the iata code, so I used the original files. Sorry to waste your time. Kind regards.
  8. I can assure you, I used all three files, including the terminal file.
  9. Hmm. I use this schedule and it worked fine from the beginning. Not to forget the renaming.
  10. If you order the taxi to terminal command a few seconds again, the aircraft will immediately begin to taxi.
  11. argus99


    a B787-900 worked fine and still had enough space.
  12. argus99


    Sorry about my post above. Runway 8L/26R is used only for emergency, otherwise as taxiway.
  13. argus99


    I wonder who was making the latest checks on EGKK, because the aircrafts use the runway 8L itself for taxing to runway 8L. Instead of taxiway J. Or is this normal procedure in Gatwick?
  14. To come around with that, you can use 10R via taxiway S1, so the ac line up correctly and hold before the runway. Rudolf
  15. Did anyone notice that at KSFO the airplanes lineup on 10R automatically. So you have to stop them, unless you want some crashes.
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