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  1. Can someone check the following please? Just to make sure I haven't got a corrupt installation of EDDS. 1. Runway 07 is marked as 17R, see photo below. Runway 25 is marked as 34R. 2. There are no runway hold short markings anywhere on the airport, but aircraft do stop before entering the runway. Thanks.
  2. Good work @VenturaGuy101, that list will be helpful to a lot of controllers.
  3. Right, this is what has annoyed me. I see it as lazy, unprofessional and unbecoming in a commercially sold product. There are quite a few errors in "Real Traffic" but this one gets under my skin. There are multiple uses of the same aircraft registration in the edds_gaandlocaltraffic file. That would be OK to reflect, for example, an arrival of an aircraft and its departure; however, this is not the case for many lines in the "Real Traffic" addon for EDDS. Using just one example of many, have a look at the following 6 lines: EDDS, EDSB, 06:15, PL2, DHHSA, 0, 1, 0, DHHSA, DELTA HOTEL HOTEL SIERRA ALPHA EDSB, EDDS, 06:16, CJ5, DHHSA, 0, 0, 0, DHHSA, DELTA HOTEL HOTEL SIERRA ALPHA EDDS, EDDM, 07:05, H25, DHHSA, 0, 0, 0, DHHSA, DELTA HOTEL HOTEL SIERRA ALPHA EDDS, EDZF, 08:59, BEC, DHHSA, 0, 0, 0, DHHSA, DELTA HOTEL HOTEL SIERRA ALPHA EDSB, EDDS, 13:47, SR2, DHHSA, 0, 0, 0, DHHSA, DELTA HOTEL HOTEL SIERRA ALPHA EDDM, EDDS, 15:08, DF9, DHHSA, 0, 0, 0, DHHSA, DELTA HOTEL HOTEL SIERRA ALPHA 1. So "Real Traffic" uses of the registration D-HHSA for 6 different aircraft types! A quick search on the web shows that D-HHSA is actually a Robinson R22 Beta II helicopter. 2. The timings conflict, the first line has PL2 D-HHSA off chocks at Stuttgart at 0615 but then it also calls up for arrival just 1 minute later as a CJ5. 3. It is not even dep/arr/dep/arr/dep/arr; it is dep/arr/dep/dep/arr/arr so it departs twice before arriving twice. I'm sure these problems will result in some aircraft 'no shows' as will the other multiple-use of aircraft registrations. Very disappointing. Laziness? Amateurish? But not "Real Traffic". BTW, the first "Delta" in the callsign can be dropped just like the "November" for US registered GA. I have modified my callsigns but have used snips from the original "Real Traffic" file above. @hexzed Ben, I'm looking forward to your custom schedule!
  4. The B733_ag ahows up in ASL Airliines livery. But why the skin is in the texpack but not the schedule only Gabor can say. While examining the files I did notice something that annoyed me, I'll post it separately below.
  5. No problems VG, your information is normally first class. Changing the subject slightly, I am a little perplexed by the inclusion in RC EDDS of the B733_ag. There are no AG flights in edds_schedule and in edds_airlines it links to ASL Airlines Ireland (ABR), but according to the IATA website the AG code is allocated to Aruba Airlines (ARU). I'll add a few AG flights to the schedule and see what turns up.
  6. VenturaGuy101, Your list is mainly correct but the A5 E170 is HOP (HOP! Air France) not RLA Airlinair. Also included in Texpack 15 (and not in your list) are: A319_he.jpg / A320_he.jpg / DH8D_he.jpg / A321_8q.jpg / B733_ag.jpg
  7. No idea. On the FeelThere site when you click on Real Color For EDDS for Tower!3D it still links to RC KMEM.
  8. Gabor, I don't think the following flights in kmem_schedule.txt can appear either: EWR, MEM, ER4, C5, 4917, 21:57, 12:00, 1, C5 EWR, MEM, ER4, C5, 4916, 16:49, 12:00, 1, C5 MEM, EWR, ER4, C5, 4913, 12:00, 17:50, 1, C5 MEM, EWR, ER4, C5, 4932, 12:00, 16:09, 1, C5 This is because there is no corresponding UCA in kmem_terminal.txt
  9. Oh no!! Thanks for the info Craig! πŸ™‚ I've been using T3D all day without any problems then you tell me that RT has been updated so I download & install it. Now none of the airports will load, the arrow spins but loading remains stuck at 0%. Aaaaaaaghh!
  10. RT is now at sp6v10? Thanks for the info Craig, you are much better than the so called Current Versions Sheet!! Wayne
  11. Gabor, I don't think the following flights in kmem_schedule.txt can appear: BFM, MEM, AB6, FX, 860, 09:58, 12:00, 1, FX BFM, MEM, AB6, FX, 1350, 22:16, 12:00, 1, FX MEM, BFM, AB6, FX, 746, 12:00, 16:16, 1, FX MEM, BFM, AB6, FX, 1526, 12:00, 03:48, 1, FX This is because there is no BFM airport in kmem_airports.txt as there seems to be an error with this line: BMF MOBILE_AL_USA 30.37 N 88.04 W KBFM I think it all should be fixed by changing that line to: BFM MOBILE_AL_USA 30.37 N 88.04 W KBFM
  12. G, I think you mean β€˜overly’. Pedantic W 😭😭
  13. Kev M, You are not wrong mate and Craig is also spot on. IMHO far too many of the threads on this forum are because of: 1. Installation problems; smart installers from the software developers are a must. 2. Voice recognition/sound problems; what guidance on this matter comes with the email confirming your purchase of T3D? Nil? I couldn't get it to work until this forum got me through the setup stages. 3. How to get any updates; where in the purchase process does it tell the buyer to keep the original download links to get any future upgrades? These are 3 key areas where I think FT & ND are letting customers down; great products not so well supported. How many people have bought T3D and have had one of these 3 problems but are unaware of this forum with its cluster of knowledgeable & helpful members? I shudder to think. A bit more support/information with the original purchase would go a long way with more happy customers, fewer pleas for help, and a boost to the customer satisfaction levels with FT & ND. Vic/Ariel/Gabor: This post is a bit of tough love and meant with the best of intentions. But what about a 'Welcome to T3D email' for new purchasers with clear advice on installations, voice recognition setups, etc? But don't worry, I'll keep buying your products as they give me days of fun getting them to work!! πŸ™‚ Wayne
  14. Craig, Many thanks for your explanation. Gabor, Can you have a look at changing the Nyerges Design process with BMT Micro? These expiring links are annoying especially with time zone differences and weekend differences that add further delays to getting the latest versions of the addons. Thanks, Wayne
  15. If @AirJamaica is correct the "Current Versions Sheet" has yet to be updated as well, and what about Real Traffic? Has that been updated? I cannot verify that either RC KLAX or RT has been updated as I am waiting for BMT Micro to refresh my links, once again. Surely there has to be a more user friendly way than having links that constantly expire? Come on BMT Micro, think of a better way!
  16. SAMedic, Which schedule? This thread is about the new liveries coming to RC LAX. However, have you got the latest version of Real Traffic? RT_Tower3D_PRO_sp6v9a.exe If you have and you still have an issue I recommend starting a new thread. Edit: My apologies SAMedic, I missed the dropbox link on page 1.
  17. Pdubya, I have a completely different understanding on this matter than your idea that contributors will make the liveries, my understanding is that those public spirit members that write custom schedules will give Nyerges Design a wish list of which aircraft/airline liveries are missing from the current RC packs and ND is asked to add these extra liveries to the relevant RC package. So format, fidelity etc still remains in the hands of Gabor at ND. Wayne
  18. To all of the schedule makers including Gabor, I, for one, would be most grateful if this proposal would go ahead as I can see nothing but positives for the T3D community. This would be one small step for developers, one giant leap for controllers. Go for it! Wayne
  19. Vic, It's a long time since this announcement. What is happening with the release of new airports? Wayne
  20. CL30, Is the cockpit shot from the "launch customer Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 Max-9 extended range, does loops and shoots down Airbuses" fleet while flying from Seattle to Anchorage because they are the only 2 worthwhile airports in the world? πŸ™‚πŸ˜‰ Wayne
  21. Joe, Many thanks for a look at Gabor's fine work. I hope the release of the new RC KLAX & RT is not too far in the future. Included in your list of 'New To KLAX' (but available in other RC packs) - I see Alaska 737-900 & Frontier A319 but in the current (old) RC KLAX airplanes_texpack03.manifest are the following lines: - Assets/Resources/airplanes/Textures/B739_as.jpg - Assets/Resources/airplanes/Textures/A319_f9.jpg So it seems those liveries are already available for old RC KLAX users.
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