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  1. And if Nyerges updated RT as well .... silence. :) :)
  2. jonas243, I'm sorry but I understand the words you type but I haven't a clue what you mean (until you edited your post, that is). Anyhoo, did you see this posted by Vic? Posted January 3 "Did anyone say EDDS?"
  3. Not EDDS then? Which Vic gave very strong hints about. What led you to believe it was EGKK? Please share your evidence.
  4. aviator87, You say you bought RT before KFSO came out so you must have an RT version without KSFO so you need to re-download RT with your original download link. The latest version of RT is RT_Tower3D_PRO_sp6v5 which has the RT files for KSFO. Wayne
  5. Wouldn't it be better if Nyerges updated their RT airlines files? Now there's a radical idea :)
  6. However, the kjfk_gaandlocaltraffic file in RT_Tower3D_PRO_sp6v5 is empty of GA traffic. Nyerges? Do you have a plan?
  7. Ariel, Which list have you added it to? If it is Tower 3DX that is too far in the future and it should be fixed sooner so an SP for KLAX or an SP for the current T3D. Your comments are ambiguous.
  8. Hi FT, I have just played a 24-hour cycle at KLAS spread over a few sessions and I was hardly ever able to use the ATC preferred runway configuration 1 which is arrival runways 19R & 25L with departures from 19L and 25R. The prevailing winds are depicted in the diagrams below taken from windhistory.com/station.html?KLAS and are clearly southwesterly which is why the preferred runway config 1 is the most commonly used: So I did a quick test by starting KLAS 50 times (twice per selectable hour plus 2 more 00:00 starts to round the sample up to 50). I noted the winds at game start and highlighted in yellow those winds that were southwesterly (generously from 180 to 270); there were exactly zero starts with southwesterly winds. If I then took the reciprocal of the T3DP start winds and highlighted those that were now southwesterly in yellow there were 34, so 68%. See this table: From the average speed 'rose' it seems the average windspeed at KLAS is just under 10kts but in my 50 T3DP starts the average was in excess of 18kts. (I do chuckle at the wind speed in T3DP being 3 digits (e.g. 015) as if a wind of 100+kts could be expected!) When I try to select a preferred runway but the program wind is not compatible the 'pilots' say "The crosswind is too high" but the crosswind is not the problem, correctly it should be that the tailwind is too high. I have not looked for this at other airports, but when I have time I will. Please add this onto the list of things to fix with a KLAS SP (or a T3DP SP if that is appropriate). Thanks FT, Wayne
  9. Hi FeelThere, I bought the Tracon!2012:SE bundle through Steam. When I click on the link for 'DXB Sector manual' it opens the ATL Sector manual instead, all the other links work correctly. I have reported this to Steam and their response was "contact FeelThere". So, could someone please fix the link as the DXB sector is unusable without tower & center frequencies and a sector diagram. Thanks, Wayne EDIT: Just found the DXB sector manual within the program. But the Steam link still needs fixing.
  10. And with great fanfare FT announce a new version of T3DPro is available. Or maybe not. Why don't they tell us this sort of info? Why do we have to keep downloading just in case there has been an update? Surely there is a better way than this? Come on FT, where is the sticky or email to all T3DP customers informing us of your good work? :)
  11. Northwest Airlines merged with Delta in 2008; the last Northwest flight was in January 2010. KLM does not have an 'alliance' with Air France as the airlines merged in 2004 and are owned by Air France - KLM S.A. Delta, Air France and KLM are all members of Sky Team. There's your alliance.
  12. Can I suggest that the detached windows may be on the original monitor behind the T3D window? If that is happening, just drag them to the second monitor once and the system remembers for next time. If that is not the issue I'm all out of ideas.
  13. I don't know how important the commas are in the schedule file but there are 11 lines with one missing. For example: LAX, SJC, 737, WN, 1071, 12:00 07:57, 1, WN Could this be the cause of the issue?
  14. I am also confused. The latest version that I have is "KJFK_for_Tower3D_Pro_SP1.exe" which I have had since March 2017. Thinking my version was out of date I have just downloaded it again with my BMT Micro link and lo and behold it is still "KJFK_for_Tower3D_Pro_SP1.exe". So what is all this talk of version 3.0?
  15. If that is true then at KLAS the prevailing wind has a westerly component but in T3D it is almost always an easterly wind.
  16. RC KLAX was updated a couple of days ago to SP2v3, the ‘announcement’ was buried deep in another thread. I’m away from my PC for a week so I cannot tell you if the new version fixes the Lufthansa problem but you could find out in minutes.
  17. Other people have given you bad advice. Unless you downloaded via Steam (which I believe automatically updates your files) you will need to use the links in your emails for your original purchase receipts.
  18. Air Jamaica, I quote a reply to a very similar question that you asked in another thread: "You will be able to download the new installer from the original download link what you received after the purchase.The new installer works with the original activation code." Why do you keep asking the same question?
  19. tim86, That's the one add-on I didn't get as I got the 3 RC packages separately, so a snapshot of my directories won't help. However, the 'usual' cause of white aircraft is that the RC was installed to the wrong folder. The smart installer (see the graphic posted August, 3 above) works as long as you select the correct option and your T3D is installed to its default option on your C: drive. If you have installed T3D elsewhere you need to change the RC installation folder to match.
  20. Which Real Color did you buy? There are 11 different add-ons.
  21. acryingirl, A couple of points: 1) SP2 was released in May of last year, and has been superseded, the current version is SP31d; 2) you will not find any links to SPs on this forum, you need to re-download with the links sent to you when you purchased T3D and each add-on. So, depending on when you downloaded the main installation program, you may already have the latest version.
  22. Air Jamaica, Please read the thread title and the first post by Gabor, Real Traffic has been updated to SP6v4 not T3DP.
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