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  1. I don't think I'm hijacking this thread but there is an error with the newly added Silver Airways. The line below needs to be deleted in the kmco_airlines file otherwise Silver Airways flights will show GFT on the strip and the callsign will be "Gulf Flight" not SIL and "Silver Wings" as listed by VenturaGuy101. GFT, 3M, GULF FLIGHT, Gulfstream International Airlines, United States (This airline ceased operations in 2010 and its assets were taken over by Silver Airways) The line required for Silver Airways is already in the kmco_airlines file so no need to add it: SIL, 3M, SILVER WINGS, Silver Airways, United States VenturaGuy101, if you feel I have hijacked your thread PM me and I'll delete my post.
  2. FS1TR, Craig has given you good advice but as you also asked for a link, try this. https://www.faa.gov/airports/planning_capacity/profiles/media/MCO-Airport-Capacity-Profile-2014.pdf These are available for most of the T3D airports. Wayne
  3. Vic, Thanks. Pressing F5 cured my lack of KMCO, I can now see it. Wayne
  4. Thanks for the links fellas! I find it strange that a FeelThere product is not on the FeelThere website. Particularly as Vic recently wrote that KMCO was waiting for the FeelThere website to be updated. Is this a case of different departments/people doing different things in an uncoordinated fashion?
  5. From where? KMCO does not yet appear on the FT website.
  6. Really? I have just checked the brand new FeelThere website and I cannot see KMCO for T3D.
  7. No Air Jamaica, that will not fix the issue. If you want the airline liveries instead of albino aircraft you need to change the aircraft type in the schedule file to one that does appear in a RC texpack from Nyerges Design. Here is an example using Joe's lines from a post above: UIO, JFK, 332, EQ, 550, 08:39, 12:00, 1, EQ Joe has emphasized that the real life aircraft for this flight is an Airbus 330-200 (code 332), but the only Tame livery available in a RC texpack is the A330 (code 330) so to get a Tame livery using Joe's schedule you need to change this particular entry to: UIO, JFK, 330, EQ, 550, 08:39, 12:00, 1, EQ You will need to change the aircraft type for each of the lines in the schedule that give you a white aircraft to a type that is provided by Nyerges Design. I hope that helps you understand the cause and the solution to your problem.
  8. Are these files any different from your post last month?
  9. Hogdriver, Oops! Sorry I missed the "pro" in your first post. But at least you could get it going. Enjoy KSFO.
  10. Ariel, Are you sure? (Hogdriver hasn't mentioned whether he has Pro or regular T3D so I'll assume Pro for now and I'll also assume he has used the default install location for his T3D.) The KSFO add-on default install location is C:\Program Files (x86)\FeelThere\Tower 3D but for Pro I think the default install location should be: C:\Program Files (x86)\FeelThere\Tower!3D Pro I'm sure it needs the exclamation point/mark (US/UK), and I'm also sure that Ariel's 'Extensions\Airfields' sub-directory is unnecessary. Nyerges Design has used a smart installer for all of their products with correct install paths, can FeelThere not do the same so that the correct install path is available to all purchasers first time every time? Wayne
  11. Make sure the install folder is correct. The default folder used by the installation is almost certainly the wrong one.
  12. I agree. Simultaneously controlling departures & recoveries from 2 or more runways at a busy international airport, plus ground ground, ramp control and clearance delivery all at the same time would be unrealistic. ;)
  13. winsaudi

    LAX Cargo

    I hope so. I wonder why it was missing from the outset?
  14. Let's make it clear here, the missing Thai Airways livery is caused by a typo in the eddm_schedule file not the airplanes_texpack12.manifest file. Rick, To fix the error go to your 'FeelThere' folder (where it is depends on Steam/non-Steam installation), open the 'Tower!3D Pro' folder, then 'Extensions', then 'Airfields', then 'EDDM', and then open the 'eddm_schedule' text document. Find the line: "MUC, BKK, 74E, TG, 925, 12:00, 15:06, 1, TG" and edit it to "MUC, BKK, 747, TG, 925, 12:00, 15:06, 1, TG". To make it ultra-clear, change "74E" to "747", save & exit. Fixed. Wayne
  15. Contact the vendor who sold it to you. If it was through the FT website, email cservice@bmtmicro.com
  16. Vic/Ariel, This is not a new issue. I have seen it in every version since I joined the T3D party in July 2016. At first I thought it was caused by my old Vaio, but last year I bought a top spec Alienware and the 'aircraft freezing briefly on take-off feature' of T3D is still there. Like jumpjet777, I don't see it as a show stopper but a fix would be good. Wayne
  17. Vic, I also see this 'feature' of Tower 3D Pro. My specs are: Intel i7-7820HK, 32GB RAM, & NVidia GeForce GTX 1080; if they are not man enough for the job what is? Wayne
  18. Have you installed the latest version of Real Traffic? Version sp6v6 is the only one with a RT schedule for EDDM.
  19. Hi Ariel, Many thanks for "listening" to us all. I look forward to this listing as it will be very useful. Best, Wayne
  20. Hi Craig, Yes I did, and several others (come on Nyerges Design, please update your packages!) but the game's recent cruel torture of the callsigns Dolomiti and Aegean forced me into print to stop human suffering! I can feel a Nobel Peace Prize in my future. Wayne :)
  21. A couple more: I changed "Condor" to "Condoor" and it is pronounced correctly. I also changed "Tomson" to "Tui Fly" because Thomsonfly, as listed in the airlines file, ceased operations in 2008 and became Thomson Airways which in turn ceased in 2017 and is now re-branded as Tui Airways. Two hours of EDDM with new airlines and it's a pleasure not hearing the callsign "Southwest" every couple of minutes! ;)
  22. Ariel, How do we the users know that we have "all the current and updated versions of the game and the DLCs"? There is no consolidated list, no sticky, no emails, nothing. Add to the mix that your updates and releases are let out stealthily and it means the only way I can ensure that all 23 of my T3D install files are "current and updated" is by blindly trying to download every single one of them on the off chance that one of them has been updated since I last downloaded. Then, of course, I run into the "Password Blocked" hassle with the BMT Micro links which adds to the inefficiency. I have mentioned this several times before on this forum but as the number of T3D versions/airports/RC/RT updates continue to grow PLEASE can we have an easily accessible listing of each and every install file? As a sticky on this forum, as a listing on the website, as a group email I don't mind but we need something that is updated as soon as there is a change. Go on! You know it makes sense. Best, Wayne
  23. Thomson on the livery, callsign "Tomson". Oh well, at least the callsign is easy to correct.
  24. I've only dipped in and out of EDDM since I installed it today but some callsigns are weird or wrong. 1. I regularly fly on Air Dolomiti into EDDM (BTW their business class breakfasts are fantastic!) and I do not recognize the callsign as spoken in T3D, so I had a little investigation and the closest I can get to the real pronunciation is by changing the callsign in the eddm_airlines file to DOLLOMEETI. Not perfect but very close. 2. Another callsign that the text-to-speech engine mutates into something horrible is 'Aegean', the closest I can get to the correct sound is "A JEEAN". 3. RT has the callsign for Turkish Airlines as "TURK AIR" but I have changed it to the correct "TURKISH". 4. In the real world Pegasus Airlines flights use the callsign "SUN TURK" but in RT it is "SUNTRUCK" which is highly amusing and possibly quite appropriate :)
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