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    All of those airlines are already in the RT KSFO schedule. 2xAFR, 2xANA, 4xCES, 2xCSN, 2xEIN & 2xVIR flights are included.
  2. Ariel, Many thanks for the info! Have you considered release/patch notes for each update so the we, your loyal but demanding customers :) , are informed on what has been improved? Wayne
  3. The BMT link worked for me last week, KSFO_Tower!3D_SP1.
  4. Tom, Contact BMT Customer Service: cservice@bmtmicro.com They are very helpful. Wayne
  5. Craig, Thank you. FeelThere, I hate these stealth releases, here again it seems that those that bought through a 3rd party (Steam in this case) get updates before those that buy from your website (the loyal ones that give you a bigger margin) who get to 'suck the hind one'. Also, my question above still stands, what else has the SP fixed apart from stormy weather loading? Wayne
  6. Ariel, So when was this SP released for non-Steam customers?I Is the stormy weather issue the only improvement? If not, what else does this SP change? Wayne
  7. Barton, That is weird. In my experience using the original links downloads the latest version which is exactly as crbascott states above 'Tower3DProSP33c_installer.exe'. But fear not, Seth & Barb at BMT Micro set the bar for customer service. Wayne
  8. B.Ross, download again using your original links from BMT Micro and you will get version 33c.
  9. Craig, It seems we'll have nothing to talk about over our beer (or another refreshing beverage for the younger controllers). Oh well. Wayne
  10. Aren't all of the airports available so far 'international'. I guess you mean 'non-US' but Vic has hinted that some are in the pipeline. But I'm with you on this, I also look forward to the release of an airport that is not in the US. Variety is the spice of .... T3D Pro.
  11. Craig, I'm lucky enough to have a powerful Alienware system but I have not tried stormy weather at the airports listed by Beardy. I just trusted him when he reported a more widespread issue but Vic's solution was for one airport. Mine was not an evidenced based comment I will concede. Maybe one day we can chat about this over a beer? For younger readers, other refreshing beverages are available. Wayne
  12. Hi Vic, Given Beardy's comment that this 72% hanging issue is more widespread than just the Bay Area, what are the plans to fix it at KJFK, KLAS & KSAN? Wayne
  13. cwalfy1 is correct, with this program you must "run as administrator" to hear the pilots' voices.
  14. On December 26, 2017 FeelThere_AJ posted: Actually, the game is optimized for 6 Hours gameplay. Then on January 12, 2018 FeelThere (Vic) posted: This issue came up after the last SP because we got many requests for extending the original 6 hours gameplay to 8 hours. So since an SP released between those 2 dates the optimized game play has been increased by 2 hours, from 6 to 8.
  15. VG101, I forgot about that, thanks for bringing it up. It is perhaps more important than my 'visuals'. Wayne
  16. G'day Kev M, I don't know if Nyerges Design (ND) is a one-man show by Gabor or if he is part of a bigger team, but either way a bit of cross checking of liveries & models versus the schedule before publishing would prevent the sorts of errors that you mention. For example, why include a BAW 77L in the KSFO schedule without that model being included in the texpack resulting in albino aircraft? A simple cross check would have revealed that discrepancy. Now on to your suggestion which does have some merit, however ........ (here it comes!) if there is a visual difference between variants of one aircraft type I for one would like it included in RT & RC add-ons. Continuing with the example above, if there is an external difference between the B77L (777-200LR) and the B772 (777-200/200ER) let's have it in RT/RC. One of the best things about Tower 3D is, well, the 3D. That's one of the features that places it well above other ATC simulations, so why not take advantage of it? However, if there are no external differences then ND could have copied the BAW 772 model and renamed it BAW 77L and we would probably not be having this discussion. I hope that didn't come out as a rant (I do have those on this forum occasionally!!) but rather as an appeal for realism and better quality control by ND. Cheers Kev! Wayne
  17. John, Real Traffic does include that cargo airline, it is in the airlines text files for KSFO and KPHX. KSFO has the B762 & B763 and KPHX has the B763, but a GTI B744F is not included. If I remember correctly the B763 is in a bright yellow DHL livery, I haven't 'controlled' at KSFO yet so I have yet to see the GTI B762. Wayne
  18. Craig, I downloaded RT again, it is still sp6v5. I installed it again and the BAW 77L is still there at KSFO. How can we have different schedules from the same download? SFO, LHR, 77L, BA, 286, 12:00, 20:54, 1, BA LHR, SFO, 77L, BA, 287, 18:31, 12:00, 1, BA
  19. I am using RT sp6v5, and that still has 77L in the schedule which is albino. Am I missing something?
  20. Yes, the RT scheduled BAW 77L is albino. If the schedule is amended to BAW 772 a livery appears. See photos attached. Nyerges Design please fix this error, thank you.
  21. There are 2 BAW aircraft in the texpack for RC KSFO: B744 & B772. However, in the schedule are the 744 (OK) and the 77L (not OK, no texpack).
  22. Craig, I agree to your disagreements. However, I prefer to use random weather so I have to cope with whatever the sim gives me and I like to run one 24-hour cycle (in bite sized pieces) at one airport before moving on to another. However, the sim's random winds seem to be overly strong and do not reflect prevailing winds so the RL preferred runway configurations are often unworkable. Shall we end this here to avoid boring the other forum members? :) Wayne
  23. Craig, Again I disagree with you (this is becoming a habit). Aircraft will not taxi to a runway with a strong tailwind factor "Take-off is delayed, the crosswind is too high" and on short finals after being cleared to land on a runway with a strong tailwind the aircraft do not land "Going around, the crosswind is too high". So in this sim the wind does have an effect which is why it is so annoying that it seems to be modelled incorrectly. Wayne
  24. Craig, For once I disagree with you :) When I ignore the annoyingly non-prevailing and overly strong winds that are all to common in T3DP when random weather is selected I often get pilots refusing to taxi because the “crosswind is too high” (that should be tailwind). Also aircraft go around from short finals for the same reason. It is a rather annoying ‘feature’ of the simulation that Is high on my ‘please fix list’. Wayne
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