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  1. Pete, 1. According to my spreadsheet there is a KAL 772 in the RC KLAX texpack. 2. I think your second problem is caused by a clash in the schedule. There are 2 conflicting lines: SFO, LAX, 321, VX, 1928, 14:58, 12:00, 1, VX SFO, LAX, 320, AS, 1928, 15:36, 12:00, 1, AS Because of the data in the airlines file, both flights result in the voice callsign Alaska 1928. From your log the first one (VX) was handled normally but when you tried to talk to the second one (AS) with the same callsign as the first the game seems to have ignored you possibly because the VX version had reached the terminal. I wonder what would have happened if both were 'airborne' at the same time? Wayne
  2. As far as I can tell the only 7M8 liveries in the released library of RC packs are: American Airlines (RC KMCO), WestJet (RC KLAS), and Southwest (RC KSFO & KMCO). For which airlines are you trying to see 7M8s in glorious technicolor?
  3. Hi G, I have just checked my spreadsheet of RT liveries and of the 13 airports released so far none of them include "Ryan Scare". I am intrigued as to why that particular airline livery is of interest. And Michael O'Leary would probably charge us every time an RYR appeared on our monitors! Wayne
  4. Good news @alaskaGuy2018, you have the liveries! Which liveries? While we all wait for your hacker friends to show us how to do this (or preferably give us their results), may I recommend that you spend the waiting time learning English grammar, punctuation and spelling? You don't want to come across as an illiterate such as Mike1960 or @shyguyseattle. Have fun buddy! I am.
  5. That is great news @alaskaGuy2018, would you share an example?
  6. Don't forget @Mike1960, triplets separated at birth?
  7. @vhmawMike, I suggest you email cservice@bmtmicro.com they are normally very helpful. Wayne
  8. Isn't the internet brilliant? It can be used to find out what a 'shill' is, and it can be used to fake photos of Virgin America liveries last week at LAX. 😉
  9. Welcome back Mike1960/shyguyseattle, I see you have failed to follow the plentiful, friendly advice given to you by several members of this forum. How can I make this clearer so that you can understand? 1. Please accept the viewpoints of other members, particularly when they provide evidence backing their comments. 2. Please be polite. 3. Please do not call other members liars, or heavily hint at such an accusation. 4. Please stop having childish tantrums. 5. Please enjoy the friendship of this forum and the great advice given by some very knowledgable people. 6. Please contact the developer privately if you have a major beef with one of their products. If you cannot do all of that, please do us all a favor and go and rant elsewhere. All the best dude, Wayne
  10. New but wise! And I've praised Craig enough, it's someone else's turn.
  11. winsaudi


    Ariel, Perhaps the post announcing an update could list the changes? Other products call these 'version notes' which are very helpful to the user community. Wayne
  12. Thanks to all. This is one of the most entertaining threads for a long time! I remember early in my career receiving guidance to “keep emotion out of any argument otherwise you may lose even if you are correct” and “if you go to print with poor spelling and bad grammar your credibility will be in tatters and so will be your argument”. Wise words. Mike1960, I agree with your view that it would be great if Nyerges Design would update liveries in the RC add-ons, not just Alaska but other airlines as well. To be fair to Gabor at ND, liveries are being updated, but perhaps not quite as fast as we enthusiasts would like, but bear in mind that across the RC packs there are 441 separate aircraft model / livery combinations. Each time a new airport is released ND have a RC pack ready to go on day 1; when EDDM was released there were 77 brand new aircraft/liveries not seen before. With EDDS, a Canadian and an Australian airport in the near future for the T3D world perhaps ND are busy with higher priorities? I don’t know if ND is a large software company or Gabor is a teenager making liveries in his bedroom after school, but I do know that their add-ons make the T3D experience significantly richer. May I suggest you email ND with a polite request to update the Alaskan liveries? @crbascott and @hexzed are 2 of the most knowledgeable and helpful members of this forum. They deserve praise not a rant. I did wonder about your unhinged hatred of Airbus until you mentioned where you live. ‘Buy local’ is a great mantra by which to live, have you bought a Boeing? All the best Mike, I too look forward to all liveries in T3D being accurate but patience is a virtue. Wayne Seconds out! Ding! Ding! Round 2!
  13. See the thread titled "KLAS Issues" and the solution is there.
  14. C Bravo, I suspect that you installed the add on airports into the default folder which is incorrect. Try installing them again but change the installation route to your Tower 3D Pro folder.
  15. CL30, If you are starting T3D with the tower3d application, try the tower3d Windows Batch File. Different icon to select the start of T3D, but I find it is the only way to generate the output log. Wayne
  16. Hi jfcjr402, What exactly do you mean by “VARIETY PACK”? Do you mean the Real Color bundle for TIST, KPHL and KLAX?
  17. I have also emailed Gabor to seek the answer. Will post the response, if I get one!
  18. Re-checking the download link does not answer the question. From BMT Micro the link gets the original version but FeelThereAriel insists SP1 is available. That is why I addressed the question in my post to Gabor of ND, the developer of the add on.
  19. Gabor, Is the RC for KPHX original or SP1? Wayne
  20. Kylesplace, I presume you received the add-ons through BMT Micro? If you did you need to contact them to refresh your download links not FeelThere. Wayne
  21. Getting back on topic, I agree that KMCO does look good but I have never used the x16 function so much as I have with this airport. IMHO this airport is for beginners, which probably means the real KMCO is very well designed and efficient. But it is like running 2 not very busy airports, KMCO 'west' with terminals 1 & 3 and KMCO 'east' with terminals 2 & 4, with each 'airport' using one of its runways for landings and one for take-offs. I have also seen one gate spinner and one threshold spinner but I was not running the batch file at the time so no log to post.
  22. Have you installed the latest version of Real Traffic? You need RT_Tower3D_PRO_sp6v7 If you have that installed then make sure RC installed correctly.
  23. Rob, This has been called for since shortly after the start of T3D. Ariel of FeelThere agreed to provide it but it seems it has a low priority. It cannot be difficult to provide; maybe one day? Wayne
  24. Wouldn't it be helpful if when you purchased a new airport for T3D there was a "Make sure you download the latest version of Real Traffic which is version SPx Vx" message big and bold on your purchase receipt next to your product registration key? FeelThere? Nyerges Design? BMT Micro? Anyone?
  25. dennis, My install path shows c:\Program Files (x86)\FeelThere\Tower!3D Pro\Extensions\Airfields\EDDM Not only do you need Real Traffic version SP6v6 or SP6v7 to get the RL airlines in the schedule (as Willem advises above) you will also need Real Color EDDM if you want the airline liveries. Wayne
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