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  1. As the originator of the thread "Real Color - A New Concept", and as FeelThere and Gabor both responded positively to my idea of looking ahead to the next RC package I am expecting the following to happen: Gabor will post his list of RC content for the next airport to be released (EGKK or LEBL?) and invite this community, especially those fine members that write custom schedules, to request additions before the RC packages are released for sale. Will that happen? Only time will tell.
  2. So there appears not to be a rule that all heavies use the northern runway, and as 1.2.2 of the link provided by scoobflight states: The use of RWY 25R is restricted to those ACFT that can justify the need for a RWY length longer than on RWY 25L, being mandatory to carry out a conventional departure procedure. The justification must be submitted to APT Operations within a period of 7 calendar days from the date of operation. The use of RWY 07L for take-off is restricted to those ACFT that can justify the need for a RWY length longer than RWY 07R being mandatory to carry out a conventional departure procedure. The justification must be submitted to APT Operations within a period of 7 calendar days from the date of operation. So in the two examples I posted earlier the AAL B777-223(ER) has a 10 hour flight ahead of it and the ETD A330-243 has only a 6 hour flight. Take-off masses are probably somewhat different not least because of the individual fuel load requirements, a parameter that is not taken into account by T3D.
  3. This morning Barcelona is using its preferential daytime configuration, i.e. parallel westerly runways. 25L is being used for the majority of take-offs but have a look at the screenshot below for a heavy.
  4. I think the T3D product has fantastic potential, but the most recent release of EDDS was very disappointing and if there was any assessment of the product before release it was poor, shoddy & wrong. No jetways, the runways markings completely incorrect, no hold short markings, plus other faults. How the heck did that airport pass QC/QA release? It does not inspire confidence in any new releases.
  5. Awesome! Enjoy the game buddy! Wayne
  6. Lee, The first thing to try is to run the tower3d.exe file as an administrator so to do that right click on the icon and select 'Run as administrator'. That may fix a lot of your problems. See how that goes and we can take it from there. (By 'we' I mean the helpful members of this forum!). Wayne
  7. Vic, Is there an SP for EDDS in the pipeline? Wayne
  8. Here are my requests: RC_KJFK_Livery_Requests_winsaudi.xlsx
  9. @Braf123456 is correct. If FT keep publishing airports with the same faults then customers are going to walk away from this product (as is evident in other threads). I personally think that the latest airport, EDDS, is the worst release yet. @FeelThere @FeelThere Ariel Is it really your business plan to keep dumping airports for T3D onto the market with so many acknowledged problems? Saying that such game engine deficiencies will not be fixed until the next version of Tower yet still releasing airports is disrespecting your customers. Is that a great plan for sales growth and an expanding customer base? I think not. Wayne
  10. Many thanks for being so helpful Gabor!
  11. Hello all, I would like to propose a new way of running up to an airport release. As well as asking for RC released packages to be updated, KJFK is the current package under review, why don't we look ahead? When FeelThere announce which airport will be released next, those community spirited members that write custom schedules could look ahead and ask Nyerges Design to include a list of their required aircraft/livery combinations before the RC package is released. If Nyerges Design is willing to work this way, think of the benefits for all of us. No more white aircraft or changed aircraft in custom schedules. Thoughts anyone? Especially from Gabor at ND who would have to produce an expanded RC pack to include the custom requests. Wayne
  12. Gabor, I gave a DF9 a go around instruction at 300 ft and it climbed to circa 1000 ft then slowly sank to the ground. There is definitely something wrong in the DF9 characteristics.
  13. Craig, I apologise for my poor terminology, they did not spawn and the log recorded "no free terminal".
  14. Hey scoobflight, No problems. @Braf123456 have resolved our differences by PMs. W
  15. @hexzed thanks for the info Ben. I've changed the title of this thread. @nyergesdesign can you fix this error please Gabor?
  16. FeelThere/NyergesDesign, The following fault has occurred twice today I have attached the game.log for the second occurrence. At 14:27:35 I cleared DHMCR for takeoff with an embedded contact departure instruction. At 14:27:37 the 'pilot' responded to my instruction with "Runway 7 cleared for takeoff upon reaching altitude 1000 contact departure DHMCR" DHMCR then took off, disappeared from the DBRITE but never appeared on the ADIRS, it simply vanished. Then at 14:35:14 "You forgot to send the DHMCR to departure -100 pts". It's not my fault it turned on its Klingon Cloaking Device! Wayne game.log
  17. Yesterday I played EDDS in 4 segments covering 0600 to 1000. My initial thoughts of poor RT schedules were confirmed by the following: From the schedule file only 75% of flights spawned, so 25% failed to appear. From the GA & local file only 46% of flights spawned so a 56% failure rate. There are other schedule errors such as: In RL the TUI flights are operated by TUI fly Deutschland not the UK arm so the codes & callsigns are incorrect; in RL the KLM flights are operated by KLM Cityhopper not KLM main; there are no cargo flights in the schedule; many airlines are missing and a quick look at the Stuttgart Airport website for flights today show Tarom, Corendon Airlines, Finnair, Condor, Fly Egypt, Flybmi, Orange2fly, Laudamotion, TAP Air Portugal, Freebird, Air Serbia, Twin Jet, Iberia Express - none of which is in the "Real Traffic" for EDDS. There are other errors but I think I've made my point.
  18. Actually Ben, EDDS was announced in January .....
  19. Yep, what @Edwin1970 said. That makes 9 reasons for an SP.
  20. Hi FeelThere, My early forays into EDDS, plus those of my international friends, suggest 8 reasons for an SP: 1. Runway 07 appears Out Of The Window (OOTW) as 17R. 2. Runway 25 appears OOTW as 34R. 3. OOTW all runway hold short line markings are missing. 4. All jetways are missing as reported by @AirJamaica 5. There may be a problem with the cargo terminal as reported by @jonas243 6. Plus I'll add the incorrect colour of the parking bay markings which in T3D are red but Google Earth/Maps show in white (see the picture below for the incorrect red lines). 7. The 07 threshold is not displaced as in RL as reported by @DeltaVII 8. The lack of acceptability for heavy aircraft as reported by @hexzed (which I accept may be a problem with RT). Throw in the very poor Real Traffic add-on plus the initial incorrect links (to RC KMEM) on the FeelThere website and, to say the least, I am somewhat disappointed in the product given how long this airport has been in the pipeline. Sorry, but for me EDDS is 'a swing and a miss'. Wayne
  21. When I did my test on the B733_ag to find out what it was I used the cargo terminal and it was full of ASL Airlines B733s. (That might assist FeelThere with their fault finding.)
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