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KLAX Christmas CUSTOM Schedule

Controller- Rogue

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Busy just before Christmas KLAX schedule + Updated Terminal File! +*NEW* Updated airlines file

Be sure to backup your Real Traffic/Custom files first!

Attached is a snapshot of the flights per hour.


*EDIT* NOTE: Some flight numbers and flight times were slightly modified for play-ability*

*NEW EDIT- July 2018: I have updated the zip file to VERSION 3- includes a clean airlines file, added missing airlines to airlines file and terminal file(cargo has now been added to GA area-due to no specific cargo area- was previously missing from terminal file) 1 hour schedules have been added in addition to the full schedule.


hour by hour.jpg


KLAX Dec'17v3.zip

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47 minutes ago, AirJamaica said:

No not really. All day I guess

@Controller- Rogue is going to need specific details or a log file to even begin to figure this out. Could be a schedule issue, the way the sim loads 8 hours of flights, or a myriad of other possibilities. And with other folks being able to run the schedule fine, your issue is even more baffling. 

So, again, the more details you can provide the better.

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2 hours ago, AirJamaica said:

No not really. All day I guess

As far as I can tell there are are a few possibilities for why the American terminal could be empty

  • Gate size, there are some heavy jets(788,772,77W) AAL flights, those planes can only park at a few of the gate allocated to AAL in game this could cause the game to drop these flights if it puts a smaller jet at one of these gates.
  • Continuing flights- departure flights that are paired with an arrival, the sim often uses an arrival plane for a later departure, which could make it seem like AAL terminal is empty as @crbascott pointed out to me there are time gaps with departures, thus it could seem empty until some of these continuing flights come in.

I'm considering updating the zip to include 1 hour snippets, though that will not help with the terminal looking empty, but it would help with any gate availability issues that could cause a flight to be dropped.

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