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4 hours ago, FeelThere said:

Dear Folks,

A new installer with fixes has been released. It addresses most of the reported problems with the Honolulu airport.
Existing FeelThere and ATCSuite customers can re-download and reinstall the product and it is automatically updated on Steam.

Thank you

Vic & Team

Thank you everyone at FeelThere


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As I know there is a lot of interest in this SP and to answer the specific question raised on what has been released I can confirm the following for those that are interested (Some were forum raised and others the beta testers spotted when testing the SP fixes)


- Line Up for take offs on Runway 22L is now aligned to centre of runway (spotted in testing SP)

- Taxiway Foxtrot/Delta Loop 22R/22L Issue fixed (Forum Bug posting - Multiple forum postings)

- Terminal 1_A2 Missing Jet Bridges now added! (Forum Bug posting by @ashman99and I know he will be happy about this  😁)

- Hold Point Missing 22R TO 22L on a couple of taxiways (spotted in testing SP)

- Pushback irregularity in Cargo North terminal fixed (spotted in testing SP)

- Jetbridge Connection issue in Terminal E gate fixed (spotted in testing SP)


- Taxiway Lima/Golf "Squeeze" North of LG  Intersection (Forum Bug)

 We spent a lot of time trying to fix this issue but the space available to allow A/C to pass correctly on Lima and Golf is not available without the A/C being way off the actual lines on the ground scenic and looked really unrealistic. We tried but it looked appaling. The workaround is that Controllers should tell northbound taxiway traffic to hold south of taxiway crossway L/G to allow passage safely without collision/close proximity warnings/penalties coming into force.

Think I got them all - Enjoy


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