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  1. Well since there is no 'overflow' traffic, then there is no point in splitting the runway use is there
  2. Fixed duplicated flight in the 1300 hour. Replaced all airline files with current build status. Pick up the new files in the dropbox (see original post for link)
  3. We are not talking about Real Traffic in this post. The prior questions were about the CUSTOM schedule that came w/ the original post.
  4. You re-downloaded it directly from the DropBox link provided in the original post? The DropBox is verified updated as 9-17
  5. That’s your issue. Always read the original entry to verify your schedule file is current. Yours is outdated.
  6. Directions will be given by Nyerges when the announcement is made for public release. Stay tuned
  7. Hello everyone, Welcome to an **Early Look** at some big changes coming to LAX (locally) and Tower!3D Pro as a whole --- liveries everywhere! The video will do all the talking! **Massive thanks to Nyerges design for all the new updates to the game—be sure to offer your thanks and comments here on the forum** If the video below is too big for your screen -- visit my channel over on YT --- https://www.youtube.com/c/ATControl Keep an eye out for Nyerges design to comment when the files are available! Pick up the new Summer 2018 - LAX custom schedule that features all of the airlines in this video. Enjoy! ================================================ UPDATE -- 9/22/18 -- Fixed duplicate SWA flight number. Corrected equipment type in GA file. Re-DL the pack files. ((Current Schedule -- 9/22/2018)) UPDATE -- 9/17/18 -- Minor fixes to schedule for missing commas on a couple flights. Airline file refreshed. Re-DL the pack files . DROPBOX -- Summer 2018 @ LAX
  8. If you are getting 27% it means you didn't download into the right folder. Go back and try it again and make sure you pick the correct Steam or FeelThere folder
  9. Yep agreed. No interest from my end in creating anything custom for MEM. Airport is too slow.
  10. It means there is no flights to memphis using this equipment. It's purely an add by the developer to service other airports that do handle the B39M
  11. Your website needs to include a date column in which schedules were posted. Just showing file names isn't giving the community an idea of how old something is.
  12. What's up everyone, My name is Joe. Thanks for checking out my custom (REAL) traffic schedules. You can find me at ATControl --- YouTube Home playing this game See the action from Boston here --> Boston - Schedule v2.0 ***I create QUALITY schedules -- not QUANTITIES of schedules*** --- If you are using this in your games/videos/posts -- please make reference to ME as the owner (direct to YT channel) **Be sure to check out all my prior custom schedules for KLAX v1.0, KLAS, KLGA, KPHL, KLAX v2.0, KBOS, KPHX, KJFK, KMCO, KLAS v2.0 & ATL! (links at the end of this post to all previous schedules) ==================================================== ((CURRENT GAME SCHEDULE -- 8/14/2018)) DROPBOX -- Boston (KBOS) v2.0 -- Summer 2018 ***YOU MUST INSTALL THE UPDATED AIRLINES FILE TO GET MAX USE OF THE SCHEDULE *** *** YOU MUST INSTALL THE POWER HOUR FILES DURING 0600-2100 TO ALLOW MAX USE *** Read the READ-ME file for install directions Quick Links to Prior Custom (REAL) Traffic Schedules KLAX #1 - v1.0 KLAS #2 -- v1.0 KPHL #3 -- v1.0 KLGA #4 - v1.0 KLAX #5 - v2.0 KBOS #6 -v1.0 Intro 2018 KPHX #7 -- v1.0 KJFK #8 -- v1.0 KMCO #9 -- v1.0 KLAS #10 -- v2.0 KATL #11 -- v1.0 HAPPY CONTROLLING !!!
  13. It's not an issue with the schedule, its an issue with the airport. Contact the developers.
  14. This is a well known and multi-reported issue.
  15. Go into the game files, go to Extensions > Airplanes > Texturepacks and open the manifest files. All the plane models and the liveries for each pack are there.
  16. What you're missing from the spreadsheet is WHAT aircraft type is actually given for each airport. Just labeling in an airline is not giving you accurate information on what you're actually getting w/ those packs.
  17. It’s not in the GA list because Janet is not a General Aviation airline. It’s an airline and exists where it should in the airline file.
  18. This has been reported numerous times and is a well known issue
  19. Actually you are one of the only people that complain about CUSTOM work and that it's not up to your personal standards. Once again, you're not seeing what everyone says.....if you don't like the schedule then move on and find someone else's to play on or figure out how to build your own. You'd probably have a schedule 1/2 built by now if you stopped wasting time complaining on this forum. Oh, and once again, myself and anyone else who writes schedules DO NOT CONTROL WHAT LIVERIES are in the game. Go complain to Nyerges.
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