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  1. Hi, Throttle and Prop axes, both latency. Thomas
  2. Hi, you will find that that is in MSFS is designed that way. I.e. using the keyboard to set idle or full thrust behaves exactly the same way, THR incr/decr slowly but MIX incr/decr immediately. So nothing to do with hardware like PFC and FSUIPC/PFC driver, just MS/Asobo. Thomas
  3. Hi, with which hardware I meant hardware you use for MSFS like controller or any other. Thomas
  4. Correct. FSUIPC5 = P3Dv4.x, FSUIPC6 = P3Dv4.x & P3Dv5.x, FSUIPC7 = ONLY MSFS 2020 Thomas
  5. Hi, I saw this only twice or three times and it might be hardware related that is used, timing to close down. To close the not closed FSUIPC you go to Task Manager --> Details and there you will find FSUIPC7 and click End Task. What hardware are you using? Thomas
  6. Hi, there is no need to un-install any other FSUIPC installation as FSUIPC7 is only for MSFS 2020 but not for any other FS/ P3D. So you just create a new folder of your choice and place the files from FSUIPC7 into it. If you want to use a already setup of i.e. FSUIPC6 for P3Dv5 you can copy i.e. the FSUIPC6.ini file into that folder and rename it to FSUIPC7.ini, so FSUIPC7 will use this. Other content that will work with MSFS and was placed into your i.e. FSUIPC6 location can be copied into this folder as well. You will have to try if it already works correct. Thomas
  7. Hi, there is no FSUIPC update special for the MSFS update needed as the SDK has no update. The SimConnect interface within MSFS has been updated/ fixed internally. This doesn't mean there is more functionality available via SimConnect but at least the stutter/ FPS drop is fixed. It has to be checked now if there has been done more work already to SimConnect or just the FPS drop problem fix. Hopefully a new SDK will be available soon as well! Thomas
  8. Hi, you will need to at least give some information, attaching the following files or copy and paste.their content to your message. FSUIPC5.log, FSUIPC5.ini, FSUIPC5 Install.log and if you have any controller in use as well the FSUIPC4.JoyScan.csv file. You can as well first try to delete WXR files of saved files and add the following line to your FSUIPC5.ini file within the [General] section. [General] . . . NoWeatherAtAll=Yes Thomas
  9. H, only current FSUIPC versions are supported. FSUIPC5.103 from early 2017 is not supported. Why are you using P3Dv4.0 when the updates to latest P3Dv4.5 is for free, same is true for FSUIPC5 for latest FSUIPC5.157. But FSUIPC5 later than 5.122 will need a minimum of P3Dv4.1 installed. Thomas
  10. Hi, Make sure you have that in the correct INI file, FSUIPC4.ini is not the right place as FSUIPC has nothing to do with PMDG's settings. Thomas
  11. Hi, They all have their own version of SimConnect, even updates of the different FS versions deliver always/ most new SimConnect versions. FSUIPC is as well in different independent versions available, FSUIPC3 for FS2004/ FS9 / FSUIPC4 for FSX, FSX-SE, P3Dv2 - v3 / FSUIPC5 for P3Dv4.x / (FSUIPC5 for P3Dv5.x) / FSUIPC6 for P3Dv4.x and P3dv5.x FSUIPC7 will be released for MSFS but is already as a free Beta Version available. MobiFlight questions should go to their support as they can answer best. Thomas
  12. Hi, I remember in the B737 SIM here I had the problem on the Systems PC that WideClient crashed always 1 or 2 minutes after starting. This was in relation to DirectX where the System program has axes and sound control. The way that solved that problem was by using a Starter program that starts the System program first and 35 seconds later the WideClient. The WideClient then starts other programs and closes them when receiving the close flag. The Starter program starts automatic when Windows starts. This line, I think I sent earlier already, should have solved that problem with the DirectX problem but I 'think' it didn't 100%. And so I kept the start sequence, that works now since ish 10 years with that PC and software. ButtonScanInterval=0 Thomas
  13. Hi, those lines are part of it already but it is for now just a way to have it work where it should work as before in P3Dv4/5. For the trim rotaries you will have to assign in FSUIPC corresponding axes or what ever you like. Thomas
  14. Hi, first thing to show would be the actual FSUIPC4 installation log file, attached or pasted in the message. Thomas
  15. Hi, the hardware is recognized in MSFS but to configure there. The configuration you do for the not automatic assigned axes in FSUIPC. Those axes to set up are the Throttle quadrant axes, THR / PRO / MIX. Check the Axis Assignments in FSUIPC manual if you have a problem with that. To set up those axis in FSUIPC7 go to Assignments-->Axes tab and move the relevant axis. If the one you looking for is not shown the press Rescan button and move again. Select its function and do the next. If you want to calibrate as well the Yoke axes you will have to follow this instruction by modifying first the PFChid64.ini, located as well in FSUIPC7 installation folder, file as here described. Thomas
  16. @mattburgos You are here in the wrong topic, please check this topic where I just answered Thomas
  17. Hi, we have an interim solution for the Yoke axis problem. By adding the following lines to the [Config] section it will force PFC to send the Aileron and Elevator axes to its PFC offsets instead and not hard coded to FS direct as raw value. This way FSUIPC will recognize the axes on axis tab and when assigned you can calibrate them on Axis Calibration tab as usual. Nothing to remove or to change, just adding those lines to that section. [Config] Ailerons=FSUIPC Elevator=FSUIPC The other both not recognized axis in FSUIPC but still hard coded sent to FS are the both TRIM rotary knobs, AilTrim and RudTrim. If you want them different programmed/ usage you can as well add in addition the following lines to send them to FSUIPC the same way. They are then as well in Axis tab recognized and you can send them i.e. to an Offset bey selecting "Send to FSUIPC Offset" [Config] RudderTrim=FSUIPC AileronTrim=FSUIPC You should be now OK with that. Any other axes, Throttle quadrant are anyway correct sent as Axis and in FSUIPC recognized as that. Thomas
  18. Hi, as you know already the Offsets you could even try which one it really is bey using Deny= in WideClient.ini under [User] Thomas
  19. Hi, I picked up and connected the C2 Pro here now. The C2 has for axes they are different, Ail / Elev / Ail-Trim / Rud-Trim. The Controller are seen by both MSFS and FSUIPC but neither can see those axes. You will find that you will not see any axes working in Windows Game Controller panel. Can you confirm this? Only the Throttle axes will be recognized in FSUIPC but not in MSFS. Thomas
  20. Hi, you need to have installed SP1/SP2 or Acceleration Pack for FSX. Thomas
  21. Exactly... It's always a problem to deal with german background with certain words of the English language, one of those is "expect" that has a different meaning in the other language. Thomas
  22. @737-SimGuy You didn't read this important line then within the announcement. Thomas
  23. Hi, it is already and in addition you don't need anymore to copy SimConnect.dll into FSUIPC7 folder as it is build in. Just download latest FSUIPC7 installer. A beta version of FSUIPC7 (for MSFS only) is now available for download at the following locations: http://fsuipc.simflight.com/beta/FSUIPC7.zip http://www.fsuipc.com/download/FSUIPC7.zip Thomas
  24. Hi, as you made it up to here, just couple lines above A beta version of FSUIPC7 (for MSFS only) is now available for download at the following locations: http://fsuipc.simflight.com/beta/FSUIPC7.zip http://www.fsuipc.com/download/FSUIPC7.zip Thomas
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