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  1. Hi, you can just copy the the FSUIPC5.ini file and rename it to FSUIPC6.ini, so everything will work as it was before. No need to copy sections. Thomas
  2. Hi, after entering the registration info you need to press the Register button first. That will give a popup window and informs Registration successful or failed. Only after closing tht popup you go with the next button. Not pressing the Register button first will then not create the Key file! Thomas
  3. I think that picture is on your fridge/freezer door 😉 Thomas
  4. Hi, you need to use the email address you used when you bought the registration key. The new email address will not work as only the full correct info (Name & email address) will work for the key. Thomas
  5. Hi, here is the link to SimMarket. https://secure.simmarket.com/john-dowson-fsuipc6-for-p3dv4-5.phtml Keys are handled by SimMarket Thomas
  6. Hi, as Pete said you should set Controllers to OFF. Your Log file shows they are set to ON in P3D Thomas
  7. Hi, please provide always a full FSUIPC5.log file, top to end of a fully closed session. Thomas
  8. Hi, those functions to map you are looking for are depending on what is available in that product. If L:Vars or SDK functions for those are available then yes. You might be best to ask as well in their forum as others might have done those already or maybe know if those are available. Thomas
  9. Hi, did you just check if FSUIPC4 shows up in the menu bar of FSX? As the message at the end is not about the installation but about the registration process. Also did you run ones FSX before installing FSUIPC? Pleas run a short FSX session and when fully closed copy and paste the FSUIPC4.log file content unaltered to your message. The log file will be stored in "F:\FSXSE\steamapps\common\FSX\Modules\" folder Thomas
  10. Hi, try with Send direct to FS and select 'Axis Throttle Set', instead of 'Throttle Set'. Thomas
  11. Hi, make sure that your PC date is not off, before the purchase. That would not register! Thomas
  12. Hi, the added line forces FSUIPC to not invoking FS Weather, as the registered version has some facilities to do so. But mainly it doesn't force P3D to read the weather file from saved flights. When those are corrupt P3D will crash as soon it gets to it. External WX programs are not effected as they normally inject the weather direct into P3D or using FSUIPC Offsets if not that advanced. Thomas
  13. Hi, first thing is to eliminate to which program actually is causing the problem. As FSUIPC is the interface that is used by other program to read/write data it is most likely not the problem. Disabling other add-ons and adding them step by step. The problem might be a corrupt weather file, best is to delete those from saved flight that will be loaded. To avoid any forced read of weather data please add this to the [General] section in FSUIPC5.ini file NoWeatherAtAll=Yes Thomas
  14. Hi, happens with hardware drivers as well, like FDS (interfaceIT boards) software. As most of those hardware as well only capture changes. Anyway the best way, as we use ourself in the sim, is to switch everything OFF and all levers in OFF/ Idle / Flaps zero ... positions and at that point save the flight for normal start situation. With that you would be normally in sync at startup. I know it is not the solution you looking for but a workaround, we use since many years. Thomas
  15. Hi, have a look in the manual to setup detentes for flap lever, all perfect described. Thomas
  16. Hi, WideFS extents FSUIPC over network but not FS itself. You mean surely WideView that is different and was designed to extend FS over the network by running multiple FS copies. WideView Thomas
  17. Hi, I didn't missed the point but do what a developer expect, having a look into the included Installing and Registration FSUIPCx.pdf that comes with any FSUIPC version. As there might be important information before installing blind. This included PDF file is seen as soon you open the ZIP file that contains the Installer file. And that PDF file is always up-to-date with the actual version number of FSUIPC that will be installed. Thomas
  18. Hi, if you had a look in FSUIPC Offsets Status.pdf and search for QNH you will find 0EC6 2 Pressure (QNH) as millibars (hectoPascals) *16. 0F48 2 Pressure (QNH) as millibars (hectoPascals) *16. 34A0 8 Sea level pressure (QNH), double float Thomas
  19. Hi, if you just go to the official page http://www.fsuipc.com/ you will see any needed information of what you download If you go to the Download Links\ Udated Moduls here in the Forum above, you will find as well all information about version numbers Thomas
  20. Hi, just by looking at the PM-Offset list it makes it clear which value to use 0x04F4 -> value 380/1 WXR/Radar Test On/Off 0x04F4 -> value 380 for ON 0x04F4 -> value 381 for OFF Same is true for NAV1/2 Test 0x04F4 -> value 382/3 NAV1 Test On/Off 0x04F4 -> value 382 for ON 0x04F4 -> value 383 for OFF 0x04F4 -> value 384/5 NAV2 Test On/Off 0x04F4 -> value 384 for ON 0x04F4 -> value 385 for OFF As CPFlight provides a manual for IO-Board it clearly describes all connections, all of them are hard-coded in fixed connector positions. The bord is handled via their MCP direct in PM-MCP and maybe PM-Systems software. Any question about that can only be answered by PM-support as they are the only ones they know. https://cpflight.com/docs/prodotti/18/MIP737SE.pdf Any question about the board itself can only be answered, as Pete already pointed out, by CPFlight support. Thomas
  21. Hi, first forget about Offset 0280 and 028C. Those switches multiple things ON/OFF altogether like the 'L' key on your keyboard does. One byte has 8 bit, each bit is a ON/OFF switch. Bits are representing the power of 2 in math. So 2^0=1, 2^1=2, 2^2=4, 2^3=8, 2^4=16, 2^5=32, 2^6=64, 2^7=128. The 8 bits are counted from 0 to seven and we count the bits always from right to left. So what you get is bit0 = 2^0 = 1, if this bit (switch) is ON. In binary you would write 00000001 (bit0=ON), 00000000 (bit0=OFF). 11111111 (all bits=ON)Dec value=255 (1+2+4+8+16+32+64+128), 00000000 (all bits=OFF) 00000001 (bit0=ON)(dec value=1, 2^0=1), 00000000 (bit0=OFF) 00000010 (bit1=ON)(dec value=2, 2^1=2), 00000000 (bit0=OFF) 00000100 (bit2=ON)(dec value=4, 2^2=4), 00000000 (bit0=OFF) 00001000 (bit3=ON)(dec value=8, 2^3=8), 00000000 (bit0=OFF) and so on 00000101 (bit0+bit2=ON)(dec value=5, 2^0 + 2^2) 00001101 (bit0+bit2+bit3=ON)(dec value=13, 2^0(1) + 2^2(4) + 2^3(8)) Offset 0D0C = 2 bytes = 16 bits (bit0 to bit15) bit 0 Navigation bit 1 Beacon bit 2 Landing bit 3 Taxi bit 4 Strobes bit 5 Instruments bit 6 Recognition bit 7 Wing bit 8 Logo bit 9 Cabin So switching NAV + LndLight + Logo to ON (bit0+bit2+bit8) 00000001 00000101 = dec value=261, 2^0(1) + 2^2(4) + 2^8(256) Switching LndLight from above now to OFF, leaving NAV + Logo ON (bit0+bit8) 00000001 00000001 = dec value=257, 2^0(1) + 2^8(256) Thomas
  22. Hi, P3Dv4 requires as well FSUIPC5 what is a differemt product than FSUIPC4 you used for P3Dv3.x as FSUIPC5 is had to be 64Bit as well. That means the FSUIPC4 registration key will not work with FSUIPC5. Thomas
  23. Hi, first thing to do is to update to latest P3Dv3 version,, you're running one of the early ones Then try again. Thomas
  24. Hi, in case those functions are not available in default aircrafts that come with FS/P3D, so they don't exist as Offsets. Offsets for different Lights are working mostly for default aircrafts that come with FS/P3D but might not work or only partly with add-on aircrafts that use their own internal logic/systems. Those might be reachable via their SDK (if available) or via L:vars, check the FSUIPC manuals for handling of those. FSUIPC changes are always listed in FSUIPC5 History.pdf file, located in \Modules\FSUIPC Documents\ folder. The Offsets are listed and described in FSUIPC5 Offsets Status.pdf file, located in \Modules\FSUIPC Documents\ folder. You would have to convert it yourself to a different format to you needs. Thomas
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