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  1. Hi, the parameter you use for Adf Card Set is its Control value send to FS, its is FS control code. The Parameter, you will find well described in the manuals, is the value you want to set it too. As you set the Parameter to 66039 it means you want to set it 66,039 deg heading. The Parameter for Adf Card Set needs to be the heading you are looking for, 0 to 359. Thomas
  2. Hi, As I said, make sure you deactivate or better uninstall the Saitek driver as the Saitek driver might send a modified axis value. Thomas
  3. Hi, first please update to latest FSUIPC5154, as you are using an old not supported version (5151). FSUIPC does only do things you ask for. If you run it with a fresh INI file it doesn't interfere. When you have used only standard P3D assignments and you had the same problem then there is of course already nothing to blame FSUIPC. When using FSUIPC for axis then Saitek software should not run at all ! When running with FSUIPC5154 and short session with activating the reverser, please activate Axis logging and copy and paste the FSUIPC5.log file content unaltered as it is. Session has to be fully closed to do so. Thomas
  4. Hi, you did missread or maybe didn't read about this setting, Advanced User Guide page 7? It has only three different possible parameters, Yes / No / substring. The 'substring' is the parameter, not as you used it. Thomas
  5. Hi, first of all please attach a full not altered or incomplete log file as major information are missing. Pleas close P3D before copying the content. Thomas
  6. Hi, you run the latest FSX-SE beta but the FSUIPC4 installer was not designed for it. You need to revert to latest FSX-SE and install FSUIPC4, then run FSX-SE to finish the installation. After that you can update FSX-SE to latest Beta version (63003) but you need to copy and paste (overwrite) the installed FSUIPC4.dll in ..\Modules\ folder with the special FSUIPC4.dll for that FSX-SE beta version. Note that couple functions are not available in the FSX-SE beta version, links and description are below. Thomas
  7. Hi, did you try running without FSXWX client? All those error messages are related to .NET, but FSUIPC has nothing to do with or even use .NET. As FSXWX requires FSUIPC to work your error source will be FSXWX. Maybe it is only the core version but it shows Vers. 1.0 Thomas
  8. Hi, as soon you have a Lua file in your ..\Modules\ folder you can define Keys or Buttons to different functions to it. Just i.e. define a Key and search for your Lua file, then you will find all sorts of functions you can choose from (Kill / Start / Set / Toggle / ... ). This will do what you are looking for. Thomas
  9. Hi, as you try to assign to a add-on AC it might not work,as they use their own controls (PMDG does and I think iFly does as well). IFly might have a control in their SDK for that, you will have to check their SDK. Thomas
  10. Hi, in case you didn't show any information of which version of FSX you use, I can only guess that it is FSX-SE and maybe then the Beta version. If it is the FSX-SE beta version you use uou need to use as well the special released FSUIPC4.974c version, otherwise FSX-SE will crash. Read and check below. Also make sure you have the latest FSUIPC4.974 installed but the installer might not work if the Beta version is already installed. Thomas
  11. Hi, in case it is a PMDG you will know that you cannot assign controls in FSUIPC other than direct to FS. If you assign in FSUIPC to calibrate or calibrate in FSUIPC you will always (most likely) end up with problems. The problem that starts with 45 to 60 kts looks like you assigned a tiller in FSUIPC? Thomas
  12. Hi, with most normal controller cards and as well with a Bodnar card you should use a 10k linear poti. 100k will not be precise enough. Thomas
  13. Hi, I would just get a Bodnar controller card (Leo Bodnar) Connect the poti and you are ready to go, as the controller card is seen as a normal Joystick controller you can the direct assign in FSUIPC . . . Thomas
  14. Hi, FSUIPC doesn't or cannot overrides aircraft settings. In the way you set up your axis (has to be that way), FSUIPC sends the axis value direct to FS as it would be set up in FS direct. Looks more like the limit is maybe only applied to key input, special as it worked with the previous version? Thomas
  15. Hi, when you say you have FS9.1 installed but the install log shows A 9.1 version was not found in the registry. Make sur the FS9.1 update was correct installed based on a 9.0 version and as well with the same privilegs. The FSUIPC.ini and FSUIPC.log files are locate in the ..\Modules\ folder but you might have in explorer settings activated to hide known file extensions? Thomas
  16. Hi, all described in the manuals, located in ..\Modules\FSUIPC Documents\ folder. Make sure you have a look at those. Setting up two Keys but works as well for joy-buttons, SHIFT+L (Landing Light ON) and CTRL+L (Landing Light OFF) looks like this. As well the theory is described in the manuals (advanced and user). SHIFT+L key for ON CTRL+L key for OFF Thomas
  17. Hi, Offset 0x0D0C using the Bits might work for you. Thomas
  18. Hi, FSUIPC Error#2 is direct related to ADE. It connects here correct automatic to FSX-SE (ADE v01.76.6715). Make sure you set up the paths correct in ADE. Thomas
  19. Hi, I didn't that one but that will give you the actual Trim deflection in RAD, just convert to DEG (RAD * 180/PI = DEG). To know beforehand the max trim value you would still need to read it from the related aircraft.cfg file. Thomas
  20. Hi, I think it is quite simple to select which Offset to use in relation what you want to do, reading from or writing to. FS doesn't return a conversation to degree or any other, just the min and max position as a value, see above. The conversion you have to do yourself as it is related to the aircraft settings in the aircraft.cfg of the aircraft that is used. You will find there those lines that define the values. But the .air file might have further definitions that might influence. Thomas
  21. Hi, I don't think the button will be noisy, just the axis doesn't stay constant at the last value. But with a little dead-zone it will be constant at idle. It would only effect some add-ons like PMDG, . . ., as those have to be assigned with direct to FS with no calibration in FSUIPC. Thomas
  22. Hi, not the button but the throttle lever (axis) you use. To eliminate that you need to define a small dead-zone for idle position to ensure a little noisy axis in idle position overwrite the -1 value. Just a couple millimeter of axis movement as idle dead-zone will do. Thomas
  23. Hi, if you mean the i.e.for Aileron then 512 (top) and 1536 (bottom), those are the Null-/dead-zone where the control is in center and you don't want any output other than zero (0). In this case FSUIPC will send a zero (0) value for input values 512 to 1536, when reaching those values it will gradually increase the from zero. You will find the full description oh how to calibrate in FSUIPC as well in the FSUIPC user manual page 42. Thomas
  24. Hi, looks much better in any case. If you are happy with the dead-zones then it will do. Thomas
  25. Hi, there is no need to run the LorbySceneryExport.exe at all. Running MakeRwys.exe is the only program to run, it will then use the LorbySceneryExport itself. When finished it should be all Ok for RAAS. If RAAS doesn't get the correct Rwys then something seems to be wrong with maybe the installation of RAAS, does RAAS produce a log file? For testing I would just remove all the file produced by MakeRwys, just to see if RAAS would complain about it, if it doesn't then it would pic up the info from a different source. Thomas
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