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  1. Hmm. KRDU perhaps, since y'all did that one for Tower2011? Andrew
  2. Sad, indeed, and disgraceful leaving pax stranded like that. Just like what happened with Wow a year or two back. Andrew
  3. Thank you for taking the initiative here promptly, Ariel. Your responsiveness makes a big difference. Andrew
  4. In crbscott's defense, I would further point out that there is not a separate forum for Nyerges Design. Moreover, he is right that the two products are intimately connected. This is not about laying blame, and making people feel bad. The point is to learn from past mistakes and turn a fairly good product into a Fantastic one. Nyerges does a great job with liveries and models. The Nyerges schedules, however, have been consistently problematic all the way back to the Tower2011 days (namely that they include unrealistically low traffic levels). Surely, there is a way that this could be resolved, considering that some of their customers manage to regularly produce schedules in their spare time that are light years better (even including entire weeks of traffic instead of just a single day, and breaking schedules into snippets that ensure that all of the traffic shows up for a given hour). I am ever grateful to the users here who produce custom schedules, but if they can do it for free in their spare time, it seems like Nyerges might try a little harder to improve his process, since he is asking us to pay for it. Again, I am not questioning the integrity of either Nyerges or FeelThere. I know that you guys are honest, but this is an issue that one way or another needs to be solved; others here have shown that this technical hurdle can be overcome. Andrew
  5. Thank you for doing this. I will take a look at it later. Any idea why 3-5 am is such a busy time in Dubai? Most airports are pretty quite at that time, except for cargo traffic, but this is mostly passenger traffic. Where is everybody going at such a miserable hour? Is it possible that the schedule times are in GMT instead of local? The RT schedule shows a similar peak. Weird. Andrew
  6. Hi Battlehawk.  I just wanted to offer my appreciation for the schedules you have made.  Was wondering if perhaps you might considering doing one of your full week treatments for the new Dubai release, as the RT schedule leaves a lot to be desired. No pressure intended; just letting you know that your contributions are appreciated.


    Best regards,


  7. It's only been out a couple of days. I am sure there will be some user-made schedules coming soon; to do good ones takes time. As mentioned earlier, ATC Joe intends to do one. Personally, I hope that Battlehawk77 might do one of his full week treatments, the way he did for Vancouver and Melbourne. We will just have to wait and see. Alternatively, you could try doing one of your own. In the meantime, try controlling during the mid-morning hours on the RT schedule. It's pretty busy then. Andrew
  8. To Vic, I just wanted to say I played my first session at OMDB, and just wanted to say WELL DONE! The airport looks and works very well. Just looking at the map, it seems like it would be rather boring, but turns out to be the opposite. Part of it is all the heavies. Another part of it is that the tower is positioned right in the middle of the action with excellent up close views of the gates and taxiways on both sides. Thirdly, you guys did a fantastic job with the cut away camera; it's great to see you trying new things 9though it would be need if you could go back and do the same with some of the older airports). There is just something about being surrounded by all those A380s and 777s moving back and forth on both sides of you that really gets the blood running. If he gave it a try, I'm sure even CRBASCOTT would have a good time 😉 [Don't take that the wrong way; I just miss your passion for and contributions to the game.] Regards, Andrew
  9. I am assuming that the big one is KDFW, since you did not rule it out, and since more that one now claim to have seen this elusive announcement that I still cannot find. Just tell me this: Is EGLL or EDDF somewhere in the pipeline, either from you or from Gabor? Knowing that would go a long way to keeping me and many others here very excited. Andrew
  10. Or Changi. He did not say that the island airport is not the non-US airport
  11. Not at all concerned that they did not answer within the first few hours after my post. After all, I'm not that dude who advertises Dos Equis. Nevertheless, it is always fun to poke the hornet's nest and watch what happens from a safe distance 🙂 Vic and Gabor are both great guys. They may not post here every day, but they always post precisely when they mean to. Andrew
  12. I was hoping that Vic might like to shed a little light, or at least some hints, on airports they have in the pipeline? As I recall, the recent surveys put KORD and EGLL near the top, and CRBSCOTT mentioned something about a newsletter talking about KDFW, but I could never find it. So how about it Vic? What can we look forward too? Andrew
  13. It would be simpler if there was just a keyboard button that instantly canceled the current command cleared the text box. Andrew
  14. Now we just need some custom schedules 😉 Andrew
  15. I know I have experienced this at times, but is not something that happens all the time. For me, it seems to happen when the game has been running for a while with heavy traffic at a big airport like KATL or KJFK. Are you saying that this is something that happens to you all the time, or just some of the time? What are your system specs? Are you sure that you have killed as many background apps as possible? Are starting the game with "Run as Administrator"? Andrew
  16. The only fact that has been confirmed is that Feel There intends to develop a new version. Nothing has been stated regarding timelines, features, or even whether development has begun. Andrew
  17. Those who are waiting may enjoy this to pass the time: Andrew
  18. I believe his question was whether the FeelThere-purchased add-ons were compatible with the Steam-purchased base game, not where to download them. I believe that they are, and that you just have to point the installer to the correct folder in you Steam directory. Perhaps someone else can chime in with the specifics. Andrew
  19. Okay, cool. Guess I missed that one. Andrew
  20. Yes, many airports have ramp towers, and in tower 3D we must do the ramp controller's job in addition to Ground and Tower positions. It seems clear that the current game is simply not designed to handle the complexity of multiple towers. It remains to be seen whether they will try an airport like KDFW or EHAM that has them. Honestly, for it to be an effective simulation, complex multiplayer, from multiple viewpoints would be needed. It would be neat to see, though I have my doubts they will go that far even in the next version. Time will tell. Andrew
  21. You can't see the ocean from SFO, as it is blocked by the high mountains west of the city. The water you see is San Francisco Bay, which is on the east side of the airport. Andrew
  22. My suggestion would be to keep the default view as is, from the tower, but have additional views that could be brought up on demand, from various points around the airport. I would imagine that such options exist for controllers at larger air[ports. Andrew
  23. Thanks Gabor. It means a lot to hear your comments on these issues, and it is good that you are experimenting with new ways of doing things. The imagery has improved so much in the most recent releases, starting with Barcelona.. The LFPG add-on has "good bones" and works quite well. I love the detailed taxiway markings and extended jetways. At night, it the airport is especially beautiful. Once the ground textures are improved, I am sure it will be among the best airports for the game. Andrew
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