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Air Collision Alert for two aircraft behind each other


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I have a serious issue with Philidelphia this morning. I played twice in a row, but both times encountered the same issue. Around 0924 and 0925 have an inbound PDT4891 and PD4830 respectively. Both on approach for 9R. However, as soon as PD4830 hits the 5 mile marker, I get slammed with a constant wave of -500 penalty points, to the point where, within seconds I drop to -11,230 points. What is heck is going on? I've never ran into this before. Admittedly, I usually have 27R/L open for arrivals, but for something different I opened 9R/L istead.


I am running Tower!3D Pro SP 3 and  RT SP6v3.

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22 minutes ago, Peabody said:

One question on this, it also happened to me.  Wouldn't the real problem be created by Approach not spacing them far enough apart before handing them over to the tower?  A problem that we have no control over in this game.


Hey Peabody,

Most of the time you will find spacing OK but when it's not then its the controller's job to fix it.

Thank you,


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