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I am sure there are some clever people on this forum of an age that could come up with a pretty realistic schedule that would be fit and appropriate for a retro period... On the subject of retro liveries this one comes back into service with BA on Monday to celebrate their 100th anniversary. Will stay on the aircraft (G-BYGC) until they retire it in 2023 😁


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Wow! Great responses and enthusiasim. If it happens I'll be first to purchase. Of course this will bring many new hours of gaming fun. Good luck> I remember growing up in Boston where I'd see BOAC VC-10. Love those days of plane spotting. My Aero Mini of Japan VC10. Best I could do.

Cheers2019-02-14 10.50.04.jpg

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On 2/14/2019 at 6:02 AM, Robert Berry said:

If this is released, I believe it would be a top seller.  I would love to see National, TWA, TTA and the list goes on and on.

I agree. Seeing those radials belch smoke when they crank up at the gate with the  attendant sound effects would be pretty nice. This would certainly rejuvenate my interest in this game.


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