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  1. FYI -- LaGuardia was just released for Tower 3D and Pro. See http://feelthere.com/en/product/1234_klga-for-tower-3d.html ($18.99). Regards, Sk
  2. No problem. It was I that started that thread at http://forum.simflight.com/topic/84223-klas-intersecting-runways/ Hope this helps!
  3. There was a rather lengthy post on this subject (crossing runway alert) earlier which explained what is going on.
  4. Thanks so much Vic for the update!!!
  5. If you can ping his IP, then it is a Tower problem. If not, the problem is on your network. Thanks for the cost info. Regards, P.
  6. Are the two PCs on the same network/subnet? If not, I would assume you need to use the public IP (the 192.168s are private IPs). Port forwarding is a pain -- here are a few links that may (or may not help): https://www.linksys.com/us/support-article?articleNum=136711 https://portforward.com/linksys/ (BTW, this is an excellent site for issues) One more question -- can you successfully ping the other PC? And the pricing for Tower 3D Pro is $49.95, so how did you pay $150 for 2 copies? Just curious.... SK
  7. It is the third post from the top in this forum. Search is your friend.
  8. Thanks for the link. Will be reading it this weekend! Regards, SK
  9. Hey Crbascott -- what date was that excerpt from? I have been doing a lot of research on this issue and it appears from various graphics I have found on the web on RL pilot's sites, there are a number of different interpretations of this. For instance, point 2 says "...A preceding arriving aircraft is clear of the landing runway, completed the landing roll..." There is IMO, a word missing between "landing runway" and "completed" because obviously one can't be clear of the landing runway without completing the landing roll. Perhaps the word "or" should be in there. That would support your inter
  10. Be glad to. For some reason, rather than stopping for the active runway ONLY, there are two stops. It seems to me that once given taxi instructions, the a/c should only stop at the holding point immediately before any runway. This is exactly the same problem as noted in crbascott's post on this issue.
  11. Forgot the screenshot but here is the game.log. game.log
  12. Just a quick question -- at KLAS I had a departure on 25R and an arrival on 19L. Told the 19L arrival to hold short of intersecting runway 25R for crossing traffic. The 19L arrival acknowledged that. So when 25R a/c started rolling and 19L landed, I got a -500 point deduction for runway incursion. So my question is how does one treat intersecting runways so you can take advantage of two runways? Game log attached (see 08:13:12 in the log). Thx SK game.log
  13. I'd be happy to post them there and provide the link if that helps. In the meantime I have posted them on my Dropbox account -- if that is a problem let me know and I will take them down. The link is https://www.dropbox.com/s/j9vq6tt6e8omwq8/LAX Changes.zip?dl=0 BTW, this has the 9/27 modification in it.
  14. Absolutely agree. It is next to impossible to read the taxiway IDs. Also, foggy or stormy conditions.
  15. As noted by crbascott, I have the same problem at KLAS where the a/c stop twice for holding (at any crossing runway). IMO they should taxi to the nearest hold point to the runway to be crossed and then stop. He suggested that I post this as a separate post. Regards, SK
  16. Nope, happens all the time at KLAS, KSAN and KLAX when foggy/stormy conditions are selected. In clear conditions, it is the normal blue. And Joe, you beat me in posting this issue :)
  17. Same problem with KLAS taxiway A5 between 25L and 25R.
  18. At a minimum, runways 25L and 19R -- approach only. The camera skews away after I give the enter final command and then skews to the aircraft when about 1 mile out. Departures seem to work fine. I can provide pictures or video if interested.... Thanks for asking
  19. Any chance that the 7/25 runways can be updated to 8/26? See https://www.reviewjournal.com/news/news-columns/road-warrior/magnetic-shifts-prompt-a-renumbering-for-runways-at-mccarran/ Thanks, SK
  20. It somewhat works but has a number of issues, not the least of which is that the camera skews over 90 degrees from where the plane is in the sky before it becomes visible. I hope this is on their bug list to fix.
  21. Good idea Jim D -- also, perhaps a Support forum for Nygeres Design?
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