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  1. Perhaps you can. I think it is strange that for all this time, an easy coding fix could not be done -- shouldn't be hard to do. Please don't speak for others.
  2. But those screen shots are not what KPHX looks like. They are solid red for the length of the runway as correctly shown in Joe's screen shots.
  3. Here is a good reference on centerline lighting -- https://www.thebalance.com/airport-runway-lighting-explained-282727 or http://tfmlearning.fly.faa.gov/publications/atpubs/aim/Chap2/aim0201.html
  4. At KTUS, first arrival: SWA3344 B737 Denver Intl (KDEN) Sun 11:40PM MST Mon 01:08AM MST first departure: SWA1931 B737 McCarran Intl (KLAS) Mon 05:47AM MST Mon 05:45AM PST Mon 05:45AM PST
  5. Perhaps a series of "turn to" headings? Or try "Callsign, Enter left pattern runway 9"? IRL, at KSAN there is the occasional Go Around due to the single runway. Plane spotting there is fun seeing how squeezed traffic can be there....
  6. Hi Joe: Thanks so much for doing this. I think your link above needs to be edited to show 12-15-17 rather than 9-7-17. Happy New Year! SK
  7. Radar contact at that stage is not an FAA (or probably ICAO) approved phaseology, unless perhaps arriving from a non-radar environment (which there are none in Tower).
  8. Just out of curiosity, what airlines are in this Real Color package that aren't in the others?
  9. Attached is a list of commands and syntax that you might find useful. This is NOT my work and was downloaded earlier from this forum. Hope this helps! SK
  10. I have Win 7 Pro and "taxi via " works fine. I would do a game.log and see if there are any errors in it when you give that command. Or post it here for the devs to look at.
  11. Good news -- sp6v3 is now on the BMT site, just downloaded it!
  12. FYI -- KPHX for Tower!3D and Tower!3D Pro just released (just got the announcement in email). Update: Just installed it and only had default airlines. No schedule.txt, etc. I think there needs to be an update to Real Traffic for this?? Happy Holidays!
  13. Thanks! Also http://forum.simflight.com/topic/84118-tower3d-pro-action-camera-not-working-at-klas/?tab=comments#comment-509008 SK
  14. It would be useful to know what the advanced settings "Chromatic and Vignette" and "SSAO" do.
  15. Thanks. Of course, PCAviator only has sp5v2 :(
  16. What is the current version number of Real Traffic? Thanks!
  17. I see Feel There has released live their BF sale. Lots of things for Tower 2011, Tracon 2012, but nothing that I saw for Tower! 3D Pro. Did I overlook something? See http://feelthere.com/category/cate_id:211/page:1 Have a great T-day everybody! SK
  18. Here is more than you ever wanted to know about airport lighting: http://tfmlearning.faa.gov/Publications/atpubs/ATC/atc0304.html. I did a test with KLAX starting at 0300. Completely dark, switch does not work. Ditto for 0400. However at 0500 with morning twilight, the switch does work (I could turn off and on the lighting). Agreed about the intensity settings! Thanks for the explanation! SK
  19. Why would you want to turn off the lighting at night? I think the assumption is that the previous controller had turned the lights on.
  20. IRL ADIRS is only one color. I think the simulation needs to reflect real life as much as possible.
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