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  1. While Wayne's statement is technically true, Xwinds,headwinds, tailwinds all have significant impact on the plane's groundspeed which means that landing/takeoff performance will be affected. See http://www.airliners.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=726501 for a discussion of this. SK
  2. Does anybody know what you get in the way of liveries in Real Color for KSFO versus the ones from other airports?
  3. Living here in the Arizona desert, hot air is easy to obtain :)
  4. That isn't a supported phraseology at the present time. Attached is a list of commands prepared by a fellow member here on the Forum.
  5. Thanks for the work! It would be much easier if we could specify the wind direction as part of setup...... (@crbascott -- hope you win the next bet). SK
  6. Make sure your installation folders are correct. See Hope this helps.
  7. Agree with winsaudi. Also, a posting (maintained for currency) of what the current version numbers of the various programs are would be useful.
  8. Could you post a screenshot of what your directory structure looks like? See the below topic where the correct locations are shown (change the drive and initial folder to match yours: Dear Folks, here are the correct install routes: REAL TRAFFIC FOR TOWER3D c:\Program Files (x86)\FeelThere\Tower3D\ REAL TRAFFIC FOR TOWER3D PRO c:\Program Files (x86)\FeelThere\Tower!3D Pro REAL TRAFFIC FOR TOWER3D STEAM c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Tower 3D\
  9. Here is what wind, tetrahedrons and wind socks show:
  10. I think he means folders by game (i.e. Tower, Tower Pro, Tracon 2012, etc).
  11. Did you buy Real Color and Real Traffic for KBOS?
  12. Also, FYI, FeelThere is having a 40% off Valentine's Day sale today on Pro -- http://www.feelthere.com/en/product/1173_tower-3d-pro.html
  13. The upgrade policy has been discussed several times here on the forum. Sounds like a reason not to use Steam.
  14. Well, obviously you don't read other posts. There are a number of posts on replacement schedules and some have even posted them for your download. Also, the issue of ground movement problems in Pro has been acknowledged and they are working on a hotfix for it. I have not used the non-Pro version (or belong to Steam) so I can't comment on that. I purposely did not buy the non-Pro version since I didn't think the viewing angle was realistic (I am a Private Pilot in RL).
  15. Well, this isn't a "game" but a simulation. Simulations do not have "gameplay". It is supposed to model real life work in a Control Tower. And with the exception of the bug that was introduced in the last update (which FT is about to issue a hotfix for), it does that quite well. Perhaps you would be more interested in a true game rather than a simulation.
  16. Assuming you have installed to the correct folders, you also need Real Color (for each add-on airport) to see the liveries.
  17. Please don't forget about the red center light problem for the SP.
  18. Hi all: Something I have wondered about is it possible to know the wind direction at the initial startup screen when one picks runways? And is the wind randomly generated or based on actual winds? Thanks! SK
  19. Yes, in RL I am an ASEL and am very familiar with wind displays. Please note that your picture corroborates our complaint -- the numeric is 266 degrees and SO IS THE ARROW. In the program, they are 180 degrees apart.
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