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  1. Ok, when I said "no other files" I meant no other Tower 3D Pro files. Just to help rule out other possibilities here is what I know about: 1. I have Win7 so there are no Win10 updates involved. 2. Steam did update a few days ago,, but my Tower 3D Pro is not steam, I bought it from FeelThere/BMTMicro. 3. I did install "Construction Simulator 2" from Steam. 4. Java updated recently, do not know the date though. Obviously if it is a Tower issue as crbascott believes, this info may useless, but just to provide all the info I can to help. When you made the comment about building the airport list I checked my paperwork. I did buy some Real Color without buying the corresponding airport but that was all prior to the log file of 9/22 that did not contain the repetitive message.
  2. I don't know if this information will be of any help: I have a log file that I saved on 9/22/2018 and this html stuff is not in it. The only thing I have changed since that date is to install two files: 1. RT_Tower3D_PRO_sp6v10 2. RC_Tower3D_TIST_KPHL_KLAX_sp4v3 I have not added any airports or any other files, and I am also not suggesting either file is the cause, but I also have that html in my output_log.txt dated 10/18/2018. Peabody
  3. I tend to ramble a lot..yak, yak, yak. I envoy people that get their point across in one sentence.
  4. Craig, This may have changed, not sure, I did not buy all the airports but I did buy some RC without the Airport and looking at my copies I found: 1. RT does not expire 2. RC for KJFK, KBOS, KATL, KLAS all have an expiration date. 3. RC for KMCO, EDDM, KPHX, KSFO do not expire. edit: missed one RC for triple pack (KPHL, KLAX, TIST) does not expire. I don't know if yours are the same but it seems the newer ones don't expire. Peabody
  5. But I'm still in training, I'm not full Pedantic yet 🤔
  6. Thanks Pedantic G LOL. I just enjoy learning. I was just listening to KLAS (again) and they had a go around, and then told a departing plane it just lost its "slot" for San Diego because of the delay caused by the go around, so he had to hold for about 10 minutes.........who can figure all this out? BTW, do we get secret decoder rings in the Pedantic club?
  7. Thank you again CL30, I was editing my response as you posting this answer, so I'm glad you got it. You would think at 67 Yrs old I would be able to explain myself better LOL. I know just enough about this topic to be a pain at asking questions. Peabody
  8. Thanks for all the info, I appreciate it !!! I read my post again and now this part of your answer, and I don't think I gave the information very clearly. I was talking about commercial airlines on 26R, The tower was, plane1, contact 125.9, plane 2 contact 125.9, plane 3 contact 133.95, plane 4 contact 125.9, plane 5 contact 133.95 and so on. And every plane gets a frequency which seems to be according to whether he/she is going north or south and this will go on the entire time I am listening maybe 1/2 hour to 1 hour. I was not listening to the Tower for GA flights coming off 19. Then the next day I will tune in and all I hear is "contact departure", although when this happens I have heard "Departure now 125.9" and then more "Contact Departure" suggesting to me a change which I think is what you mean from the above statement. They were probably using 133.95 then changed to 125.9. As for your comment about the GA traffic, thanks for that info too. They have been departing on 19s which is controlled by the other tower which I have not been listening to. I will hear, AirlineXXX Line up and Wait, traffic departing/arriving intersecting runway" and i can see the GA leave on 19R. But I don't know about the Departure since I am not listening to that tower. I will listen to both next time and see what they say. Just trying to learn how this stuff works, could add some realism to my game play the more I understand. ATC-Joe got me to stop giving taxi instructions on pushback. Then I stopping adding altitude and contact departure to the takeoff clearance. The one problem I still have is Windows 7 will not say "Wind" as is weather, it says "Wind" as in wind up an alarm clock. Very annoying. Thanks again for all the info, just that one section above I don't quite know if we are talking about the same thing. The tower is giving every plane one of the two departure frequencies. I know all planes that take off get a departure frequency somehow, from someone. The ones I was wondering about is like I stated above, every plane being given a frequency during "Contact Departure #####". I didn't know if that was KLAS procedure. I would have thought they would know who to contact before they took off, like you stated in your response. I hope I make sense here. Thanks again. Peabody
  9. In my attempt to earn my "Apprentice Pedantic merit badge" I have been listening to LiveATC for KLAS. At the same time I have FlightRadar24 map on so I can follow along with the actual flights. I saw that KLAS has two towers and two departure frequencies listed. I listened to the 8/26 tower so all departures were from 26R. Arrivals 26L. (There were some GA departures and arrivals on 19s but I did not hear that since it is the other tower) Sometimes upon takeoff the tower will tell a plane "Contact Departure" . At other times I will hear "Contact departure 125.9" OR "Contact Departure 133.95" , so I started selecting the plane in FlightRadar and jotting down the destination then watching the flight path. So as some of you probably already know, 125.9 was given to planes that turned South, and 133.95 was given to planes that turned north. So naturally I assumed that each controller had a different section of the sky. Correct? To clarify the above by sometimes they do and sometimes they don't give a frequency, I meant listening at totally different times or even different days, it was NOT a mixture during the same session. So my main question: Do they give the frequency when they are busy and using both departures so the plane will contact the correct one? Or is it simply that some Tower controllers give frequencies and others do not. Or is there some other reason for the difference. Thank you for any info. Pwabody
  10. I also write my own schedules using Flight Aware and would be willing to help with input from issues I have found during schedule writing. I have not posted any schedules since I do not have a Dropbox to post them to, and my airline knowledge as far as planes and procedures is no where near what a lot of people have. But I would have some information to share and willing to join in. For example when I wrote my first schedule for JFK I realized there were 19 listings in the JFK terminal.txt file that had NO airline or NO livery associated with it. So you can count me willing to help. Peabody
  11. If it is what I think it is, go to settings/advanced graphics and turn off "Depth of Field"
  12. i did a post about it happening at Boston when I first played it and in my post SKY KING posted a link to his post. My post is linked below. https://forum.simflight.com/topic/84450-tower-3d-pro-runway-alert/?tab=comments#comment-510484 Some additional info in case you don't know, 4L has a lot of distance before it gets to 31L, so if you can get the departing plane off the ground before the landing plane touches 31L you do not get a penalty. Also if you wait for landing plane to cross 31L then you are clear to takeoff, you do not need to wait for it to exit the runway. The problem is ONLY when the landing plane actually is on the departing runway while the departing plane is still on the ground. And as you stated you are clear if you are holding in position. Peabody
  13. "New Liveries with KMCO" You may want to go to that thread or post a new one, so we don't hijack this one.
  14. That info was answered in the post on that topic, it has to do with the numbering of the Texturepacks as to which one is used.
  15. Just to clarify Air Jamaica's info. KLAX does have a Compass livery but only the E170, not the E175. So if you want color you could change the plane for you own use. Also the updated KLAS has both the E170 and E175 and as Air Jamaica said KSFO has the E175. So if you plan to buy either airport in the future, you could get the RC file now for whichever airport you plan to get. There may be others, I do not have all the airports, so this info is only what I have. Nygeres Design was suppose to make a list for us, I haven't seen any mention of it yet.
  16. @crbascott My apologies I did not mean to question your knowledge. My post was intended as a question NOT a statement of fact. I don't know anyone on this forum so it was kind of a way to try to help. But it is so very obvious you know what you are talking about. Now with this new information it only makes sense the Janet terminal would be in RT because the stock game would not need it. I also offer apologies to nrholland for for a partial highjack of your thread, I did not mean to send them off defending themselves because of my post, I hope you get your problem fixed! P
  17. I admit I am no expert on this but the logfile loaded the Janet terminal, wouldn't that indicate he has the new version loaded correctly? "Add terminal: Terminal_Janet - WWW"
  18. Sorry I read some posts I did not read before and didn't realize how out of control that topic was....I deleted the comment so I would not start it up again.
  19. I would love to have a master list, thanks Gabor. @Pedantic G Did you forget to paint your plane?
  20. I thought all US planes had N registration numbers even though they don't use them, they use callsigns like American, Delta, etc. From what I could find, if I had to guess, and it's only a guess, if the N1 did not have a callsign, i would think they would use Gulfstream 1 rather then just "1". I have heard it on ATC at small airports where other pilots looking for traffic know what they are looking for. One I saw on youtube was "BaronxxxMC", after that was established they used xxMC.
  21. Since we do have limited control of the plane, and if the traffic is heavy I simply send them back to departure. That way I avoid an error and they can come back later and i don't have to delete them. If the traffic is light enough I will issue vectors and when they are close, I give them a enter final for runway # and clear to land. Although if the traffic is light, you probably wouldn't have to issue the go around in the first place. Peabody
  22. CL30 thanks for the info, I couldn't find it anywhere, I guess like Janet, everything at Vegas is a "secret". 👽
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