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T3D KBOS heavy aircraft runway assignment issue + 1 other


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ISSUE 1 = Heavy aircraft runway assignments ...

Had an issue with KBOS tonight with heavy aircraft being assigned runways which should have been feasible but were not being accepted by the sim.

Was using KBOS custom schedule by Jonas found here in a multiplayer session.

Setup: we were using 22L for inbounds and 22R for departures. 22L for heavies was the plan but they would only accept 33L; even though there is only a small difference in runway length.

All the following aircraft in this session should have been able to takeoff from 22L but only accepted 33L:


BOS, FRA, 748, LH,   423, 12:00, 17:50, 1, LH
BOS, CPH, 343, SK,   928, 12:00, 18:41, 1, SK
BOS, MAD, 330, IB,  6166, 12:00, 18:59, 1, IB


ISSUE 2: ALL aircraft are taxiing off runways extremely slowly which is causing serious inbound traffic issues, resulting in many go arounds depending on Traffic Density setting. Please fix this.


HOST LOG FILE = Can be found here.

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