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Me an a colleague purchased the Steam Version today along with Real Traffic.

After an initial problem with Multiplayer (Stuck at 72 and 81%), we got it to work.
Later on though, we wanted to change some settings and ever since could not get past this 72/81 barrier.

What we have troubleshooted:

  1. Same game version: Both have v1.2.78.946 SP3.3c
  2. Both have Real Traffic installed
  3. Both have the same install location
  4. Ports 21112 and 22222 are open on both machines
    1. We can connect to each other, but loading will freeze
  5. We uninstalled both the game and real traffic through steam and manually, reinstalled and still ran into the same problem
  6. We ran the game as administrators
  7. We checked to have the same settings
    1. Game settings are identical
    2. Window settings are identical

Essentially we are stuck and can't find any new suggestions/measures.

Can you help us?

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Typical problems are:

  1. Disconnection during loading (Typically one of the players will get into the game.)
  2. Different game files of the airport (It is important to make sure that all text files -xxxx_#######.txt- of the airport to be played are identical on both PCs. Here, one of the players usually gets into the game as well.)
  3. An error in one of the text files or a reference (aircraft model, airport, airline) in a file that cannot be found in another file. (Both players should not get into the game here.)
  4. Initial connection succeeds, but during loading a third party software, the router or Windows itself blocks the connection.

Solution approaches:

  • for #1 - Change of host and client. End and restart T!3D Pro on both PCs and the player who hosted now joins the session of the other player. After that it often works in both directions. (Best choice if one player stucks at 9%.)
  • for #2 - To be on the safe side one player sends the files xxxx_airlines.txt, xxxx_airplanes.txt, xxxx_airports.txt, xxxx_gaandlocaltraffic.txt, xxxx_schedule.txt and xxxx_terminal.txt from the folder of the airport to be played (..\Steam\steamapps\common\Tower 3D Pro\Extensions\Airfields\XXXX) to the other player. This can be done as a ZIP file via Discord, Dropbox, workupload, etc. (If it is a DLC airport, both players need to have purchased and installed the latest version of it.)
  • for #3 - A corresponding error message (missing model, missing airport, etc.) should be found in the log file. (..\Steam\steamapps\common\Tower 3D Pro\tower3d_Data\output_log.txt)
  • for #4 - Here and for other port problems, the use of Hamachi by LogMeIn has proven to be helpful and reliable. (https://vpn.net/) When using, the IP address displayed in the Hamachi app will be used.

Hamachi Support Website

Tutorial: https://youtu.be/pVBYwVXmZco (For Subnautica, but the basics are the same.)

General: (based on personal experiences only)

  • After the host has clicked on "create", the other player should wait 1-2 seconds before clicking on "join".
  • The joined player should not click on "ready" until the host has completed all settings.
  • The hosting player should wait 1-2 seconds before clicking on "start".
  • If not a full day schedule is used and the earliest possible hour has been selected, the first flight should be an departing flight.
  • If one player has Real Traffic installed, the other player will need it as well. (Real Color remains optional.)

A stop at 72% or 81% indicates #2 or #3.

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Good evening:

While trying to play we get this Error:
Log: connection {1} has been disconnected by timeout; address {2620:9b::1952:6ac2:21112}
Send command attempted with no client running [client=hostId: 0 connectionId: 1 isReady: True channel count: 2].

So it seems that the game has trouble connecting to the other client.
But with your general ideas we got to 81% and 90%(host) 

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So i think we figured it out:
We uninstalled Real Traffic and it worked, then as mentioned crashed. (Edit: Crashed again)
Afterwards it didnt want to work, so we reinstalled Real Traffic and lo and behold it worked.
If that fixed the problem it would be hella weird but hey.

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Well it is weird however, that we have to do it every time...
Anyway do you know what could cause crashes after ~20minutes?
We read something about Stream interfering around that time and we have always exectued the .exe as Administrators.

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Not every time.
We switch hosts and if that doesnt fix it we try reinstalling it.

If that also doesnt work, we also noticed that Discord would stop working during connection...
Now I don't know if that is related, but maybe they use the same port as the game?

We also start the game as administrators every time now.

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So using teamspeak instead of discord seemed to do the trick.
We tried it 3 times now, and it worked every time.

For anyone finding this thread, here is what led us to victory:

  1. Start game as administrator
  2. Don't use Discord (Or anything else that could potentially use port 21112)
  3. Connect via Hamachi (temp-mail.org for throwaway account)
  4. Wait 2 seconds after every action in main menu

@FeelThere Ariel RealTraffic was not reinstalled now, so that did not see to have been the problem.

@EliGrim Thank you 🙂

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2 hours ago, Glax said:

So using teamspeak instead of discord seemed to do the trick.
We tried it 3 times now, and it worked every time.

Good for you, but for the record there is a multiplayer Discord server that was setup entirely for this game and people use it all the time. So, I don’t think dumping Discord is necessarily the cure all for multiplayer woes. But again, I’m glad things are working for you. 

Also, the fact that you are using Hamachi makes the port issue irrelevant. 

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