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EGKK - Real World can line up on Bravo and Mike simultaneously


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Real world we can line up an aircraft and get ready to depart him first from Bravo and line up an aircraft from Mike simultaneously meanwhile ready for a departure after (he can vacate via Alpha if it all goes wrong real world), did this today and of course got the inevitable minus points, grrrr.

I'm sure Tower 3D has limitations but would this ever be possible in any future update?


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I cannot confirm this either, neither for Gatwick nor for any other airport DLC in my possession.

Lineup order: First B, than M, than CR, A, D and C (I tried BR as well, but the game didn't allow it.)


I do not receive any penalties at the lineups or at the starts.


I suspect the penalty was misinterpreted and it was for another incident.


I made several attempts (4 to be exact), starting with waiting until the lineup was completed to do the next lineup. Then giving lineup commands very close to the same time, as fast as possible, and twice a mixture of that.

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Thanks everyone for experimenting, you guys rock when it comes to getting help here:)

I tried it again a few times now and you're right, it didn't happen! I must've had a conflict somewhere else, 2 times though at the same time of a double line up, will keep trying to figure it out.

Just another really quick one to ask as I work on the assumption the aircraft vacating after landing will be clear of the active runway just short of his turn off into the taxi way and I start rolling a take off down the runway for a dep, how tight can I make it before points start piling up to do that, Its EGKK and the single runway ops is a bitch most times, which is why I like it 😁

Thanks in advance for your advice.

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I have the impression that it varies a bit for airport, runway and exit. Usually you are well advised to wait until the tail has left the runway on ADIRS before you release the PTT button. (If you have zoomed in on ADIRS, you may want to wait 1 or 2 seconds longer.)
But I can't tell you exactly for EGKK. You would have to experiment with a few different types of aircraft.

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Hi EliGrim,

Thanks for the feedback, looks like my trial and error cost a few thousand points but its a learning curve 😄

Don't do the expecting thing, do the actual thing in this game, lesson learnt.

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4 hours ago, MAW said:

looks like my trial and error cost a few thousand points

That doesn't sound so bad to me. By experimenting, and especially testing schedules, I'm sitting on at least a bajillion negative points. 😉

I quickly looked it up... My total score is -73,740, which is better than I thought. Within the next 150 hours I could catch it up. 😁

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Did one of your planes have clearance to do something that may not have been cancelled?  Two active planes on the runway is an alert but sitting there and waiting isn't.  Even if at the airport you have them stacked way closer than they would be in the real world. 

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