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  1. VOICE RECOGNITION for Tower 3d

    This game has a weird issue that if you don't have your mic turned on BEFORE the game loads, it will not recognize the mic. This game also has a weird issue if your mic is ON and you launch the game it still doesn't work. Happens to me all the time. Not sure how your mic is set, but you may want to disable it, then enable it before loading into the game. Launch the game, then if it still doesn't work, disable and enable it in game. If you're using a headset mic, try turning off just the mic part and back on again.
  2. Tower!3D Pro - Unable to Land, Runway Too Short

    LAX lands ALL types of aircraft, even A380's and such on 24R. The only thing that needs to change at LAX is the programming behind that entire airport. There are far too many outdated issues.
  3. #Nyerges Tower3D Pro KBOS Cape Air Aircraft type

    Ignoring flights is good news. Less coding for me w my new custom schedule haha
  4. Boston Airport and 77W

    It is not necessary to report this again per the post above. Please see a prior response where this has already been ID'd, tested and submitted. Thanks.
  5. Boston Airport and 77W

    Tested and noted the 77W has a runway issue. I have direct contact with the developers. I will have this submitted to them this evening. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
  6. #Nyerges Tower3D Pro KBOS Cape Air Aircraft type

    That's pretty interesting. So basically the developers real traffic schedule is incorrect on any row that has "CNA" listed as an aircraft type and any flight that has a 4-digit flight number really is not the true flight? I only ask b/c the real traffic file is loaded with 4-digit flight numbers and CNA's
  7. Boston Airport and 77W

    What is the exact time of day you are running? Give me the exact runway setup you have as well and I will test it. Also please list out the exact flight numbers giving the errors
  8. Boston Airport and 77W

    If you are getting that message, it’s not that the aircraft cannot take off, it’s that you’re choosing a departure runway that is too short for that aircraft type. The only runways that can handle a 77w/77L/333/340/380 should be 4R, 22L, 15R and 33L. Big jets need big runway length.
  9. #Nyerges Tower3D Pro KBOS Cape Air Aircraft type

    I’ve sent a message out to a contact I have at FlightAware to see what can be found on the CNA vs C402 IDENTS. I’ll post what I find out.
  10. #Nyerges Tower3D Pro KBOS Cape Air Aircraft type

    I'm not familiar with this airline as I've never flown on it. Here is a clip from KBOS schedule today that marks for CNA & C402. I see both by type get tagged as a 402, but why do they Ident as CNA & C402? Any ideas? ((I know of the C402 because of my custom traffic schedule builds. Even in the game files, the developer calls CNA & CN4 as two different aircraft))
  11. #Nyerges Tower3D Pro KBOS Cape Air Aircraft type

    KBOS schedule has 2 Cessna's -- CNA (prop jet) & CN4 (turboprop jet). They usually depart and arrive in pairs. The terminal area for Cape Air is not exact in the game. Typically you'd see 2 parallel rows w/ ~10 planes at a time, but the developers chose to use a physical aircraft gate and only allow 2 planes at the terminal at any one time.
  12. #Nyerges Design RC KBOS

    How about listing out the 18 items if you know what they are to answer the question
  13. #Nyerges Design RC KBOS

    Porter Air w/ DH4, Cape Air W/ 2 aircraft type-CNA and one other. Hainan Airlines 789 Model. Lufhansa 359. Wow Air is now included. Im sure there is a couple others but I’d have to check the schedule again
  14. Tower 3D - Male & Female pilots voices

    Did you go to the settings of the game and switch the voices?
  15. CUSTOM (REAL) Traffic #3 -- KPHL !!! FREE to the Community!

    Don't recall off the top of my head. I'd have to go back and play a session when I have some time. Maybe someone else here in the forum who has been playing PHL might know? Wouldn't surprise me since ALL traffic exit away from cargo areas at many of the airports --- most notably over at LAX....I constantly have cargo jets exit off 25L to the north side of the runway instead of taking the highspeed that would put them right into the cargo side.