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  1. CUSTOM traffic #1 - KLAX!!! FREE to the Community!

    Floored by the amount of requests on this first day for the custom schedule! Absolutely awesome! Happy to give you guys something cool and fresh to work with!
  2. Good Day All, Happy to announce that I have completed a full custom schedule overhaul for LAX. This is the first of many to come, and is being offered for FREE to the community. If you are interested, send me a direct message and I will supply the files for you. CUSTOM SCHEDULE #1 -- FULL day action from Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX) from September 2, 2017. A full day of flights. 1600+ flights re-coded and tested for that day alone! NEXT UP -- FULL custom day at Las Vegas Int'l LOADED with General Aviation!! *Stay tuned* // Notes & Highlights to this (9-2-2017) LAX Schedule overhaul // 2017 CORRECT!!! terminal re-alignment. Terminal schedule updated for CURRENT day LAX !!! -- DAL now flying out of Terminals 2 & 3 -- ALL correct international heavies shifted to their correct home of Terminal TBIT. -- American Airlines shifted to Terminal 4 & 5 -- Spirit Wings, JetBlue, Sun Country, Hawaiian and more shift to southern side of airport to Terminal 5 -- Air Canada moved from Terminal 2 to Terminal 6, along with Virgin America. -- GOAL of the custom schedule is to eliminate huge gaps of no traffic at most times of the day. -- GOAL of using REAL WORLD schedule from a set day with complete flight schedule, correct aircraft types, and gates. MORE AIRLINES!!! -- including.... -- Boutique Air -- Sun Country -- LAN Peru -- Hainan Airlines -- Air Berlin -- Fiji Airlines -- LACSA -- Various Cargo flights using the designated cargo area of LAX on the southern edge -- Kalitta Air -- ABEX Cargo -- FedEx -- AirBridge Cargo -- China Air Cargo -- Proper use of E175's for Skywest & Compass (these fly w/o livery due to Nyerges not having the pairing in place) -- Some of you may prefer E170's that have the livery if you're into color watching. I have a 2nd version of the same schedule with the aircraft type changed. -- Virgin Atlantic with correct 787-900 aircraft -- Correct use of Singapore & China Eastern 77W aircraft (both are missing livery due to Nyerges not having pairing in place) -- Some aircraft like Hainan are in the game, however they do not have a current livery. Nyerges has been notified. HAPPY CONTROLLING!!!!
  3. [Update Request] LAX Taxiways (Tower!3D)

    Good request, but not in this game. See other posts. This has already been discussed a zillion times with the devs. Their version of LAX is outdated so bad.
  4. Taxiing--Still an Issue #FeelThere

  5. Tower!3D Pro: Multi-monitor Performance

    Maybe the sim engine is just bad/slow/old/needs updating etc and doesn't use an accurate timer ha. If it's w/in 5 seconds, I'll take that. That's good enough for me and close enough to 1:1. BTW, when i record gameplay, I don't do 1 hour of "game sim" time. I monitor my recording software's clock because i know FOR SURE that that program is accurate. :D P.S. Much appreciated for the channel visits and views!
  6. Tower!3D Pro: Multi-monitor Performance

    I also play dual monitors unless I'm recording gameplays. I never have lag issues with dual monitors. Remember, the game is on an old engine, and most lag is because the game can't handle all that it offers (i.e. too much traffic on the screen). Only other thing that might cause lag is if you have a video-card that is is a little outdated. I run an 8GB video card and the game runs just fine everytime. Any others with less than 8GB's video cards have issues?
  7. Taxiing--Still an Issue #FeelThere

    Vic, Looking to get an updated understanding on taxiing. An aircraft calls in for landing clearance and clicking on the plane on the AIDRS shows what terminal the plane is going to however it doesn't show the gate position. Plane lands and you click on the plane or say it's callsign and we are still shown what gate "area" the plane is going to but are still not show the green-circle T indicating the exact gate location. Why is this? I need to give an exact route to move the jet around other traffic but without knowning the exact gate I'm taking guesses. I could say "Aa123 taxi to the terminal" and then I'm shown the gate where I then have to give a 2nd command to now move them on the best route based on current traffic. This is a waste of time to have to give the same jet 2 instructions. Obv the sim knows where the plane needs to end up bc it designates the terminal but why are we not shown the gates right from the start when the plane calls in or at a worst case when the plane touches down?
  8. Reference Cards -- Commands & Airport Specific

    A good controller doesn't need to see 'liveries' on a plane. A data tag and a sense of location and anything is possible. If you're controlling based on finding a color on an airfield, then you're wasting time when today's technology will do it all
  9. Reference Cards -- Commands & Airport Specific

    Ahv-E-unk-Ah works for me. Say it slower or faster. Sim has a problem w A-letter aircraft at various times. Like ABEX cargo that lands/departs ATL and LAX, I could say that name 20 times and get it to pick up maybe 2-3 of those attempts

    Gabor, I'm noticing on your list here that there is no line item for RC LAX (the stand alone). Seems to be still downloading sp2v2. I assume via the line above that LAX was updated. What is the version for the updated LAX that we should be seeing? Joe
  11. Reference Cards -- Commands & Airport Specific

    Needs to be written with a "PDT" starting. US Airways was merged and is now American. So US Air & Cactus don't exist anymore -- not sure why the developers leave that in there. It's been mentioned before. Maybe it's to appease all us custom builders who'd like to go back in time. However,, I have the urge to build some custom schedules and liveries and put US Airways back in the game. Someone mentioned Pan Am earlier....that'd be fun! Maybe I'll throw in some TWA & Northwest too! :D *Custom schedules definitely are more fun ha! :D
  12. Reference Cards -- Commands & Airport Specific

    You won't see Piedmont bc Piedmont is not a "major airline". It's a regional service that flies under parent company American and wears the American livery. Easy way to think about it is if you go to Expedia or Travelocity you won't see "Piedmont Airlines" as a source to book. They just get named Piedmont by flight regionalization.
  13. Reference Cards -- Commands & Airport Specific

    Noted. Updates to cards this evening sometime.

    Thanks. Quite helpful
  15. Reference Cards -- Commands & Airport Specific

    Okie Dokie. Changes coming. Thanks for letting me know. Haven't had time to mess with the new files yet.