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  1. An interim quick fix is to edit the following 3 lines in the klas_schedule file: From: SBN, LAS, M83, G4, 401, 22:33, 12:00, 1, G4 SBN, LAS, M83, G4, 9410, 20:47, 12:00, 1, G4 LAS, SBN, M83, G4, 9406, 12:00, 14:37, 1, G4 To: SBN, LAS, M80, G4, 401, 22:33, 12:00, 1, G4 SBN, LAS, M80, G4, 9410, 20:47, 12:00, 1, G4 LAS, SBN, M80, G4, 9406, 12:00, 14:37, 1, G4 This will give pleasing visual results but I would still want ND to fix the issue properly as per my earlier post.
  2. Peabody/crbascott, Apologies, but my view of the real world took over and I didn't look at the RT package closely enough. "MD-80" is not a specific aircraft, it is an umbrella series title covering MD-81, MD-82, MD-83, MD-87, and MD-88 aircraft types. Allegiant have 32x MD-83 and 5x MD-88. So I mistakenly assumed the Allegiant aircraft at KLAS were MD-83, and only after looking closely at the RT schedule did I see that the majority are slated as "MD-80" and just 3 as "MD-83". Sorry for the red herring. My screen grab above is of an MD-83 but in RT it is tagged as an MD-80. My view is that Nyerges Design should remove the incorrect MD-80 tags and replace them with appropriate MD-83 or MD-88 tags, in addition to fixing the missing/incorrect MD-83 baseline structure. winsaudi out :)
  3. Peabody, Here is a shot of an Allegiant MD83 from my session today at KLAS .... all is fine. Perhaps it is your Real Traffic not your Real Color KLAS that is the cause of your mutant aircraft?
  4. gsuha, You need to check the folder the program has installed RC into, it needs to be be your main Tower folder.
  5. I still maintain that the arrow is 180 degrees out.
  6. Me too!?!?! We are just pointing out that you have hijacked this thread with your pet gripes that have nothing to do with ATControl Joe's custom schedules. Please put your (valid) observations on FeelThere's KLAS in another thread.
  7. hartleecub, I'm not part of FT but please stop trying to conflate multiple issues into one. It just shoots down your argument, if there is one. (What has scheduling got to do with taxiway lighting?) Wayne
  8. Vic, I am with Craig on this. I read all of the forum posts and I have never seen a single post asking for 8 hours, (or even 6). So I cannot push even harder for my earlier post. What is going on? You seem to be scoring own goals (maybe that should be 'safeties' in NFL terms?). Wayne
  9. hartleecub what has that got to do with ATControl--Joe's great attempt to give us all a great schedule? What has that got to do with taxi lights?
  10. Vic, I'm not sure I agree with the 'half an hour idle' removal of aircraft. It is unrealistic because in RL the majority of aircraft are at gates for a turnround longer than 30 minutes. How would this work if, for example, a BA 777 arrived at an airport and was due to depart 2 hours later? Would the arrived aircraft disappear after 30 minutes but there would be another BA 777 waiting at another gate as the outbound flight? That doesn't make sense to me or have I misunderstood your intentions? Wayne
  11. Then I'm out I'm afraid, that's all I could think of.
  12. Alan, Have you updated Real Traffic to SP6v3? Wayne
  13. Welcome back Vic, At least we know the problem is recognized by FT and is being looked at. It appeared from an earlier FT post that some employees had no clue that the problem has been discussed a lot on this forum, investigated, reported, logs sent etc, etc. Then someone deleted at least a couple of posts that dared to highlight the string of previous discussions on this matter! Wayne
  14. FT, May I ask if your work has identified the cause of this bug? When may we anticipate an SP that fixes it? (And I thought my deleted comment was valid as it sought to avoid going over old arguments yet again).
  15. Two points here fellas: 1. My opinion is that the priority for a 'PIN' /sticky is the AL status of every component of T3D - main prog, airports, RT, RC. 2. If the online manual was updated there would be no need for a 'PIN'/sticky. Just saying.
  16. Wouldn't it be helpful if there was a 'sticky' listing the latest versions of all T3D components? Have I mentioned that before?
  17. I would love T3DP to burst the current 'US only' bubble.
  18. Mikey, The most likely cause is that you need the Real Color packages.
  19. “... after Xmas” Kev? You are generous, it is still a few days away and they are in time zones which give them a few more hours than you or me. 😂😂😂😂 I do agree that Craig has done a great job, once again. His forensic examination of problem areas is fantastic and gives so much evidence for FT and ND to work with. So much better than the “voice recognition does not work, fix it now’ moans which are all too frequent on this forum. Fact based fault reporting such as Craig’s will benefit all of us when problems are fixed and SPs issued. Wayne
  20. AJ, It happens at KPHL (default airport). I am now travelling across the world to go home for Christmas week so will not be able to get you a KPHL log file until 2018. Hopefully, someone else can get you the file but Craig’s forensic study seems to me to provide you with the detail needed to start your investigation. Wayne
  21. Great work Craig. Again! I hope FT or ND can fix this soon.
  22. Ripskin, If your original links were sent to you by BMT Micro, try cservice@bmtmicro.com. I am sure there are other people there but both Seth & Barb have been brilliant helping me getting my download links live again. They set the customer service bar very high for others to follow!
  23. Craig, I have just seen this this twice in a one hour session at KPHL.
  24. Joe, Don't give up! The earlier post by crbascott suggests a good work around which will restore EJA to the GA ramp.
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