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  1. I'll post a log next long session I play, what I have noticed is on me snot 25% of arrivals will actually depart again, the rest of the departures are aircraft set in place before the session starts, so once there gone, usually a couple of hours, there is very limited activity. Gareth
  2. I have noticed the same at lax, a drop off after about 3 hours. If u exit and re start at the time you ended the first session, traffic is back to normal :-)
  3. It's a matter of preference, it comes with a made up schedule and you can play just fine with that, or you can buy a real world schedule to add more realisem to the game
  4. same issues same taxiways for me, quite annoying at times!
  5. I added the cargo carriers to the Terminal_GA line in the terminal.txt file, seems to work ok. Gareth
  6. I thint what Vic ment to say was "KJFK has no displaced thresholds simulated.....yet" :)
  7. its not just JFK, all double letter taxiway's or Leter number (ex "C5") are spelt out I've noticed. Gareth
  8. As title... also a/c leaving MA (i think it is) do a few loops take out half the terminal building and a few parked aircraft before eventually finding the exit to Taxiway A (i'll get a pic next time i see it)
  9. voice recognition more advanced comands there are the 2 reasons i purchased it. for me its all about the voice recognition, the voice recognitioon turns it from a game to a "simulator" Gareth
  10. Thanks thats one of the addresses i used, just have to wait longer I guess Gareth
  11. How did you get hold of BMT?? I've sent a couple of mesages but not heard a word off them, only issues are with Nyerges products, why that is I'm yet to get a reply!! Gareth
  12. Anybody else getting a "password blocked" message on all there T3D add on products, how do I download the new versions for Pro? As far as I can tell it only affects the RT and RC add ons so I assume they are getting updated right now so not available to download, can anyone confirm the situation. Thanks Gareth
  13. Try re-installing, it's not an issue thats been mentioned before. just a note, make sure the sidstar_ord contents is added below the existing contents of the original sidstar_cfg, do not delete the original contents. Most of your area of control falls under the "central" centre sector so most of your handoffs, if not all, will go to the same frequency. You'll have to enlarge your area of control in the editor so it overlaps the ring of outer sectors, this will allow the aircraft to travel into a new sector before you hand it off giving you more variety.
  14. SP7 fixed the B788 lift off issue, now I find that A318 and B764 do not lift off at KJFK, anyone else have this issue, no ones mentioned it that I see....? Gareth
  15. Try checking the image pixel height and width is correct in the editor before importing the tga Gareth
  16. try the feelthere website here >> http://www.feelthere.com/category/cate_id:209
  17. I would suggest investing in a head set, a cheap skype set is all i use and it works much better than the laptop mic.
  18. looks like they moved the camera around for the purpose of taking pictures
  19. JFK 8am rush 22L arrivals 22R departures, sequencing them for departure in the order they call up for taxi makes it a lot more fun! When Pro comes this will be a lot easier with the Hold short comand available. Gareth
  20. I was expecting the Tower to be the other side of the runway looking south? is that not where it is? I may be wrong and often am.... Gareth
  21. I have a number of gates with spinners at JFK (and LAX), I'll get some screenshots next time i play. Also may not be your issue but B788 dont take off, thay continue at high speed down the runway into the pond at ground level.... more likely a Real Traffinc issue. Gareth
  22. yep, have it happen to some of my heavies on 4r/22l Switch them to the 4l/22r runways, no problems. Gareth
  23. real traffic was updated recently, i found last night you need to download and install the SP4 real traffic first, then install the color pack once the updated traffic is installed.
  24. what about just listing the service packs and release dates at the bottom of the discription on the website?
  25. SP4! didn't even know there was a 2 or 3 lol
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